Summary of the story: What Happens when the 18 year old Silver buys the Sleepy Hollow DVD Copy from a shady looking man in the ally? What Happens when she falls asleep in the middle of the movie and wakes up in a weird unknown place? Ichabod/OC. Will It Be Love?

I squealed happily as I got home, why? I just got a copy of Sleepy Hollow the only JD/TB movie I don't own on DVD yes I have seen it many times, but the joy of actually owning it is incomparable, it's my favorite TB Movie EVER. I just wonder why that man wanted to get rid of it so quickly; he sold it to me for a dollar! Meh, I don't really care at least I got it now, and it's mine.

I am currently getting ready for my Tim Burton/Johnny Depp Movie Marathon, I Decided to watch Sweeney Todd first, Corpse Bride Second, after that Pirates of the Caribbean, And to end my marathon for tonight my recently owned Sleepy Hollow.

Popcorn ready and everything, a pair of comfy jeans on and a Sweeny Todd T-shirt, I turned on the TV for the first movie of the night Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

"Well I've come home to find you waiting….home, and we're together, and we'll do wonders, wont we?"

"With the price of meat what it is, when you get, if you get it…"

"Down by the sea, don't you love the weather, by the sea, we'll grow old together…."
"I said she was poisoned, never said she was dead…"

And thus the movie ended with the tragic death of the vengeful Mr. Todd, Oh well time to put in DVD Number two Corpse Bride. Popping the DVD in and hitting pause, I went to get more popcorn, Once I came back I noticed that my sleepy hollow DVD has ended somehow right on top of the bed I was previously lying on, there's something weird going on and that's why I will watch Sleepy Hollow right after Corpse Bride, Sitting back in the bed I hit the 'play' button, and the movie started.
"If I touch a burning candle I can't feel the pain….."

As this movie ended too, I took it out of my DVD player and inserted Sleepy Hollow, in the beginning you know how in movies they say 'this is for home playing…etc'? This was just like except it said 'Watch at your own risk. Whatever happens to whoever watches the movie is no responsibility of the company or the vender of this CD'. Weird but I just thought it maybe something from the montage to scare the viewers, as the movie carries on I felt a bit cold so I went to my closet and took out my TNBC hoodie over my head and went back to where I was I snuggled to the bed and before peter van garret was beheaded, I was out like a light.

Ichabod Crane, was just getting out of the carriage that has lead him to sleepy hollow, looking out on the sky that looked so dreary, he saw something, or someone falling. From the sky bewildered, he thought that it must be that the town's scary look has affected him, walking into the hollow; he noticed a crowd headed to the forest, the place that the falling Thing must have landed. He followed slowly behind to see if it was true or if it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

As the crowd of villagers reached the spot where it must have landed they all circled the thing and talked among each other with words like "An angel from heaven has landed here to help us in our distress". Ichabod finally reached them and heard their words, he thought of the possibility of a human being alive after such a 'fall'.

He let the thoughts leave his mind as he grabbed his luggage and turned to go back to the place that his superiors have said he should go to. The Van Tessel's place was really scary honestly the whole town gave Ichabod a spook, as he entered their house he watched as a young lady and a bunch of men around her played a strange game, he walked into their little circle in attempt to introduce himself to Baltus Van Tessel, he was stopped when the blonde young lady placed a hand on his cheek and asked, "are you Theodore?"
Ichabod started to blush slightly and replied, "No, I am nothing but a stranger".
She slightly smiled and said, "Then have a kiss on that occasion".

Then she leaned in to kiss him but a man barging through the front door made everyone turn around.
"Where is the doctor?!" the man practically shouted.
"Oh I am in here, what can be so urgent that you needed to interrupt this lovely party?" a man with white hair and a dark mustache said walking towards the unknown man from among the crowd.
"A woman fell straight from the heavens and she is greatly wounded, needs your help doctor!" the man once again, shouted.

"Oh, dear. Well lead the way my good man!" the man with white hair said.
The crowd followed the doctor and among them Ichabod, to the western woods as a man beside Ichabod has claimed it was called.
"Oh my god!" the doctor exclaimed as he saw a body of a young lady lying on the dirty ground with leaves in her hair and wearing peculiar clothing.

"Where did you say she fell from again?" the doctor calmly asked a woman that was standing next to him.
"She fell from the heavens sir, as if she was an angel" the woman replied to the doctor.
"She couldn't have possibly fell all that way, if you haven't noticed the heavens is very far away, and she doesn't have a bad injury maybe just a few fractured ribs but that's it no broke back or any sort of head injury" the doctor explained.

"But sir, we saw her falling from the sky we all did" the woman said to him.
"And seeing is believing" she continued after a chorus of yes's from the crowd.
"Okay then get her to my examining room to check if she has anymore wounds" the doctor replied to the woman.
After all the checkups and everything was done she was assigned a room in the Van Tessel's home and the blonde woman known as Katrina was to take care of her until she reclaimed consciousness .

Everyone returned after that to where they were before, and dear old Ichabod bumped into Katrina once again.

"Excuse me sir, but who are you looking for?" she asked him.
"I am looking for Mr. Van Tessel" he replied for she could help him find the man.
"Oh, he is my father I am Katrina Van Tessel, let me take you to him" she said, and started dragging him towards a group of men.

Ugh, my head I feel like I went through a wall of bricks head first, I slowly opened my eyes, and gasped as I found that this was not where I fell asleep I turned my head around and found a blonde women that strangely resembled Christina ricci in Sleepy Hollow, A.K.A Katrina Van Tessel, was staring at me, then she finally said, "oh good you're awake!".

"Oh, yes, umm may I ask who you are?" I asked her, hoping for another answer than Katrina because then I would confess that I was going loopy.

"I am Katrina Van Tessel, and you are?" she exclaimed happily.

"I-I-I-I-I…" I said completely freaked out and unable to form a complete sentence.

"You are?" she said encouraging me.
And I Fainted.