Disclimer: I do not own Twilight, and I'm also borrowing some of Wisty's powers from James Patterson's Witch and Wizard.

Author: Paige Turner

Rated: T for now

Summery: You know the drill, Cullens are vamps, Bella's something more than human, they meet, yada, yada, yada, BUT DRAMA, ACTION, and possibly ROMANCE are thrown into the jumble.


School. An institution where instruction is given to help you learn. Or at least that's the definition by many dictionaries I've read. I can sum it up in much less words however; my own personal hell. Yup, that's basically it. Especially this school, the one I've been going to for a year now, the one where people stare or cringe at me, the one where rumor has it, a witch goes...hmmm, three guesses to who this is. The one where people walk on the opposite side of the hall from me, where a few of the religious fanatics even cross themselves after a fleeting glance at me, the one where nobody talks to me, the one where they go out of their way to shun me. The one where I either don't exist or am the boogieman under your bed at night.

I sighed and looked down at the food tray sitting on the vacant, other than myself, table in front of me. Today's special? Mystery meat, where I had a feeling there was more mystery than meat. It looked like someone barfed on a plate and then burnt it into a solid. I wasn't usually one for complaining, I mean, I had no one to complain to, so it didn't seem like something worth doing but this was just ridiculous, did they really expect us to eat this? Poking it with the plastic fork I had grabbed in line, I deemed it worthy as a weapon rather than edible food; you could build a house with the thing it was so hard.

A few guys whistling and whooping made me look up to see what had them excited now. As expected, a table full of burley guys in football jerseys were pounding on their table, laughing and cat calling to the cheerleading squad that just walked into the room. I slouched further in my seat at the table in the very corner of the room out of habit as the girls strode over to their table in all their tanned glory. But what did you expect from Phoenix, you can't live here and not have a tan...unless you're me, whose as white as a ghost. Okay, that was a bad analogy seeing as I always though of ghosts like almost translucent grey, but you get my point, I was quite pale.

Yes, I was the opposite of most girls in the school. They all had their tans, their super blonde hair, their gigantic sunglasses and duffle bagged sized purses that you could fit a small country in, their manicured nails, their tall height achieved by their death trap heels, and designer clothing. Indeed, comparing us would be like comparing the sun to the moon; because I was very different. Black and purple converse shoes, black jeans, a purple blouse, and a black vest to match the loose tie, with my pale skin and long mahogany hair, were things I had never found around the school except when looking in a mirror. I figure, if you're going to be different, you might as well dress different too. And then there was my eyes, the source of all this shenanigans, what really made me different, my 'witch eyes' that were-

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up and froze. Scanning the cafeteria, I locked gazes with a green one, the owner's face turned to one of disgust that masked fear, but I saw through it. I set my jaw and stood, earning nervous glances from around the room, and left the cafeteria, only stopping to throw out my mystery meat. With that terrific mood, I set off to complete the rest of my day.

I was fairly certain the guy sitting across the bus from me could hear my music it was so loud, but there was no way I would turn it down. A group of teenagers at the back had worked up the courage to start talking really loudly, for everyone on the bus to hear, about me. I assumed they were trying to get a rise out of me. But, it was either this, dulling my senses, or at least one of them, so I could just barely block out what they were saying, or go to the front of the bus, where the kids from the elementary school would dare each other to touch me and then run off.

Sometimes I really despised people.

"Ooooooh witchy woman," the obnoxious boys from the bus sang as I got off. I started down the sidewalk, only a few houses from mine, keeping an eye out for any movement. Coming home was always the worst part of the day. Not being home, no no, I loved that, but the trip to the house. We lived on a block full of religious folk, and they were always up to something; most of the time it wasn't bad, sending up a prayer as I walked by, crossing themselves, reminiscing about the 'good ol' witch burning days'. I swear, the word witch was used more in my life than in any fictional book I had ever read.

I was just about at my driveway when my ipod decided that it too was against me and died, letting me catch the last of the old couple sitting on their deck's conversation "-think she'll take a caldron, or maybe a broom when she moves?" Mrs. Levings said.

The chances of them talking about someone else were slim. I turned and started down their driveway, which was quite short, to ask them about what they were talking about. They both scrambled to their feet, Mr. Levings standing in front of his wrinkled old wife protectively. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but over hear your conversation." Since you were practically yelling.

