Chapter One: Waking up To Hell

She was the youngest in her family. Right next to her Auntie Baby, she was the youngest. Kimberly Driftwood, or Princess, as her family called her, was six-years-old, when everything fell apart.

The day was May 18, 1978. The little girl cuddled her teddy bear close as she slept peacefully under her pink covers in her room. The blazing Texas sunlight beamed from her bedroom window and warmed Little Princess' face. Princess groaned and turned over on her stomach, pressing her face into the pillow to get away from the sunlight.

She didn't know who her mother was. She asked her daddy, but he only told her that her mother died after she was born. Never having a mother never bothered Princess, though. Her Grandma and her Auntie Baby were the only girls in her life, and she was fine with that. Her Auntie Baby was very fun to play with, and was very sweet and kind to Princess. Her grandma treated Princess like a baby at times, but that never bothered the little girl, either.

Then there was Princess' two uncles. Her uncle RJ, and her uncle Tiny. Her uncle RJ… Princess never really saw him that much. But when he was around, he was fairly nice to her, but didn't talk much, like her Uncle Tiny, who Princess also got along with, and was maybe the sweetest to Tiny in the whole family. Besides Mama Firefly, of course. Princess even helped her uncle Tiny get rid of the victims. The many victims Princess' daddy and auntie Baby would have fun torturing. And sometimes Princess would watch her father and aunt torture stupid teenage girls. It made her giggle, because she grew up around teenage girls coming into the house with their boyfriends or other friends, then after they had a little too much to drink, Princess would hear them up in her daddy's room, screaming for him to not hurt them. Every victim that came into her family's' home, was stupid. They all put themselves in un-removable positions that ended up getting themselves killed.

Then there was her daddy. Princess was a daddy's little girl, and everyone in her family knew that. What Princess didn't know, is that before she was born, her father, Otis B. Driftwood, never really showed that he cared for his family… At least until Princess was born. She was the only person Otis actually showed his love for, since after all, she was his baby girl. He didn't get upset with her or yelled at her, or anything. Though he did yell at people in front of Princess, when she was a little baby being taken care of by her family, and as a toddler, all the way until now, as a six-year-old, but she didn't mind the yelling. In fact, she could be pretty mean to people she didn't know. Like Otis' victims. She'd usually glare at them and give them dirty looks, and if they made her angry enough, she'd hit them. She couldn't do much as a little girl, but when she grew older, Otis promised her that he'd teach her everything about killing that he knew. Princess would also be daddy's little helper, and help him create beautiful, or at least what she found to be beautiful, sculptures made of human body parts. Everyone in the Firefly clan would admired the father and daughter's human sculptures that they made together, and for a six-year-old little girl, she was pretty damn good at art.

Princess yawned and turned on her side, in her sleep. It was quiet in the Firefly household. Nobody in her family was awake yet, because if they were, Princess would hear the footsteps outside her bedroom, walking down the hallway, or she'd hear her daddy and Auntie Baby arguing over something pointless. Just another day as brother and sister, Grandma would say when Princess asked why Otis and Baby fight. After that, Princess was happy to be an only child.

Princess smiled in her sleep as she once again cuddled her nearly destroyed teddy bear, which had been nearly eaten by a dog when she was four. She didn't mind, though. She felt so safe and warm in her bed, that she felt like nothing could ruin her peaceful sleep.

At least until she heard a booming voice from outside: "This is Sheriff John Quincy Wydell of the Ruggsville County Sheriff's Department! You're completely surrounded!"

Princess immediately sat up in her bed at the voice from outside.

"You have no chance of escape," The voice outside continued. Princess got up from her bed and ran over to her bedroom window, which was covered by a pink curtain. She looked through a little hole in the curtain and saw, with horror, twenty-five police officers, all with their weapons out and ready to fire, at any given moment, which only made Princess even more terrified. "Now would be the time, to vacate the premises, peacefully!"

Princess stood at her bedroom window, frozen. She couldn't get herself to move, even though she could now hear footsteps running up and down the hall. Princess started shaking and took a few steps away from the window, away from seeing the police, outside.

