Another kiss for Mystiri_1's Kissing Meme. Working a bit out of my comfort zone so I don't know if this is very good. A for effort, I suppose... :3

This is the happy, AU version of a potential CloudxAngeal kiss because the other idea I had was plausible but downright depressing. So here ya go. Left rather open-ended; might continue if there's interest and if I get around to it. :)

Oh yea, and if they had met before the world went to shit, Cloud and Genesis would so be BFF... totally. XD

~Sir, there's someone here to see you.~

Angeal raised an eyebrow as he looked at the tiny speaker on his desk. He wasn't expecting anyone... "Send him in."

A few seconds passed before there was a soft knock at his door. He immediately granted entrance and the door cracked open just enough to emit a small, blond youth wearing a cadet uniform before it was closed again.

"Can I help you, cadet?"

"Um, yes, sir. My name's Cloud, sir. I... need to speak to you about something, if you've got a moment."

That was interesting. Usually the only time he had to deal with cadets was if they had misbehaved and were sent for disciplinary action. They never came willingly. Intrigued, Angeal gave a small nod. "Go ahead."

The boy swallowed nervously and Angeal could hear his heart beating frenetically, but he held his ground. "If I may, sir, it's of a rather... personal nature. May I come a bit closer?"

Whatever this boy had to share was obviously making him very nervous and frightened and Angeal couldn't help but feel slightly gratified that he had come to him for help or advice. Now extremely curious, Angeal pushed his chair back from his desk and turned to the side, motioning for Cloud to stand in front of him. The diminutive blond did so with minimal hesitation, coming to a stop less than a foot from the burly first.

"Sir... I..." It was then that he seemed to lose his nerve, blue eyes fluttering shut as he passed out and pitched forward.

Angeal let out a rather undignified yelp of surprise and easily caught the blond by the shoulders as he fell, holding him upright with their faces a mere few inches apart. He studied the blond with concern, fearful that he may be ill. Not knowing quite what to do, he gave the boy a little shake. "Hey, wake up, are you alri—mphh!"

His words were cut off as Cloud suddenly lurched forward, slipping out of his grasp and pressing his lips firmly against his superior's. A scant second later, Cloud pulled back and retook his position standing in front of Angeal. His entire body shook with fear, and he swallowed loudly, but he stood firm, putting on the fiercest look of determination he could muster, even as the dark haired first's eyes began glowing a dangerous shade of green.

"Explain yourself!" Angeal barked.

Cloud flinched at that, but after a steadying breath, he found his voice. "It was a bet, sir, a dare. I meant no disrespect."

"A bet? And what, exactly, was the objective of this 'bet'?"

"Simply to kiss you, sir." Cloud winced, his words sounding pathetic even to his own ears.

"That is an awfully foolish risk to take for the sake of a childish dare."

"Not terribly so, sir."

Angeal was taken aback by the soft but confident statement, and the edge of his anger was dulled by intrigue. "Excuse me?"

Cloud took another deep breath, hoping that his words would not come out as shaky as he felt. "I am neither endangering myself or others, nor am I jeopardizing a mission with my actions. I accepted the challenge only after considering your reputation for being such an honorable, level-headed man and hoped that, as such, you would be considerate of my situation and would not resort to violence or unnecessary disciplinary action." He paused, dropping his chin to stare at the carpet and taking a most contrite stance. "Unless, of course, I am misinformed about you... sir." He gave his words a moment to sink in before lifting his gaze to meet Angeal's once more, his expression full of innocence and fear. Cloud grinned inwardly at the look on the older man's face. Gotcha.

Angeal sighed, all anger dissipating in the face of the truth. The boy was right, no damage had been caused to anyone or anything and--all things considered--the dare had been about as harmless as they come. Besides, his libido chimed in, he is rather adorable...

The large man suppressed a grunt as he stuffed his eager sex drive back into a dark corner where it belonged and turned his attention back to the boy currently giving him the most effective puppy-eyes he'd seen since Zack came along. "Very well. I concede your point and respect your courage and willingness to take up such an... unusual challenge. You are free to go." And with that, he turned back to the paperwork on his desk in an obvious gesture of dismissal.

But Cloud remained right where he was. "E-excuse me, sir, but, um..."

Angeal turned to look at him, raising an eyebrow to signal that he was listening.

Cloud straightened, lifting his chin and gathering the last of his courage. "While our faces were smooshed together for a brief period of time, the action could hardly be called a kiss... If I may, sir... I'd like to kiss you properly."

Once again blindsided by the boy's boldness, Angeal turned his chair back to face the youth, inadvertently letting his impassive expression slip for just a moment.. but it was long enough. He suddenly found himself with a lap full of Cloud, his hands instinctively moving to grip the blond's hips to keep him from falling off. He sat frozen, looking up at the boy whose brilliant blue eyes seemed to glow of their own accord.

Slowly, Cloud leaned down, gently pressing his soft, pink lips against Angeal's. He felt the large hands tighten on his hips and heard the sharp intake of breath as he flicked his tongue lightly against his superior's lower lip. The kiss was sweet and sensual, but one-sided. Wanting to change that, Cloud threaded his fingers through Angeal's hair, holding his head in place as he rolled his hips and moaned lustily at the contact. The resulting gasp had been just what Cloud had anticipated and he immediately thrust his tongue into the other's mouth, the wet muscle delving deep and exploring greedily as he continued to roll his hips, the action now aided by Angeal's strong hands. When Angeal's tongue responded in kind, Cloud let out a needy whimper, the sound seeming only to fuel the muscular first's lust even further.

Cloud shivered at the feeling of Angeal's large, callused hands running up under his shirt and over his still-soft skin and he began moving faster in the man's lap, a familiar and welcome sensation beginning to build in his nether regions as he hurtled toward bliss. And if the usually quiet man's increasingly urgent grunts and groans were any indication, he was close as well.

A sudden flash of light startled them and they broke the kiss, both turning to the window just in time to see a red blur streaking down past the sill.

"GENESIS!!" Angeal roared, jumping up and sending Cloud sprawling to the floor. In the blink of an eye, he was out the window and gone, leaving a very flustered and frustrated Cloud behind. After a moment, Cloud sighed and stood, dusting himself off as he did so. Figuring that Angeal would likely be occupied for some time, he quietly slipped out the door and made his way back to the barracks for a shower, all the while hoping that the man's noble temperament would hold true and he wouldn't actually kill the fiery first. After all, the redhead did owe him 50 Gil now... and he'd better get a copy of that picture.