Mr. Levings puffed up his chest as he shakily took a step closer to me in what he tried to make an intimidating gesture. "Don't go putting any spells on us, we were just talking about what we heard. Just pleased you're moving away, is all." He said in the surprisingly deep voice he had.

"I'm moving?" I asked. I hadn't heard anything like that from my mom or Phil for that matter. Maybe Phil got another job and we had to follow him again. "Do you know where?"

Mr. Levings shrugged. "Hopefully under a rock away from us humans."

Might as well go out with a show, I thought to myself, smiling a small smile and then looking at the two of them. I summoned up one of my best glares, putting as much steel and ice as I could muster in it, clenching my fists. It had the desired affect; Mr. and Mrs. Levings lost all the colour from their faces, both trembling and stumbling backwards until they met the wall of their house, their eyes wide and terrified, never leaving my face until they made it into their house. My face softened and just for good measure, I cackled like a maniac loudly, turning and heading to my house.

I had only done that a hand full of times in my life, but it worked every time. See, my eyes weren't like others'; my irises were blue, and not the normal blue, they were a very dark midnight blue, along with that was the baby blue ring around my pupils and you got yourself witch eyes. "Mom!" I called into the house as I opened the door. Sure enough, there were bags already in the doorway, all my stuff, all of Renee's and all of Phil's.

"Hey baby girl." My mom said, coming down the stairs with another bag, smiling at me. "Guess what?"

I stroked my chin and put a hand on my hip. "Hmmm...I don't know...moving?" I asked sarcastically. "Where are we going this time?" I sighed.

Renee fidgeted, looking anywhere but me as Phil came down with a few boxes in his arms. "Hey Bells, how was school?" He asked.

Nightmarish. "Fine. Where are we going?"

Phil's eyebrows rose. "Your mom didn't tell you?" He said, glancing at her and realization dawned on him. "Oh, your dad called when he heard we were moving again, kept asking Renee if she'd let you live with him for a while."

My gaze turned to Renee again with an eyebrow raised. "I guess it slipped her mind."

Renee sighed and took my hand, sitting with me on the stairs. "I was going to tell you, but then I forgot, and then you were at school, and then I just wanted to enjoy my time with you still in case you said yes. But heres the thing, Bella, I think you should." Renee paused and looked at Phil who caught on, cleared his throat, and told us he'd be out loading the car. "I know I might not seem like it, but I'm your mom and I know when my baby is hurting. You're hurting Bella, bad, and I think this will help. Believe it or not, Forks is a caring place, they won't care what you look like, just that you're there...home."

My eyes teared up, something that happened more than I liked throughout my life. Renee wasn't one for the feelings talks, but she was right, even as a kid during the summers, people would do a double take when looking at me, but then just smile and continue on as if my eyes were Charlie's chocolate brown ones. Wiping my eyes, I looked over to see Renee with her own she was blinking away. "You really think I should go?"

She turned and smiled sadly at me, nodding. "I want you to be happy." She took a deep breath, standing up and holding her hand out to me, laughing. "Besides, Charlie will be ecstatic when he finds out you can cook, since he really can't."

I laughed and then froze. "Wait, what about Shadow?" I asked, looking around, finally noticing he wasn't here to greet me when I walked in the door.

"Don't worry about him, I had a feeling you'd agree to go to Charlie's, Shadow is already there, waiting for you. We had to send him early, all the paper work was a hassle and they had to take him this morning." Renee sighed. "Honestly, that cat's more trouble than he's worth."

I grinned. "You're just saying that 'cause he doesn't like anyone but me...and you're scared of him."

Renee huffed, grabbing her bags. "Can you blame me? Most teenage girls have a little kitten or a big fat cat for a pet, not a tiger."

"He's not a tiger mom, he's a sabertooth tiger." I pointed out, laughing as she shook her head. Yup, you heard me, a sabertooth tiger, a black one at that. Let's just say those rumors at school were pretty accurate. I am a witch. A couple of years ago I was fiddling around in my room thinking about a pet when he popped into my mind, after a few minutes of desperately wishing I had him while staring at one of my many books on the floor, smoke exploded from it and when it cleared, there he was. No one had the guts to take him from me, since he's a huge animal and practically glued to my side, never leaving me for a moment, so I got to keep him.

