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This is a story my niece wrote. She is only 11 so please keep that in mind as you read.

Once upon a time, there was a six year old girl, named Alex. She was at school and she and her best friend Amanda were playing on the playgroung togthaer.

"Oh no Amanda, my tooth is about to fall out." Alex said.

"Pull it. The tooth fairy will come!" Amanda said.

"The tooth fairy isn't real, it's just something someone made up." Alex said

"How dear you say that!" Amanda replied, but at that time the coach blew the whistle.

That night Alex played with her tooth for hours, and finally, it popped out! After thinking about it for a while, she decided, 'well, tonight I am going to see if the tooth fairy is real.' So she slid the tooth under her pink pillow, crawled in to bed and waited for the tooth fairy.

At exactly twelve o'clock, there was a little person in a little pink dress with a wand in her hand, in Alex's bedroom.

The little person said, "I'm Mikayla, and I'm a tooth fairy!"

"Wow! Amanda was right, there is a tooth fairy!" Alex said.

"There's not just one, there are a million, but I have more teeth to get so here is your dollar, and see ya." The tooth fairy said.

"Wait-" Alex shouted, but she was too late.

The neXt day at school Alex told Amanda, "You were right, there is a tooth fairy."

"No there's not, I was just kidding about that." Amanda said.

"No, really! There is a tooth fairy, she talked to me." Alex said, and the two girls went back to class.

The next day, Amanda had a very lose tooth. "Pull it, Amanda and put it under your pillow and you will see her too." Alex said.

So when Amanda went home, she pulled her tooth and put it under her pillow. She waited up until exactly twelve o'clock, and there she appeared. The tooth fairy told her the same thing she had told Alex.

The next day, Amanda went to school where she told Alex, "You were right, the tooth fairy is real."

"I told you she was real." Alex said, but again the whistle blew, and the girls had to go to class. But that night when they both were home, they both said to themselves, 'I hope I lose another tooth soon.'

The End

We know it was a little short but she is just starting. Thanks for all the encouragement she received on her other fic, we both appreciate it.

She hopes you liked it and would like to know what you think.