I had wanted to write a story involving Hong Kong when inspiration for this came about. I don't really know exactly what to make of it. I thought to myself, Hong Kong and Canada would make great brothers, hope this helps anyone understand why. Anyway, I don't own Hetalia or the characters, just this story.

Hong Kong strode through the halls of the UN building. Many other nations were idling in the halls doing what they usually do: fighting, bickering or (in the case of France) groping. Hong Kong ignored them all; he had a specific objective in mind. The long sleeves of his shirt nearly brushed the floor as he took measured steps, dodging around the odd nation who was not paying attention to the world around them. His face carried its characteristic lack of expression but it was a mask. Hong Kong was sad and anxious.

He suspected that no one really knew. China might, he had raised the boy for the most part, but he doubted his other family members did. It was not China Hong Kong sought at the moment however. Listening intently to the conversations around him he finally heard what he had been listening for.

"Dammit America I am tired of you wasting our time with your hare brained ideas. Come prepared next time!" Hong Kong turned to the noise and entered the conference room, vacated after the meeting had officially ended by most of the other countries except for two. England was standing, hands planted on his hips shouting at a wavy blonde haired nation wearing glasses and clutching a polar bear to his chest. It was one of them that Hong Kong sought. They were standing near the large rectangular table used for the conferences, chairs dotted the surroundings.

"I'm not-"The blonde haired nation began before being interrupted by the clearly angry Brit.

"I am tired of your excuses, furthermore-" England stopped shouting almost immediately as Hong Kong grasped the older nations sleeve. Turning to regard the Asian, England raised one of his prominent eyebrows. "Hello Hong, what do you need? I'm in the middle of something." England asked, lowering his voice to a calmer tone. Though irritated at the shortened version of his full name, Hong Kong naturally didn't show it.

"That's not America." Hong Kong told the Englishman in his usual monotonous voice. Arthur raised his other eyebrow in surprise.

"He's not?" England stated, somewhat shocked and abashed at his mistake. He turned to the wearily smiling nation with the polar bear. Now that it had been pointed out, Arthur did notice a few differences.

"America is in the cafeteria." Hong Kong stated, pointing to the conference room doors and letting go of England's sleeve. Arthur examined the other country for a few moments longer before his cheeks began to flush red with embarrassment at the mistake.

"Ahem, right, sorry about that," England muttered, glancing at the floor in embarrassment, "ummm..."

"Canada." Matthew provided, with a somewhat strained smile. This was not exactly new circumstance that the northern nation now found himself in.

"Right, Canada. I'll be off then." England jogged out of the conference room hurriedly, his face red with embarrassment. Turning down the hall he raced off as though the distance he put between himself and Canada could alleviate the mistake. Hong Kong stared at where England had departed before walking over and closing the doors. Turning around he returned to the Canadian, who was looking somewhat confused at the other nation's action.

"Why did you close the door?" Canada asked, attempting to be nonchalant but failing quite miserably as his grip around the bear tightened slightly in nervousness. Hong Kong stared at the taller country, examining his red hoodie, blue jeans and bear he still clutched before jumping into a nearby chair. Hong Kong stared directly into the Canadians eyes, noticing how they were that odd violet colour, before sighing.

"I want to ask you a few questions." Hong Kong stated, gesturing towards the chair opposite him. Matthew glanced at the chair and sat in it, depositing his bear gently on the ground before turning to Hong Kong with a quizzical (and somewhat t concerned) expression on his face.

"Why me. I mean, I'm not saying I won't try to answer but I'm sure someone else would be much better at answering any questions you might have, but I-." Matthew cut himself off, adjusting his glasses on his face in embarrassment, realizing he had begun to ramble. Hong Kong continued looking at the Canadian before lowering his head and staring at his shoes.

"I can't ask China, he wouldn't understand. Neither would Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam or Japan." Hong Kong stated flatly, only with a twinge of sadness that Canada detected easily. He was rather good at reading people as they were more relaxed around him, though that usually involved them not seeing him to begin with. Hong Kong looked back up at Matthew, all traces of sadness gone, replaced with a somewhat earnest expression. "Will you answer my questions?" Canada stared at Hong Kong, the young nation rarely ever showed any sort of expression, before smiling comfortingly.

