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"Where are you?"

"At the beach. On the pier, actually." Athrun waved his arm, and a fresh-faced waitress refilled his coffee cup as she passed.

"Why?" Kira's question was instantaneous.

Athrun looked around discreetly and straightened his collar before answering, "I'm waiting for a date."

There was a pause of crackling static over the phone line. "A date?"

"Yes," Athrun confirmed, an edge of irritation creeping into his tone. "A date, with a woman. What's there not to understand?"

"Nothing, if you say so." Then, "Shouldn't you be at work?"

"It's ORB Day. My boss let me off for today, which is a godsend. And you? How's PLANT treating you? Aprilius is beautiful this time of year."

"Very funny." Kira retorted. "You know I'm not a job sort of person."

"So I'm your distraction?"

"Of course." There was a tapping of keys in the background. "So tell me more about this girl. Your tumultuous love life seems to be the most interesting topic at the moment."

"She's wonderful, Kira. You should meet her sometime." There was a snort from the other end of the line. "I see her around work sometimes, and things just set themselves up."

"I think she bailed on you."

"What is wrong with you? Of course she didn't." Athrun clinked his finger against his cup. "She's just a little late." After a glance at his wristwatch, "Only twenty-five minutes or so."

There was another silence, before Kira spoke up, more to pass the time than anything. "I met with Yzak and Dearka yesterday."


"They seem to be doing well in their new positions."

"As do you." Athrun stirred his coffee again distractedly. "It's been a year, Kira. Things are falling back into routine."

"I know. I do miss the camaraderie we had during the wars, though. Remember when – ?"

Athrun cut him off. "Got to go. My date is finally here." He flipped shut his phone in a smooth motion, and rose to meet her.

"Sorry I'm late!" she huffed as she pulled out her chair and sat down gracelessly. "I was up real late last night, so I overslept this morning."

"Eh, I don't mind." He reached his hand out to hold hers across the table. "As long as you're here now."

She frowned. "Athrun Zala, stop being such a sap! I had enough of your sentimentality during the Second Valentine. And who were you on the phone with?"

"Just a friend," He let a smile run over his face. "Good to see you, Cagalli."

She pulled a face at him over her menu, and he noticed – with a spreading warm feeling in the pit of his stomach – a flash of purple and silver on her left ring finger. "Well, stop jabbering and order already! I'm starving...think they have any kebabs?"