A/N: Just a very short epilogue to round the story off. Hope you've enjoyed the story x


Dean woke up early the next morning feeling better than he had done in what seemed like forever. He was on his own however. Feeling intensely worried for his brother, he grabbed his phone and dialled Sam's number. He felt sick when it went straight to voicemail, what if something bad had happened?

"He's okay," Dean heard a familiar voice. He turned and saw his father stood in the doorway. "The spirit's gone."

"That's good," Dean replied quietly. He didn't feel like celebrating in the slightest. He looked at his father, feeling angry with him for leaving him alone when he was sick. When he needed his father to be there for him to make sure he was okay. Dean was angry for all the times John had left him but he didn't say anything. Instead, he pushed his feelings to one side and became the person his father expected him to be. He was far too used to it.

"When can I get out of here," he simply asked.

Sam slowly and deliberately packed his clothes into his rucksack. He wasn't sure he should just up and leave without checking on Dean first but he felt it was the right thing to do. He was going to leave anyway so there really wasn't any point prolonging the inevitable agony by saying goodbye. He would just quietly leave and let Dean live his life. Hunting wasn't his world anymore.

Although he would never admit it, he had secretly enjoyed the last few days with his brother. He wished it hadn't been under such awful circumstances but he enjoyed spending time with Dean. A small part of him considered staying if only until he knew Dean was completely okay but he knew if he did then he would never leave. He couldn't risk being sucked back into that world again. Besides, their dad had shown up so he wasn't really needed anymore.

Sam didn't look back as he left. It was for the best. He checked his phone and saw that Dean had tried to call him but he resisted the urge to call back. He simply sent a text message

See you soon, Sam.