"Home sweet home." I mumbled, stepping up to baggage claim to get my bags. I never really liked flying, but this flight had gone by better than I thought it would. Standing with a duffle bag in each arm, I thought back to the flight.

I had finally settle down in my seat. Flying didn't suit me at all, but I managed to not make a scene. Unfortunately, we had been flying for a while and the sun was officially gone, replaced by thick grey clouds. I sighed and peeked at the people around me, making sure they weren't looking before I slipped off my shades, to the top of my head. Okay, so far so good, no gasping, hateful remarks, poking, or staring. Actually, no one was looking at me at all. I frowned...how was I supposed to see if people here were different if they wouldn't even notice my eyes in the first place?

I glanced out my window, seeing lights and towers off in the distance. We were getting close. "Excuse me." A quiet little voice sounded beside me.

I turned and looked to my right to meet eyes with a pair of hazel ones that went wide with awe. Curly blonde locks fell around the small round face as the little girl who looked like she had just stepped out of a story in her pink dress with white flowers on it broke out into a grin. "Yes?" I asked curiously. I braced myself, knowing what was to come, the poking and then running back to their parents, making a scene and getting people to look over at me.

Instead, she shocked me to my core, grabbing onto my arm and beaming up at me. "Are you a super hero?" She whispered, looking around to make sure no one heard, in case I was, I assumed.

I raised an eyebrow. "Um, no...sorry." I added when her face fell slightly.

The little girl bit her lip and crawled into my lap, looking at my eyes seriously. "How did you get them like that then?"

I settled back slightly, becoming more casual after the initial shock wore off. "I was born with them."

Her lips pulled down a little. "So I can't do anything to get mine like that?" She asked disappointedly.

My brows furrowed. "Why would you want eyes like these?"

The little girl jumped, looking at me like I was crazy...I returned the look. "They're very pretty. Not boring, the same as everyone else's, they're unique."

I smiled and narrowed my eyes. "How old are you?" The little girl held up six fingers, giggling. "You seem old for your age, how do you know what unique means?"

She shrugged. "Mommy says it sometimes. She also says being different is good, makes you special, and you should be happy to not be like all the other people in the world."

The rest of the flight was actually nice, the little girl ate lunch with me, but we parted when we landed.

"Bella?" A gruff voice pulled me out of my memories. I turned, scanning the large room and crowds of people until I met a chocolate brown gaze. Charlie. He looked pretty much the same since the last time I saw him, though it was years ago, the same dark hair, eyes, even his mustache; he seemed to be on good terms with time, it didn't treat him in the same, unkind way it treated others. "Hey there kiddo, long time no see."

I accepted his awkward, one armed hug with one of my own. "Hey Ch-dad," I caught myself. "How are you?" I asked, picking up my bags only to release them to Charlie as he took them from me with a small smile. I followed him out of the building and through the parking lot to his cruiser. Ah, yes, Charlie was the Chief of police here in Forks.

"Uh, I'm good. You?" He answered with a question of his own.

My gaze wandered out the window as we drove through Forks. Such a small town, a quiet town, one where everyone knows everyone, where your grandparents went to school together. A town where everyone was close and stuck together...one where you could easily become an outcast to if you were different. No, I wouldn't think like that, remember what Renee said, this was home, I belonged here, it was where I was born. They'd accept me, she said so. "Fine." I answered eventually, making Charlie jump. Guess he forgot he even asked me. I wasn't surprised or offended; I probably would have too. Being socially awkward was a quality Charlie and I shared.

Charlie cleared his throat. "So, uh, that cat of yours is pretty...cool." He said, glancing sideways at me.

Already my day brightened, remembering that Shadow was here, waiting for me. "I hope Shadow didn't give you too hard of a time." I grinned.

Charlie's eyes crinkled as he smiled too, chuckling. "Gave me one heck of a scare. When they dropped him off at the station and said he was your 'big cat' I was thinking maybe the size of a small dog, not some jungle animal."

