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A/N: Written for LiveJournal's Springkink community and the May 2012 round of prompts, which includedFinal Fantasy VII; Cloud/Tifa: Quiet sex – The last thing he needed was Barret lecturing them about being loud fic is a sort-of continuation of 'Entangled', in that it takes place a few weeks after the events of that fic and in the same universe... and Barret's even less happy. Thanks to Kitsune13/Tam Lin and Ranuel for the beta!

Warning(s): Citrus content and general naughtiness.


Best-Laid Plans


"Are you sure about this?"

"It was either this or make the others wait outside the other room – and you know how Barret gets."

"It seems... kinda cramped."

Unbuckling my belts and shucking my armour, I smirked. "Don't need a lot of room for what we're gonna be doing."

"Sleeping?" Tifa teased, peeling off her gloves and arm protectors.

I gave her a slow smile. "Not for a while."

Tifa's glance dropped to the bulge straining my fly buttons, and blushed a little before considering the narrow mattress taking up most of the converted broom closet's floor space. There was a window so small it might have once been a vent; inspecting the ducting hanging very close above, she said, "I'm afraid that you're going to bang your head."

"Oh, my 'head' will definitely be banging something..." Looping my arm around her waist, I pulled her in for long, deep, wet kiss. It had been a crappy day and I was looking forward to it getting a whole lot better as soon as we were both naked.

"Just not a headboard," Tifa giggled breathily, arching her back in a most provocative way as she yanked her tank top over her head. "On the other side of the wall from Barret."

"No loose headboards, no busted bedframes..." I groaned into her throat, thoroughly enjoying the way her nipples hardened under my thumbs as I cupped generous handfuls of her bosom. Clinging to my shoulders, Tifa slowly ground herself against my erection until balance became an issue. Pulling her with me as I backed up against the wall, I rapidly removed what remained of her clothing while she just as quickly freed my erection and began firmly pumping.

"No s-sound-amplifying b-bathroom tile, either," she hissed when I tongued her nipple, causing her grip to slacken and the arousing rhythm to falter, but she made up for that a few seconds later.

"The last thing I need is another lecture from B-B-Barr... gods!" Scrabbling, I fought to stay upright when her hot mouth closed over very sensitive flesh and dangerously weakened my knees. Tifa hummed deep in her throat, possibly in acknowledgement, but the effect on my arousal was instantaneous. I let out a guttural cry and bucked helplessly, grabbing a handful of her hair. Tifa pressed my hips back against the wall – I didn't mean to choke her - and took a breather before setting to with a will; watching and experiencing her enthusiastic attentions took me over the edge so fast and hard that I screamed.

My legs gave up trying to keep me vertical and I slid down the wall into an awkward crouch, my knees splayed wide, my trousers bunched around my ankles. Completely dazed, all I could do was mumble incoherently as Tifa nibbled her way up my body, her erect nipples rubbing deliciously against my skin. Mouthing the pulse point in my throat and dragging another groan out of me, she was about to move away when I tightened my grip on her hair and pulled her into a kiss.

Tasting myself in her mouth was a huge turn-on, and I tugged her closer. Tifa gasped against my lips, then sucked in a sharp breath when I gently fingered her. Rising upright onto her knees, Tifa shook back her hair and pushed her breast against my mouth. Hanging onto my shoulders, she moaned loudly as she vigorously rode my fingers until she suddenly curled inward, her fingertips digging into my skin hard enough to bruise as she cried out. I waited until her body relaxed, savouring her delicious shudder as I withdrew my touch, then gathered her up into my arms and clumsily shuffled the short distance to the mattress. Depositing her on it, I yanked off my boots and trousers and crawled in after her.


Tifa was soft and warm and smelled so damned good as she snuggled into me. In the subdued light from the tiny window, her eyes were so dark they appeared black, the burnished red reduced to a thin rim. Tangling great handfuls of her silky hair while we kissed, I enjoyed the contrast of her velvety skin and firm muscles – no other woman could possibly feel so amazing, unless they also happened to be a martial artist of her calibre. Her hands tracing lazy circles on my back, her tongue slowly stroking mine, Tifa sighed and nestled closer as if looking for sleep.

