Alyssa slept calmly, and her lips were curved to a small smile. The digital clock just turned 4 am which gave Sam a flashback from his early teens that were filled with sleepless nights. Either about disgust after he had been persuaded to take on clients by Josh, and just plain old panic for what was happening with his felt Alyssas arms tighten around his, how could being sleepless give him so much happiness nowadays?The question was stupid, because that was when he had the most time to think of how much he had now. Alyssas mother had sold them her house for next to nothing, and she had then begun to travel around the world. So now they where close to where all the good in his life had the window he could see the house he had built 5 years ago, during the best summer in his life. Dad… he would have been overjoyed to hear that Alyssa was third month pregnant.

He entangeld himself carefully from Alyssa, and went to the Windows that faced the house, he wanted to have a closer look.

The light in the livning room was lit.

Someone else was as sleepless as him maybe? The thought made him a little curious.

He looked around the rom that used to be Alyssas when she lived here with her mom.

He rememberd how he had spent a few nights here, when he was mad at George,,,,Dad.

The last night he had told her that he loved her, when she was asleep of course.

But thats what he thought, but it had turned out that she had heard everything.

He went back to the bed, put one arm around her waist and with the other carefully stroke her chin. If anyone wanted to harm her the person would have to go over his dead body to get to her.

He moved closer to her and closed his eyes he inhaled her scent.

Being sleepless gives you time to think over mistakes and sorrow, but sometimes of how lucky you are.