I giggled as we pulled up in front of the house I had seen many times during the summers of my life. "You don't need to worry about him." I paused for a moment, shutting my door and looking up at the grey sky. "Well, only when playing with him, he gets excited and forgets about his teeth." I could remember a few times getting poked on those two large teeth constantly sticking out of his mouth.

Charlie unlocked the door, turning to look at me seriously. "I don't plan on wrestling with the vampire kitty any time soon."

Vampire kitty? That was new. I walked into the house, immediately dropping my bags and falling to my knees with my arms outstretched. "Shadow!" In a quick movement that most wouldn't be able to keep up with, Shadow was in front of me with my arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.


I had unpacked and set up my room, catching up with Charlie, and made supper all last night. I had gone to bed early that night, wanting to be fully rested for school this morning, but it worked against me and I found myself breaching consciousness before the sun was up. I groaned, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and opened them a slit, looking around the dark room. I felt, more than heard, a huff on my stomach under the blankets. Lifting my head, I looked down at the bed, seeing Shadow's back paw hanging off the end of the bed, his tail off the side. I laughed quietly and pulled back the blanket, seeing his large head laying on my stomach. "You know," I mused, scratching the top of his head. "You're not a lap cat."

Shadow yawned, opening his mouth wide to show off all his rather long and sharp looking teeth, letting out a feral sound. "And that just proves me point." He jumped off the bed, knocking the air out of me with an 'oof' and stretched, looking back at me with big green eyes. "Yeah, I guess I'm up too." I mumbled dryly, getting to my feet and looking around the dark room. Glancing at the clock beside my bed, I noticed I was only up early by about half an hour, and also saw it just looked dark because the clouds were unusually, or perhaps this was usual, dark grey and ready to burst with rain.

I quickly gathered a pair of black jeans and a dark blue blouse before running off to grab a towel and hop in the shower. Apparently Charlie was already gone for the day seeing as his bedroom was empty and I couldn't hear anything in the house other than Shadow walking around downstairs. Turning on the shower, I quickly striped my clothes and paused, looking at the leather black wrist band on both wrists. I sighed before slipping them off too, briefly glancing at the permanent ink etched on both, and hopped into the shower, letting it work out all the kinks from sharing a single bed with a cat twice my size.

Rolling the sleeves of my shirt up to my elbows and straightening my wrist bands, I skipped down the stairs, catching my foot on the last couple and stumbling into the wall at the bottom. Gravity and I were not on good terms. "Shadow!" I called into the empty house as I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl, gathered my messenger bag, and slid into my black trench coat, all while lacing up my converse on the stairs. I grinned victoriously as I walked to the front door. "And they call me uncoordinated." The keys fell from my hand as I smacked my fingers on the lock of the door, laughing at me with their little jingle on their way down.

A very tanned, very muscular hand shot out and picked them up, accompanied by a voice that almost sounded familiar. "Here ya go."

I swallowed the scream in my throat, throwing a glare at Shadow who came trotting by and didn't bother letting me know there was someone here. I looked over my shoulder and forced a smile. "Thanks."

"No problem Bells." The grin on his face made him seem young, though his height and massiveness disagreed, he had short black hair and friendly brown eyes, which didn't seem at all fazed by my own. "Oh! I'm Jacob, Jacob Black, you and I used to play together before you moved away with your mom."

Ah, no wonder he looked so familiar. My smile turned to a real one and I waved Shadow out of the house to do his business before I left for school. "Hello Jake, what brings you here this early. That excited to see me?"

A slight red tint formed on Jacob's face as he laughed and looked off to the woods while my smile faltered. I didn't mean it that way, I was just trying to make a joke. A memory came back to me, a talk, useless then but apparently something I should have remembered now, that Renee felt we had to have. She told me to be careful around boys, that sometimes guys take joking as flirting. A horror struck look came to my face as Jacob shifted his gaze to his feet while kicking some dirt. I was not flirting with him! "M-my dad just wanted me to drop this off before you were off to school, so you wouldn't have to walk. Charlie got it for you as a gift the other day."

