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I sat, straight backed and unsure in the leather chair infront of my PC while Alice bounced excitably in my lap.

"Oh but it'll be just perfect, you cant chicken out now!" She clapped her hands together and let out a squeal.

I eyed Rosalie, sitting next to me, with some scepticism. She rolled her violet eyes at me and cleared her throat. "It's our summer vacation, Alice. I for one don't intend to spend it one of the rainiest places in the whole damn country. I was picturing more of a white sand, sangria and muscley lifeguard sort of holiday."

I smirked and watched as Alice's little mouth turn into a downward pout. Oh God, not the Brandon pout. There wasn't a man, woman or child immune to that. Then a glimmer appeared in her eyes, she leaned closer to the computer screen, clicking manically on the poor overworked mouse. "There's LA Push right next to it, that has a gorgeous beach, Rose." Her toes were wiggling with delight as she perused the website. "We could stay there, you could sunbathe to your heart's content." She wheedled, throwing her a pleading look.

Rose's expression seemed to soften slightly.

"Plus, Forks is the logging capital of the world. Now you cant tell me you'd pass up the opportunity to see that." I added. Alice seemed to miss the sarcasm, thankfully.

Alice had been trying to convince us to go to Forks on our summer vacation for ages now. About six months ago she'd developed this huge obsession over vampires. I know, it sounds completely ridiculous. It is, really. But through the magical powers of the internet she'd discovered that they actually existed, and resided in some parts of the world to the ignorance of most of the population. Namely Forks, Washington. Alice was convinced that she could find some and, I don't know, flutter her eyelashes at them. With a fierce look, she reassured Rose and I that this information was 'burrowed deep' in the web and not easily accessable. There were websites dedicated to sightings of the pale skinned, impossibly beautiful immortals, spreading from Alaska to the aforementioned logging capital of the world. People swearing they'd spotted one, conversed with one or had some kind of sexual encounter with one. She'd done her research, you had to give her that.

The idea appealed to me, but I did have my vague suspicions that this vampire hunting stuff would probably turn out to be complete rubbish. No, I was inclined to go along with the idea simply because Forks was where my father, Charlie lived. I'd not seen my Dad in a while, and whenever we did meet up he'd always travel here, to Phoenix to see me. This arrangement had never been questioned in the 18 years it'd been going on, but I assumed it was to do with my mother being unable to stand Forks and leaving poor old Charlie there alone. I guess he didn't want to inflict the dull, rainy place on me too. It'd be great to see him though. Charlie wasn't a man of many words, but I could imagine the look of surprise on his face.

When I told Alice all this, her face lit up in a way that I usually associated with a shopping trip. It had totally sealed the deal on this vamp adventure. Rosalie had been less than thrilled. Now we all sat here, trying to exude the same enthusiasm for booking hotels as Alice. We were failing ever so slightly.

"Tell me we can at least take my wheels." Rosalie raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow. "If we're doing a Thelma and Louise, I don't fancy doing it in that pile of crap Bella drives."

"How dare you Hale, my Chevy is the sturdiest thing out there. I only have to sneeze in the direction of your car and the exhaust falls off." I huffed, well used to slurs on my baby.

"You two are ridiculous. We're not *driving* to Forks, even the immortals will have kicked the bucket by the time we get there. We're going to fly." Alice beamed at us.

"Oh no. No, no, no." I stomped my foot to the ground and my cheeks flushed scarlet. "You're not getting me anywhere near a plane. When I semi agreed to this plan I thought we'd drive and then get a ferry. The deals off now." I stared down at the carpet.

"Bella, are you frightened of flying?" Said Rose, incredulous.

"We cant all jet off to the Carribean every other month, Rose." I lifted my shamed eyes from the floor and stared at her, defiantly.

"Bella's never flown anywhere before." Alice said, matter of factly.

"Alice!" I threw the traitorous pixie a dirty look.

Rosalie flashed me a kind smile and reached over to squeeze my hand. The gesture took me by surprise. "It's not that bad, and the flight cant be that long. I'll hold your hand, we'll be back on the ground before you know it." She said.

"This means we're going then?!" Alice clasped her hands together, barely able to contain her excitement.

"It certainly looks like it." Said Rosalie, throwing her hands up in defeat. "Make sure you book extra luggage allowance on that flight, I have some serious bikini packing to do."

I rolled my eyes. "I don't think vampires go in for the bronzed beach babe look, Rose."

"Like I'm going to let some scary assed bloodsucker see me in my bikini! I was thinking more of the sexy lifeguards of LA Push."

I chose not to respond to that, and eyed Alice suspiciously instead. "What about you? What exactly have you got planned to seduce these mythical beings?"

Alice leaned back against me, swinging her legs cheerfully. "Mythical, my ass. You'll see, I'll knock them dead. Again." She giggled.


Cramped. Claustrophobic. Being fired into space inside a glorified tin can. Fear.

"For fucks sake Bella, would you breathe already?" Rose leant over the armrest and jabbed me in the ribs. "We haven't even taken off yet." She stared at me, amused. "You haven't even got your seatbelt on yet."

I gave her a menancing look which was supposed to silence her, but it only served to make her chuckle.

"I cant help being afraid of flying, Rosalie. It's new to me, everyone's afraid of something they've never done before. That's why you're afraid of dressing conservatively."

Somewhere to my left, Alice let out a tinkling laugh. "If I'd have known planes made you this grumpy, I'd have gone along with the driving idea."

