No spoilers, no plot. Nothing but sex. Gay sex.


His hips are going to be bruised in the morning. Oh, yeah, he can almost see it... The sweet pain of being claimed by Xanxus' fingers, leaving their mark on pale skin. The heat burns his body from the inside. The sweat boils on his back. His mouth tastes of blood, expensive wine and violence.

Oh, shit. He loves it.

Xanxus grabs a fistful of his hair and pulls, using the silver strands to ride him like a goddamned whore. Squalo's right hand reaches out to dig his nails into Xanxus' thigh. Fuck, he's so full, the cock in his ass stretching him so open. Xanxus leans forward and bites his neck.

"You sure like it, bitch," he grunts in his ear. "Such a slut for me."

Squalo pushes back into his boss' dick and suppresses a moan.

"This ain't shit," he groans. "Forgot how to do it, asshole? Harder, dammit."

Xanxus sinks Squalo's face in the pillow, making him arch his back almost painfully. His thrusts become deliriously deep, fucking him trough the mattress as if he were a rag doll. The lack of air makes the swordsman lightheaded, keeping him on the verge of consciousness. Xanxus slaps his ass cheeks and laughs. The son of a bitch fucking laughs.

When Xanxus lets go of his hair, Squalo turns his head to face him. Drops of sweat run down the boss' rippled torso and Squalo wants to taste them so badly he licks his lips. Xanxus has this smug smirk on his face, the asshole.

"Like what you see?" he asks, biting his lower lip at a specially hard thrust.

Squalo feels Xanxus' hand on his cock and fuck, yeah. Maybe he likes it. A lot.

"'s that all you can do, boss?" he asks in between gasps. "Come on, fuck me like you hate me."

There's such hunger in Xanxus' eyes when he smirks that time fucking stops. Shit, he can come only with that look. The Varia boss sits back on his haunches and drags Squalo into his lap. His cock goes so deep up his ass, Superbi can swear Xanxus' balls are fused in-between his cheeks.

"Sure thing, scum," Xanxus sneers before thrusting up as hard as he can. Oh. OH, FUCK. The head of his dick hits the swordsman's prostate with every movement and all Squalo can do is squirm like a damned bitch. "So good on my cock, slut..."

Squalo groans. The pleasure is too much, is too painful, is too perfect. He ain't gonna last like this. He tightens his body and Xanxus swears.

"Fuck, yeah," Squalo moans. He reaches out and grabs Xanxus by the hair. The boss grunts and bites at his subordinate's neck. Hard. "Oi! Don't chew, asshole," Squalo complains, more out of habit than pain.

Xanxus is fucking him so hard at this point that the goddamned bed is rocking with them. Squalo is being loud and he doesn't give a fuck because both know he's a screamer. And he's so close.

"Make yourself come, bitch. 'Cause I ain't touching you," rasps Xanxus, making Squalo's body shiver.

One of his hands goes directly to his cock, while the other one pulls at Xanxus' hair. He arches his back and plays with the wet head of his dick —oh, shit, oh, fuck, just like that, god—, spreading his legs even more.

"That's it, you useless whore," Xanxus groans in his ear. "Fucking come for me."

And Squalo does. Jesus Fucking Christ, he does. He's not pretty sure, but he thinks he screams. Xanxus' thrusts push against his prostate every time, guiding him through his orgasm until the man empties himself inside Squalo with a hard bite on his abused neck.

"That's a nice little slut," the boss breathes after he's finished.

Squalo feels blood oozing out of the wound on his neck.

"You're such a dick."

Xanxus laughs.

"You can suck this dick clean, bitch. You've made such a mess."

Squalo gives him the finger.

"Fuck you."

Xanxus kisses him hard and makes him taste his own blood. His sphincter complains when two fingers penetrate him once again.

"The other way around, scum."

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