"I'll do my best." He answered warmly. Honk Kong seemed to relax a bit. Sinking into his chair somewhat. He then began to fidget, not quite knowing how to start. Matthew continued to smile warmly in hopes of encouraging the young man to speak.

"Rénxiōng, I..." Hong Kong trailed off, looking back to his feet. When he looked back up, Canada was staring into space, a slight but sad smile on his face.

"You haven't called me that in decades." Matthew stated softly, still staring, lost in a memory. "Not since the war, right before Japan dragged me out of your city." Canada seemed to come back to the present and looked at Hong Kong, cheeks reddening when he realized he had become sidetracked. "Sorry, anyway you can ask anything you want, I'll try and answer." Hong Kong swallowed nothing and tried again.

"Rénxiōng, how did it feel to be taken by France, and then given away to England like you didn't really matter?" Hong Kong asked quickly though quietly, staring into the other nation's eyes with all his courage. Canada stiffened visibly, his eyes becoming clouded by pain and his already snowy skin paled significantly. His fingers held the armrests of the chair tightly, and Hong Kong was sure he heard the slight ripping of the leather lining under Canadians hands.

"I'm sorry; it was stupid to ask you. I'll just go." Hong Kong made to jump off his seat but Matthew lightly pushed him back into it, smiling sadly. He was no longer stiff like he was before and he had regained some colour, but his eyes still held the echoes of a pain that would never really be forgotten. Hong Kong marvelled at the discipline required to hide such pain day to day and still smile, Kiku would be envious.

"It's all right. It was a long time ago and I know you wouldn't ask unless you had good reason." Canada assured Hong Kong gently, all traces of his earlier nervousness gone. After assuring himself that Hong Kong would stay, Matthew leaned down and picked up his polar bear, placing it in his lap. Matthew slowly stroking the creature's fur as he leaned back into his chair, letting his smile drop slightly. "I was shocked at first, to be honest. When France first found me I was very young. I was still a child, in fact. I lived in the wilderness and my only real company was Kumajirou." Matthew paused and indicated the bear on his lap. "When France found me, he picked me up and cradled me in his arms. But it wasn't in love, not at first. When France first picked me up, he held me like I was a possession of his. That I had value, but in the same way that a painting would." Matthew still maintained his sad smile but it had begun to drop slightly.

"Did it stay that way?" Hong Kong asked quietly, unwilling to say anything loud enough to break Matthew from his musings but wishing he would to spare the other man the pain of remembering. It was more difficult than he had first thought to talk to his estranged rénxiōng. Canada looked at Hong Kong and his lips regained their ghost of a smile.

"No. After awhile he started to treat me like a son. Teaching me, playing with me. He loved me; I knew that and that made it easier to bear when he left me alone." As Hong Kong watched, Matthews's eyes seemed to swirl a bit, losing their purple shade and becoming bluer. "But in some ways, I was never truly alone." His voice had gained certain sharpness and cold Hong Kong had never heard before. It alarmed him somewhat. "Then came the day that England arrived. France took me out to meet him. I noticed immediately that France did not talk to me. He seemed to look at me like I was a possession again, something to use. Maybe he had merely forgotten that or had been trying to hide it, but I doubt it. Likely it was the only way he could go through with the act." His voice began to soften again. "I knew then that it was the end for us. We could not go back to the way we were." Though his voice had lost its sharpness, Hong Kong almost wished for it to return. In its stead there was an incredible sadness that overflowed from the other nations tone. "I cried that day, as France gave me to England. I asked myself, maybe I wasn't good enough, and maybe I had done something wrong to warrant this."

"Did you?" Hong Kong asked before quickly covering his mouth, shocked at his own proclamation. Canada merely regarded Hong Kong for a moment before continuing.

"Maybe I did, but I don't think so. The world is a big place, and many things affect it. It didn't matter however, I begged France to take me back but he wouldn't. No, it wasn't that he wouldn't, he couldn't. He just spoke to England with an expressionless voice and after finishing; he boarded a ship and left me with England. I cried for a long time afterwards." Matthews's voice had dropped in volume until he was fairly whispering. It took Hong Kong a moment to realize the other nation had ceased speaking all together.