"I'm perfectly fine." This was a blatant lie. I was infact, terrified. But I'd brave it out, how bad could it be? The niggling voice in the back of my head reminded me that was the sort of thing people said before they died horrifically in a freak accident. I shook my head to get rid of that thought.

A pretty air hostess wandered over at that moment, distracting me from wondering if we'd be on the ten o'clock news tonight. She approached our aisle with a broad smile, all red hair and lipstick. "Hi ladies, can I get you anything at all before take off?" She cast an appraising eye over me. "You should have that belt on now, ma'am." She said, disapprovingly. "Do you require assistance?"

Rosalie snorted. I raised my head stubbornly, tucking my hair behind my ears. "No, thank you. I'm fine." I considered whether I'd ever actually truthfully tell someone I was fine as I fumbled with the awkward seatbelt.

Aliced smiled at the woman. "I'd love a sparkling mineral water if you have one."

"A bottle of champagne and three glasses, please." Said Rose, "And a paper bag for my friend here, she'll probably need it for take off."

I gave her another disgusted look before I folded my arms, shoved my Ipod earbuds into my ears and shut my eyes. I drifted into the familiar, soothing melody almost at once.

Take off wasn't too traumatic. A little bumpy, but nothing to overly alarm me. After about an hour I felt confident enough in my lack of puking to remove my earphones and start up a conversation. "So, I rang Charlie before we left and told him we were coming to Forks. He totally freaked."

Alice turned in her seat to face me. "Yay, Bella! He probably didn't think you even knew where Forks was. I bet he's really excited. Maybe he'll even have some information on the vampires..." she trailed off into a daydream of frolicking with a gorgeous immortal.

"He said we could all stay with him if we wanted." I began rummaging in my bag for the chocolate I'd thought to bring.

"The hotel's all booked now, beachside hotel remember? That was the deal." Said Rose. "I didn't pack my suncream for nothing."

I looked up from my candy search, brushing my hair from my face. "Yeah I vetoed that idea. I'm sure in theory he'd love it, but three teenage girls fighting over one bathroom... He'd probably change his mind."

Rosalie nodded. She twisted around in her seat, staring past me to see the still daydreaming Alice. She clicked her fingers impatiently to grab her attention. "What exactly is your plan with the whole vamp thing anyway, if you actually find one? I don't really get it."

Alice blinked a few times, her green eyes flickering beneath her lashes. "What? Oh, right. Well, isn't it obvious? I cant believe you need to ask that."

"It's not obvious to those of us without a fang fetish." I reminded her.

Rosalie wrinkled her nose. "Exactly. I just don't see the appeal of something so cold and bitey anyway. My kind of guy is all rippling muscles and plays centerback, he doesn't hang upside down in caves all day."

"Mmmm, bitey." Said Alice, licking her lips and winking.

"Eww, can i get a TMI on that?" I launched my pillow at her. She squealed in delight as it collided with her face, squashing her spikey tresses. I heard a loud, disgruntled tut from somewhere over my shoulder and smothered a giggle. I stealthily risked a glance behind me to come face to face with a balding man. He had the most ridiculous moustache I'd ever seen, it was sitting under his nose like a hairy slug. At this point I had to actually stuff my fist into my mouth to stop myself letting out a laugh. Rosalie, noticing my mirth copied me and turned around, sweeping her blonde mane over her shoulder in the process. "Yes?" She snapped at the guy, her eyes narrowing.

"Could you try and keep it down? This is a flight to Sea Tac, not a school trip to the zoo." His moustache wiggled with every syllable. Rosalie snorted and, apparently didn't feel the need to furnish him with a response. She whipped back round and mouthed to Alice, "Pass me the camera, i gotta snap this motherfucker".

I couldn't feel too apprehensive about the rest of the flight with Rose entertaining us, to the disapproval of the other passengers. Before I knew it, my uncultured feet were touching down on solid ground once more and I could breathe a sigh of relief. We filed out of the craft into the airport with the grace of elephants fighting their way out of a paper bag. I'd managed to capsule pack, everything I need fitted quite happily into my one suitcase which I was carting around with ease. The same couldn't be said for Rosalie and Alice however, who seemed to feel they needed a year's worth of clothes. "And accessories!" Alice shrieked, as I pointed this out to her. Accessories, of course. We couldn't enter Forks under-accessorized, fuck forbid.

It was raining as we reached LA Push, obviously. I couldn't help but feel Rose had packed one too many bikinis and not enough thermals as I urged the hired Sedan into the hotel carpark. It was a beautiful setting though, I mused as we crunched up the gravel path, all six bags in tow. The place had a homely feel to it, nestled amidst all the tall greenery. It was one of those old yellow bricked buildings, with lots of log cabins out the back. The ocean ran behind the hotel and I strained my ears, hoping to catch the slightest crashing of waves. But the rain was pelting down too thick and fast, obscuring any noise of the ocean calling to me. A fat droplet ran down my cheek as the wind whipped soaked tendrils of hair around my face. I chanced a look at Alice, she was staring up at the 'Rooms Vacant' sign, her eyes alight. Apparently even the crappy weather couldn't dampen her spirits. Rose was another story. I heard a heavy huffing sound as she squelched up behind me, dragging her designer luggage with her. "This is supposed to be summer, Bella, what the fuck?" She shot me an accusatory look.

I raised one drenched arm to gesture at the cabins in the distance. "But look, logs. Aren't you glad you came?"

"I came, I saw and now I want to go the hell home."

I rolled my eyes and linked my sodden arm into the crook of her elbow. As I pulled her forwards into the foyer, I wondered what delights this Forks place had in store for us. The fucking vampire hunters.

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