Just then, someone opened Princess' bedroom door and walked inside. "Princess!" Princess spun around and saw her auntie Baby walk over to her. "We have to go." Princess said nothing but watched as Baby went over to Princess' closet and picked out an outfit for her to wear. "Here, wear this," Baby ordered gently, handing Princess the outfit she picked out. Princess nodded and put on a pair of blue shorts and a pink t-shirt Baby had picked out, and some sandals Princess had found lying on the floor next to her bed.

Without saying a word, Baby grabbed Princess' hand and led her out of the room, down the hallway, and into Otis' room.

When they walked in, Baby immediately stated the obvious to Otis, just as Mama Firefly came into the room, behind Baby and Princess. "Otis, the fucking pigs are everywhere!" Otis was on the floor, loading up one of his rifles.

"Tell me something I don't already fucking know," Otis snapped, keeping his eyes on the rifle in his hands, as he loaded it with bullets.

"We've gotta fucking do something!" Mama whispered, trying not to frighten her little granddaughter, who hadn't said a word. She looked terrified.

Finally, she spoke up amongst the chaos erupting in the household. "Daddy?" Her small voice was loud enough for her family to hear, and the room became silent.

Everyone stopped yelling at each other and glanced up at little Princess. No one said anything. The Firefly clan could sense Princess' fear about what was happening, and they all knew that she, the littlest one in the family knew that they all might die that die. They could escape through the basement sewer, without the police catching them, and they could hide, and they could leave Texas and maybe travel to another farm in another state, and catch and kill more worthless 'rabbits' to torture and kill… But it was only a matter of time before their pictures were out for the whole world to see, and soon, there would be nowhere for the Firefly Family, to hide, so they had no choice but to fight for their right to live.

Even if that meant they would die trying.

Princess stepped closer to her family, and took a breath. What she was going to ask, she was more afraid of the answer she would receive. She was afraid of really, only the 'what ifs'. She was terrified that someone, the police outside, would try and take her away from her daddy, and the rest of her family, and ship her off to another family. But she knew her family was not going to let those pigs outside take her away. "Daddy… What's gonna happened to us?" She wanted to know. She wanted her father to reassure her that everything would be okay, and those cops outside would go away.

Otis knew that wasn't going to happen. Staring at his little six-year-old daughter… His little Princess who was becoming more and more like the family, ask a question where she would want him to reassure her, and tell everything would be okay. Otis, deep down, wanted to tell her what she wanted to hear, to save her from being afraid of the worst happening… But he had to tell her the truth. "I… I don't know what's gonna happen to us," Otis answered, as honest and calmly as he could. That was the truth. He had no idea what was going to happen to him, or the rest of the family… but Princess…. He was going to make sure that nothing happened to her. Just a fatherly instinct where he would protect his child from the pigs outside of their home. The fucking Ruggsville police only wanted to destroy his family. Kill every one of them, including Otis, and then spare Princess, just to take her away from the safety of her home, and place her in an orphanage, and have the state place her in an abusive home where she would die most likely in days, depending on how abusive the 'family' was.

That was another thing Otis worried about. If the police caught him and didn't kill him, he wouldn't be able to save Princess, but instead wait in a prison cell until somebody who worked at the prison, informed him that his child had been killed by her 'adoptive family'. The way he looked at it, all the police ever really did was to place kids in abusive homes, and not do shit when the child ends up getting killed. It was a never ending cycle. And if he was captured, Princess would just be another victim of that cycle.

Princess only looked twice as scared by her father's answer. She didn't know what to fear most about what was going to happen. Would she be afraid if she had to watch her entire family die before her eyes? That was a definite yes. Watching her daddy, her Auntie, her Grandma, her Uncle RJ and her Uncle Tiny being shot to death, would scar her for life.

Would she be afraid if she died? Since Princess was only six-years-old, death was also a big fear of hers. But she grew up around death. She helped her daddy, when she was younger, create art sculptures with human body parts, and color on the dead peoples' faces with paint. But death always frightened her, as the thought of how she was going to die. Being shot to death… seemed like the way she may end up dying, later on that day.

Would she be afraid of her family being captured and locked up by police, to where she would have to be taken away from them…. Forever? Yes, for Princess, being with a group of 'strangers' she would be forced to call her family, while her real family were in prison, made the little girl afraid of that possibility as well. She couldn't even imagine not being with her family. She'd be lonely for the rest of her life, and most likely would runaway from 'home', if she was taken away by the cops, away from her real family.