I followed the gestured hand to the large, red chevy truck that was rumbling in my driveway. "For me?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

Jacob nodded, clapping his hands together and rubbing them while walking over to the truck. "It's not much, I'm actually glad you got it so I wouldn't have to, but it's warm and it runs a little faster than you could probably jog." He laughed and I couldn't help but join in. "Don't worry though, I'm not totally cruel, I did throw in something extra." He ran around to the back, pulling off the tarp that covered the box, and exposed two slick looking bikes. "Fixed them up myself."

"Wow, they look," Shiny? Yeah, but that'd sound stupid, how do you compliment a vehicle. I never was one for cars or anything like that. "Nice." I decided to go with.

Jake chuckled. "These are little speed demons though, you know how to ride?" He asked, looking them over.

While he was talking, I slowly walked over, running a hand along the truck. It had quite the history. I stopped by the bikes, tracing a finger along the black one and jolted from the shock and images I got. Pulling my hand from it, I grinned over a Jacob. "Now I do."

Jacob grinned back, looking a little dazed from my smile. "What?"

I cleared my throat and put on a straight face. Jeeze, can't even smile a little at guys. "I said, yeah I do."

"Oh, okay, well, I should get back before school. But, if you ever need either of these fixed, stop by, or if you just want to hang out?" He got a hopeful look in his eyes.

So far Jake was the only person I knew, and depending on how today was going to go; my only friend, plus, he seemed like a decent guy however distracted he may be. "Maybe sometime this weekend, give me a call later this week." I offered and he beamed, lifting his red bike down from the truck and placing mine next to it. "Whoa.." I mumbled.

Jake grinned proudly, flexing while I struggled not to roll my eyes. "See ya later then, Bells." He said, hopping on his bike and speeding off down the road.

I sighed and looked down at Shadow who was sitting beside me, his tail flicking on the ground as his eyes narrowed at Jake's retreating form. "Guys." I murmured. "Alright, I'll see you after school, Shadow." I quickly let him back in, locking the door behind me and running back to the driveway, shifting my eyes between the bike and the truck. Hm, do I want to go in style and have a little fun on the way? I grumbled, wheeling the bike to the side of the house and threw my bag in the truck before getting in. "Don't want to bring even more attention to myself than I already am." I glared at my reflection in the rearview mirror before pulling out.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this, I chanted over and over in my head as I shut off the engine, trying to seem oblivious to all the stares that I was receiving from the parking lot full of other kids. I glanced up and caught the gaze of some blonde girl who gasped and turned to her friend. My eyes fell to the seat beside me as I grabbed all my stuff. No I can't, how did I possibly think I could?! I can't...I-I can't...oh god, I'm going to pass out! I bit my lip and took a deep breath through my nose, opening the door to my truck to get some fresh air. I hopped out, swinging my arm through the strap of my bag and locked the door behind me. See? That wasn't so hard. I cringed away from the people standing by who were staring with their mouthes open and began walking to the office. Shut up! This is horrible! I'm going to lose my mind if this is what they do all day! Great, now I'm talking to myself, halfway there! My lips trembling with a cackle that threatened to spill out, 'cause that wouldn't be bad. 'Hey look, the new girl has freak eyes and is a lunatic!'

i pushed open the door to the office and just before it closed again, I could hear the whispers. 'Did you see-'

'Hey, wasn't that-'

'Look there sh-'

Oh well. I walked up to the desk, smiling at the woman behind it. "Hi, I'm Is-"

"Isabella Swan! We've been expecting you! Hello, I'm Mrs. Cope and here are your papers. This is a map, and this is a slip I need all your teachers to sign so you can bring it back to me at the end of the day." The woman said excitedly.

I stared wide eyed at her, nodding and took the papers, backing slowly out of the office, never taking my eyes off her as she continued to smile at me. The minute I was out the door, I turned on me heel huffing. "Did that woman have a bowl of perky for breakfast?" I asked incredulously to myself. I heard a few chuckles and a tinkling laugh across the parking lot, but since I wasn't supposed to hear it, it would look odd if I looked up right at them.

"Hey!" A voice in my ear had me grimacing since I was straining my ears to hear the laughing and the sudden closeness of new loud noise wasn't too pleasant. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you."

"You didn't." I mumbled, cupping my ear closest to the voice for a second until the throbbing stopped. I looked at who the culprit was and saw a tall boy with dark hair and glasses smiling at me. His eyes widened a little upon seeing mine, but his smile didn't falter. Huh.