"What happened then?" Hong Kong urged, hating himself for prompting the other but unable to help himself. He needed to know more, to know for sure. Canada blinked and his eyes seemed to return to their natural colour. He smiled sheepishly.

"I'm sorry, I let my emotions get away from me." Canada continued, seeming to have forgotten his earlier pain, but Hong Kong saw how his companions shoulders hunched a little more, as though he took on a little more of the weight of the world. Does he always look like that? Hong Kong asked himself, realizing he had never really looked, or cared enough to. Canada continued, oblivious to Hong Kong's internal struggle. "Anyway, Arthur took me to see my brother. I was startled at first. I hadn't realized I had a brother so far away. When I met Alfred, it was like looking into a funhouse mirror, similar but different, too different. He seemed to breathe confidence, his shoulders and back were always straight and he smiled constantly. After meeting me he said 'we have the same face' and went to bother England. I knew what he meant, but that was not all that it meant. We only shared the same face, nothing else. I think only I understood that at the time." Hong Kong was staring now. He wished he had not brought up these painful memories even more so than before. Seeing the pain etched on his opposites face, it was as though someone had jammed a knife into the Canadian and was twisting it unmercifully. "I knew I could never go back to being with France, it was too late. All I could do was try and get Arthur to love me. He and Alfred were the only family I had left at the time." Matthew finished sadly.

Matthew nearly fell off the chair as Hong Kong tackled him, sending Kumajirou flying. Startled, he looked down to see Hong Kong crying, his tears staining Canada's red hoodie as he gripped it in his hands and buried his face into his stomach.

"I just wanted to know that someone else felt it." Hong Kong said between sobs. Canada stared a few moments longer before his eyes softened. Matthew put his arms comfortingly around the younger nation, holding him close.

"Being given away by the one who raised you *sniff*, like you were nothing. Having to go with someone else, and knowing that you may never see your family again. It's so hard. It felt like it was crushing me." Hong Kong poured tears onto Canada, who continued to hold the young boy close, his own eyes misting up. "I'm sorry I brought it up, but *sob* I needed to know I wasn't alone, that it wasn't just me."

"I understand." Canada said softly, stroking the other nation's hair comfortingly. "Nothing is worse than being alone." Hong Kong looked up and into Canada's eyes. There was indeed understanding reflected in those purple orbs, something Hong Kong thought he would never find. Hong Kong began to sob again, knowing they were tears of happiness that stained his brothers hoodie.

Hong Kong opened the door. Stepping out of the conference room and closing the door once Canada had followed. Both he and Canada faced each other in the hall. Hong Kong wore his characteristic blank visage. There were no signs of tears or that anything had happened. Canada wore a soft smile and held his polar bear lightly in his arms, a black jacket hanging from his shoulders, hiding his hoodie.

"Hong Kong, there you are, I've been looking everywhere for you, aru." Both Hong Kong and Canada turned to see China running towards them, an exasperated look on his face. Stopping before them he looked Hong Kong in the eye. "Where did you run off to, I was looking everywhere for you, aru." China exclaimed in a flustered tone. Hong Kong stared at China for a moment before turning back to Canada.

"I will come and see you soon ok?" Hong Kong stated, ignoring the out of breath China. Canada smiled softly and looked into Hong Kong's brown eyes.

"Don't forget to bring your family." Canada told him warmly. Hong Kong blinked slowly then smiled.

"I will rénxiōng." China watched with wide eyes as Hong Kong turned back to him, his smile vanishing and replaced with his normal neutral expression. China quickly regained his composure and took Hong Kong's hand, leading the young boy away. Canada stood in the empty hallway for a few minutes before departing as well, buttoning his jacket up to hide the tear stained hoodie.

I'm not sure I should, but I kind of want to continue with this story, some sort of burgeoning brotherhood. Read and Review please, it really does help. By the way, rénxiōng is a Chinese honorific meaning big brother.