Yeah, right.

Kissing a broad path down her body, lingering in the warm valley between her breasts, I made her giggle by dipping my tongue into her navel, but she stilled when I moved even lower. Tasting the ridge defining her hip, I licked a slow swirl on her inner thigh, then looked up. Tifa bit her lip in anticipation, her expression avid. Smirking, I nuzzled into her short curls and curled my tongue around her hidden nub; she let out a long, low whine and her hips urgently undulated.

Her hands were in my hair, tugging, but I refused to be hurried; I'd waited too long to be with her today to rush. Besides, I loved hearing my name strung out over three syllables as she pleaded, rocking her hips against my mouth. Tifa has exceptionally strong thighs, and I'd quickly learned to keep her legs restrained when going down on her. She dislocated my shoulder the first time from the force of her orgasm, although we blamed the injury on the bed breaking. Barret had been royally pissed after that incident, because the rest of the team was staying in the room directly below ours and he'd had a bad flashback to the Sector 7 Plate when we crashed to the floor right over his head. We never mentioned the bullets we had to dig out of my leg.

Tifa was whimpering and moaning, so sensitized that I could make her squirm simply by blowing on her aroused flesh. "Cloud... please...!" This time when she pulled on my hair, I slid up her body, lapping and kissing her sweat-gleamed skin, flicking her nipples with my tongue while she frantically rubbed herself against my belly. Fumbling for a condom, I admired the picture she made, her flushed skin glowing against the halo of black hair spreading across the bedding. She crooned my name again when I rubbed the head of my safely-sheathed erection through her slick folds before taking her in one long, smooth slide. The overwhelming intimacy of being so deeply joined with the woman I loved tore a growl out of my throat and I curled possessively around her.

Breathing hard to control myself, because every fibre of my being was screaming to take her hard and fast, I had just managed to pull back from the edge when Tifa's legs locked around my hips and she rocked furiously against me. I gave up and matched her tempo, watching her through my lashes as she arched helplessly upwards, her eyes closing as her mouth opened and she came fully undone with a piercing wail.

As her body rippled around mine, I pounded into her until I pinned her hips to the mattress, shouting my release into her hair. I was still heaving air into my lungs, almost deafened by the thunder of our heartbeats, when Tifa whispered, "Is that... cheering?"

"Huh?" Forcing myself to concentrate when all I wanted to do was pass out in her arms, I wearily propped myself up on my elbows in order to listen. It was faint, but there was no doubt about it... there was a raucous crowd somewhere close by celebrating something. It wasn't until multiple voices started rowdily chanting my name that we realized with dawning horror exactly what achievement was being applauded.

"The ducting," Tifa gasped, covering her mouth with both hands. "It must have carried the sounds... oh, sweet Shiva!"

"Shit," I groaned. Tifa started giggling, probably out of embarrassment, but it was infectious. Hugging her, I chuckled, "Maybe we should go out there and take a bow?"

"Not on your life!" Her eyes sparkling, Tifa kissed me, and I forgot about our situation... at least until a metal-clad gun-arm hammered on the door.


Unless he ripped the panel off its hinges, there was no way Barret was coming in – the Buster made a well-nigh impregnable barrier. I was about to drag on some clothes and go face him when Tifa pulled me back. Ducking under the pipes, she approached the door; I was entranced by the way her long hair both concealed and revealed her gorgeous curves. Hell, her breathing entrances me, I have it so bad for her.


He settled down as soon as he heard her voice instead of mine; I could picture him running his hand over his flat-top as he undoubtedly reconsidered his word choice. "The whole goddamn bar an' half th' street heard ya!"

"Sorry, Barret. We'll try to be quieter." She said it demurely enough, but she was smirking cheekily at the same time, and I had to muffle my laugh in the bedding.

"You two fools are gonna be the death o' me," he grumbled. Tifa waited until he had trundled off, then scampered back and dove under the blankets. Sighing happily as she fitted herself against me, she cuddled under my chin for a few moments before popping up wearing a shyly naughty grin.

"How about an encore?"