Princess said nothing but instead walked up to Otis, and hugged him. She felt like it would be the last time she'd see her daddy, before something awful happened to them, all. But Princess kept her hopes up high that maybe they would all escape, and get far, far away from the police as possible. Otis also said nothing, but instead scooped up Princess into his arms. Princess wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder, feeling safe and content, even if what was about to happen with the police was going to be the most terrifying experience of her life.

Baby smiled sadly at her tiny niece and older brother, while Mama Firefly looked away with tears in her eyes. She had been there when she first got to meet her little and only grandchild, when Princess was only one week old. Since Otis had no idea how to take care of an infant, Mama Firefly took every opportunity and helped him with raising little Princess, and now? She didn't know what was going to happen now. Everything she worked for on keeping her family together, was falling apart with each minuet.

And it was only going to get worse.


"You're completely surrounded! You have NO chance of escape!"

Princess looked over her shoulder and down the steps of the staircase as Otis, who was still carrying Princess, Baby and Mama Firefly ran down the stairs, to take their positions before the expected 'gun battle' was to begin between them and the Ruggsville police. Princess saw that her uncle RJ was already standing against the wall next to one of the living room windows, wearing his home made body amour, and holding a rifle in his hands.

"There's about twenty five pigs," Rufus Jr. stated, as Mama Firefly and Baby crouched down in front of the stair case,

"I know, I know! Shit! Fuck! Shit! FUCK!" Otis nearly started hollering, overwhelmed with the situation, while he ran over to the wall, on the other side of the window, taking Princess with him.

That was when Princess, after glancing around, noticed something. Where was her Uncle tiny? "W-Where's Uncle Tiny?" Princess asked, still looking around for her other uncle. Baby and Mama exchanged worried glances and also scanned the room for Tiny. He was no where.

"Shit, where the fuck is Tiny?" Baby also asked, looking at her mother for an answer, hoping she had one.

"Tiny? Well I think he went out last night!" Mama answered, her voice full of panic and worry for her special little boy, who could be anywhere on the Firefly farm. She wanted to run out and find him, but there was nothing she could really do. Except wait.

"Look, everybody, shut up!" Otis snapped. All this commotion was really getting to be a hand full, and everyone constantly yelling and hollering would most likely cause the gun battle to start, while they were still preparing for battle.

Mama Firefly ran into the kitchen, taking her position, while Baby followed, until she realized something. Baby turned around and walked back over to the stairs case, holding her weapon in both her hands. "Otis? Do you want me to take Princess over to the kitchen with me and Mama?"

Otis thought for a moment, but he really didn't need a second thought about it. "No. I want her to stay with me, just so I'll know she'll be okay," He answered, looking down at Princess, who looked up at him with her big brown eyes. Her mother's brown eyes.

Baby nodded, and quickly hurried into the kitchen to join her mother. She understood that Otis didn't want his Princess out of his sight, or else she might end up being killed in the battle between her family and the cops.

Otis carefully set Princess down on the ground. Princess stayed quiet, glancing up at her father as he brought out his gun and held it in front of him, getting ready for the bastard cop who was leading this 'raid', to say when they were going to start firing.

Princess was confused, though. She didn't know where to hide, and if she was going to get her own gun to protect herself. She didn't want to leave her daddy's side, fearing that he may end up being killed. "Daddy? Where do you want me to hide?" Princess asked, quietly but also just loud enough for her father to hear. She hoped that her dad wouldn't make her hide in her room. She wouldn't know if any of her family was alive, but instead have to wait under her bed while the police came inside the Firefly home. They might find her if she hid in her room.

"I want you to stay behind me," Otis replied, taking another look out the window where the Ruggsville Police were already holding out their weapons at the Firefly home. "And don't leave my sight," He continued, "Just… sit down behind me, and cover your head, okay?" He glanced down at his little daughter, waiting for her answer.

Princess looked up at her father and nodded. "Okay, Daddy," she answered, following her father's orders, and sat down behind his legs, and covered her head, preparing herself for the gunfire to begin any second.

