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Chapter 4: 5 in 4

In the evening the funeral for was held. Yet, it was slightly diffrent than the one shown in the films. For instance instead of young Masbeth being alone, he was being comforted by Silver.

The skies were dark and looked eery as if warning them from what to come, it wasn't long as well before the dark clouds started raining. The service continued as the rain fell atop of Masbeth's grave, and when it was over everyone started to leave.

Silver noticed that Masbeth was going to leave as well 'why is he leaving without offering his help to Ichabod? Wasn't that what happened in the original storyline?'

"Young Masbeth? Where are you going?"

"Home, Miss."

"Isn't there something you want to do first?"

"I don't think so, no."


Silver watched as young Masbeth started walking away towards his home, and thought 'Is he going back to that horrible shack?! Well I can't let him stay there all by himself!'

"young Masbeth! young Masbeth!" she almost yelled going after him.

"yes, ms. Silver?"

"How would you like to stay with me for the time being, instead of living in that shack all by yourself?"

"oh no miss, I couldn't impose on you like that"

"nonsense , I want you to stay with me."

"do you mean it miss?"

"of course I do! Now come with me."

Silver held his hand and took him with her to the van tassle's home.

Ichabod was still in the graveyard wondering what magistrate philips meant by 'five victims in four graves'. He looked up from the ground and noticed Silver holding the hand of Young Masbeth, walking together.

Silver smiled at young masbeth as he told her a joke. They almost look as a mother and child.

'a mother and child'

Ichabod's eyes widened in realization and thought that he must need to dig up their graves to make sure of his suspicion.

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