"I'm Eric Yorkie, captain of the football team." Erik smiled. I raised and eyebrow and he laughed, gently swatting my arm. "Okay, I'm not, Chess club and yearbook."

I laughed with him. "Isabella Swan, but call me Bella." I said, taking the hand he held out and shaking it. "Getting your good deed for the day out of the way by helping the lost, are we?" I asked.

Eric wrapped an arm around my shoulders, but it was in more of a friendly or brotherly manner than anything else so I didn't shrug him off as we started to walk through the parking lot. "We all know what it's like to be the new kid, well, maybe that's just you, but I can imagine." He smirked.

I smirked back, looking at all the people who were watching us. "So, Mr. Thoughtful, how do you know where to go? I haven't told you my classes."

Erik cleared his throat and walked straighter while I fought to not laugh at him. "Like I said, captain of the Chess Club and Yearbook, I've got connections."

We stopped outside a classroom, the Home Ec room, one of the classes I chose for an easy 'A'. "You know, that's almost creepy, Yorkie."

Erik nodded. "Creepy's how I roll, Swan." He said before waving and walking off towards his class.

I smiled before entering the room and walking over to the teacher's desk in the corner with my face down, quickly handing her my slip. "Ah, Miss Swan, I'm glad you're here, we finally have an even number of students now. I'm Miss Wright, now why don't you head to the back, you'll be partners with Miss Cullen." Miss Wright said, scribbling her name on the slip and handing it back to me with a smile while tucking her long black hair behind her ear.

I momentarily waited for the gasp to come when she met my eyes, but all she did was a double take before smiling encouragingly and nodding to the back of the class. I turned and kept my eyes on the ground as I made my slow way to the back of the very large classroom, glancing at all the stoves and sinks that made up small kitchens along the sides and back of the room. I stopped at the very last table on the right that was half occupied, setting my stuff on the floor beside my chair and shrugging off my coat.

"Alright class." Miss Wright said, tying her hair up and an apron on while she stood at the front of the class. "We're going to be cooking today, so get in your table pairs. Angela, Jessica, do you think you could come grab the groceries for class with me from my car?" Two girls shot up and they all left while the rest of the class broke out into conversation with one another.

I began nervously playing with one of my wrist bands, twisting it around and around, staring at nothing. I could see from my peripherals, the person beside me shift so they were facing me. I continued to fiddle with my bands. Metal scratching the floor made me clench my teeth until it stopped and then black high heel boots came into view. I fixed my gaze to the wood of the table. Pale hands with perfectly painted and manicured red nails folded on the desk right beside mine. It was odd, I would have thought by now I could feel their body heat since they were practically attached to my hip with how close they were sitting, but alas, I didn't. They let out a breathy sigh and a scent I couldn't even begin to describe floated to my nose and had my eyes fluttering for a moment. Holy damn, what kind of lip gloss or perfume were they wearing?! I finally turned my head, though not that far since they were sitting right there, and looked to my partner, my breath hitching as I did.

Golden eyes looked back up at me from under thick lashes surrounded by a very smooth pale face with small delicate features, and ink black hair that was short and spiked in beautiful chaos giving her a pixie look. "For a minute there, I thought perhaps you wouldn't look at me this whole class." A musical voice came from her lips, almost like a melody.

"Uhhhh hhh." Was my intelligent response. Yeah, that's me, Bella Swan, the conversational wizard.

One of her slender pale hands came up for her to hide behind as she giggled and I smiled involuntarily. "I'm Alice Cullen." She said, holding out her hand for me to shake.

I blinked a few times and then cleared my throat. "Isabella Swan, but call me Bella." I said, pursing my lips at how cold Alice's hand was. Was it cold in here? I let the thought go and smiled at her. "It seems as though we're partners."

Alice smirked. "We just met, Bella."

My eyes got wide and I gaped at her. "I-I didn't mean...not like that!"

Alice was full out laughing and her hand was definitely not hiding it this time as she clutched her sides. "I'm joking, I know you didn't." I grinned at her. Maybe Forks won't be so bad after all. "But yes, we are going to be cooking together." She said once she sobered up.

