Hello, Goodbye

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from Star Wars. I do own the original characters featured in this story, namely Thrice Blackswan. She's an OC from my very own OC universe. I might make this an Obi/Padme or an Obi/OC—not sure, but it will be an AU. I hope you enjoy it. I can't promise anything, I tend to make these fanfics as I go. Thanks for reading.

Chapter 1

She grabbed him by the shoulder and woke him from his sleep. Blurred eyed, he sat up and stared at the woman hovering over his bedside. She was in a word—stunning. She had dark flowing black hair and piercing ruby eyes the likes of which he had never seen. She was youthful and pale in complexion with a natural beauty that glowed from her seamless skin. Her hair was strangely parted into two knots over her ears and she a serious expression on her face.

He didn't recognize her, but she seemed to know him.

"Woke up, now before they come for you."

The strange young woman lifted him up by his arm and practically dragged him off the bed.

Bewildered his asked, "What? Who are you? What's going on?"

"There's no time for that. You have to go, now."

"No, tell me what's going on?"

The woman mumbled under her breath something about him being an ungrateful fool and quickly ushered him out of the room and into a large sterile hall.

"Father will have my head for helping you, but I cannot live with myself if I don't do something about this before it is too late." The strange lady dressed in an elegant black robe suddenly turned toward the man as she continued to rant. "You inspire me to break rules I never thought I'd break…I don't know if I should kill you or thank you."

"I would gladly take the former than the latter, hum—Miss?"

"By the Phoenix, you're suffering from amnesia too!" The mysterious woman took hold of the man's shoulders and stared dead into his blue-gray eyes. "Look. You are suffering from amnesia. It's a side affect from memory upload. It will pass in time and than you will remember everything, but for now you will have to trust me."

The woman then held onto the man's hand and led him through the hall until they came to an emergency escape hatch.

The confused man looked on as the woman examined the hatch and began to put in commands onto a data pad.

"I don't understand" said the man "You plan to use this escape pod and jettison into space?"

"No. You are."

The confused man pulled at her shoulder and made her face him. "Me! What do you mean to shoot me out into space? Whatever for?"

Suddenly, a red light lining the ceiling of the hall flashed and an announcement was made over a COM, "INCOMING SHIP, PLEASE PREPARE TO DOCK."

The dark dressed beauty muttered, "Damn. It's too late. They're already here."

"Who's already here? Look, Miss I can tell you mean well, but please tell me what's going on?"

"The Emperor is here—but no, there isn't anytime for explanations. You have to escape. Vader wants you either as an ironic twist of an apprentice or as an over priced sacrificial lamb. Now, here. Take this sword."

The woman pulled from her robes a blade in a sheath. From the hilt, the confused man could tell it was a finely made weapon, but was terribly old fashion.

"I can't take this. It's an antique."

The woman gave him a hard glare. "This is no antique! I forged it myself, you ungrateful man. Now here. Take it. And take this too."

She then handed him some kind of metallic cylinder with a switch.

"What's this?"

"A lightsaber" she answered. The woman then opened the door of the pod and pushed the man into the seat.

Bewildered the man, asked, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

The mysterious woman then kneeled to reach the man in the seat. Her mood changed suddenly and she was no longer annoyed and frustrated, but sullen and sad. She took the sword and saber and tenderly placed him in his lap. She looked up at the man with her ruby red eyes and gave him a sad smile.

"Remember my friend, your sword is your life. If you guard it, it will guard you as well. Though, now you have two swords so maybe you'll have twice as many lives. Perhaps it was Fate, the Phoenix or the Force that brought our destinies together, but all I know is that you must go. You must find Luke Skywalker and go."

The woman rose from her knees and moved to close the door of the hatch, but the man sensed that this might be the last time he would ever see this woman again. Her feelings were genuine. Her hidden gentleness was so sincere.

With an outstretched hand he tried to halt her from closing the door.

"Wait! Tell me, what's your name?"

The woman paused and held the image of the man in the escape pod in her sights if though to keep as a memory.

"I am Lady Thrice Blackswan of Goldbird Society, commissioned General of the Empire, but today I am a traitor. May the Force be with you, Obi-Wan Kenobi. I hope we shall meet again."

Thrice then closed the hatch on the pod and shot it into the blackness of space.