"I should warn you, I like to cook toast naked." I struggled to keep a straight face but broke down when Alice laughed again.

Miss Wright came back in the with the two girls from before and they set everything down on the front tables. "Alright," She huffed, stretching her arms and smiling her thanks at the girls who plopped down in their chairs. "Everyone wash up and get started, recipes are at your stations."

I wiped the flour from my hands onto my apron before tightening my hair tie and glaring at Alice's short hair that didn't need to be tied. She looked over her shoulder at me, smiling. "Did you want to stir the cake batter some?"

I shrugged, figuring she was tired. A lot of the other people were complaining. "Sure." I walked over and grabbed the bowl to steady it while I stirred with the wooden spoon, my eyes widening when I realized how hard it was to stir. "Good god!" I gasped.

Alice giggled. "Oh yeah, it's kinda hard."

"Thanks for the heads up."

"You're welcome." She chimed, hopping up on the counter beside the bowl and swinging her feet while reading over the instructions. After a few moments she put the paper down and sighed, looking into the bowl. "So Bella."

"Yes?" I asked, glancing up at her to see she was looking down at me.

"Would you mind if I asked about your tattoos?" She asked, fiddling with a measuring cup.

"Not at all, go ahead." I shrugged.

"Why did you hide them with your bands before?"

I pondered her question and figured the truth wouldn't hurt. "I didn't want anyone to see them. I've already got the eyes, plus I don't exactly dress the same as everyone all the time, so I wasn't ready to show them my tattoos right away either. Plus, I don't want Charlie, my dad, to find out. He doesn't know and he'd probably get upset and ask me why I did it."

"Why did you do it?" She asked after a moment.

I licked the chocolate batter off my thumb and dropped my hands, looking at Alice. "Ones a reminder, one's a...belief I guess you could say, and one is just because I really wanted it." I grinned.

Alice smiled, grabbing down the pan to cook the cake in without me needing to ask her and handing it to me. "So you have three?"

I nodded, pouring the batter. "My wings are on my back."

Alice bit her lip. "Belief?"

"Nope." I said, popping the 'P'.

"Pleasure?" She asked again and I nodded. I set the empty bowl back down, waiting for the batter in the pan to settle. "What about this one?" Alice asked, gently grabbing my right wrist and facing it palm up to see the black flowing script on it. "'Freedom'?"

I looked down at it, running my fingers along the letters. "A reminder... Someone gave their life for the Freedom of a group of people and I'm very thankful...it's complicated." I whispered.

Alice let go of my wrist to do the same with the other, even more gently, almost like she wasn't touching me at all. "And...and this one?" She said, just as quiet.

I looked up to see her almost mesmerized by this tattoo, which was odd since this is usually the one people give me weird looks for or laugh at. "A belief sort of. It's my bond."

"Hm?" Alice blinked and looked up at me briefly. "Bond?"

I nodded, looking back down to it. It was an eye, yes, an eye in black and white that is like looking up through intricate black swirls and knots. "A bond, my mate, imprint, my other half, which ever you want to call it. I...believe that my mate is somewhere out there and I'm looking for them, granted I'm finishing school first, but then I'll start looking for them. This is the only...clue, I've got. They're clairvoyant." Alice froze, like stilled completely, not even breathing. I looked up to see her looking at me. "Alice?"

"You believe that?" She asked.

I nodded seriously. "Yes, very much so."

Alice nodded and had a thoughtful look for a moment. "What else do you know about them, anything?"

"No." I shrugged.

"Not even if they have blonde hair?" I shook my head. "Red?" Another shake. "Green eyes? Tall? Short? Guy? Girl?" I shook my head. "What if they had an extra toe?"

I shrugged. "It wouldn't matter."

"No? Even if they had six eyes?" Another head shake. "What if they weren't human?"

Something in her tone made me stop and look at Alice; she had an odd expression on her face. I looked her dead in the eye. "Not even if they were a half bomb mutant who could explode and kill me at any second. It would not change how I felt about them." I told her seriously.

Alice stared at me for a few seconds, and opened her mouth, only to close it again and hop off the counter. "We should get this into the oven, class is just about over."

I nodded and shook off the intense feeling the conversation left me, helping Alice put the cake into the oven.

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