Otis smiled sadly at little Princess, his thoughts now elsewhere. It had seemed like yesterday, when he had brought Princess home, when she was only a week old. She was his biological child, there was no question about that, and the Firefly family certainly didn't question that either, when they met the newest addition to the family. It seemed like yesterday when he and his little four-year-old Princess, were creating the sculpture known as 'Fish boy', as a father and daughter bonding activity. It even seemed like yesterday, when he, Otis B. Driftwood, had found out that the hooker he had slept with, was carrying his child, and had to give the baby up, once it was born, or else she would lose her job as a prostitute, and Otis had agreed to keep the baby, not really wanting to, at first. At least until he actually got to hold Princess for the first time… Everything from yesterday, as in years before, was all, that day, falling apart. Everything was falling apart for the Firefly clan.

Otis shook his head to focus on the task at hand. No. He was not going to let the pigs outside destroy everything the family had worked for. It was just unfair… Otis looked over at Rufus Jr. "Ready?"

Rufus Jr. nodded. "Yeah," He answered, taking a deep breath as the adrenaline began to kick in. With that said, Rufus Jr. pulled his protective mask down over his face, while Otis pulled his over his face as well.

Princess couldn't hear much of the talking going on, as she pressed her small hands over her ears to keep from hearing the gunfire, and to protect herself, somehow. She didn't even hear Sheriff Wydell, shouting outside at the other officers, to prepare to fire.

That's when it began.

Seconds later, Princess held her head up slightly, and began to see bullets flying past her. Princess screamed, trying to drown out the sound of chaos that was happening all around her, and trying to drown out the horrible sound of the guns, shotguns, handguns and any other guns, being fired. She heard, just barely and muffled, her daddy shouting at the enemies, while firing at them. Think of something happy, Princess thought, tears starting to fill her eyes as fear… and upcoming death, started to surround her. Think of something happy.

Princess shut her eyes as the sound of the gunshots seemed to only grow louder, making the little girl's ears ring. The shots were so loud Princess thought she was going to be deaf when it was all over. If it would even end. That was when a thought crossed her mind. Her Uncle Tiny… did the police catch him? Or did they kill him? Princess hoped that Tiny was safe somewhere, and away from all this… chaos, that was happening. She missed Tiny, even if he was nearby, possibly in hiding when he saw the police cars driving towards the Firefly farm. Then Princess remembered where Tiny was located. He went out the night before to dispose of some victims' bodies. Princess wanted to tell her remaining family that, but she could barely move as more bullets flew past her head and shot through the wall. Princess' breathing seemed to quicken as pressed her hands harder over her ears to try and drown out the guns firing, and the constant yelling. It didn't help, but only muffled the sound even more, and made it seem like it was really happening, then having it seem like a nightmare. That's what Princess wanted this whole mess to be. Just a nightmare. But, the guns firing was to loud and real to be a nightmare.

Then it stopped. Just like that. Everyone stopped firing, as Princess could tell. She still kept her eyes shut tight and her hands over her ears. She was to frightened to do stand up, or open her eyes, to see for herself, if it was really over. Princess trembled and opened her eyes, when suddenly someone scooped her up off the floor. At first Princess thought it was a cop taking her away, but opening her eyes and looking up, at her relief it was her father carrying her away near the basement door. Princess looked over and saw her uncle RJ, her auntie Baby and Grandma running close behind. Princess was set down on the ground again, just as one of the living room windows shattered, causing Princess to jump at the sudden noise. The cops outside had thrown a can of some type, as far as Princess could tell, and immediately a cloudy like gas filled the entire room within seconds. The gas began to sting her eyes, tears started to form and fall freely down her face. Princess sniffled and wiped the tears with the back of her hand.

Otis quickly flipped two tables over and immediately Baby and Mama got behind one of them, while Princess hid behind the other one. She looked up to see her father hide behind the table where she was sitting behind, while her uncle got behind the table next to them.

Just then the front door was kicked open. The sound was startling enough to cause Princess to whimper fearfully and hug her father. Sensing his child's fear, Otis placed one arm around Princess and hugged her back, not really knowing if that would be the last time he ever would. Not knowing if Princess would be taken away, or if he would die. Either way, he didn't know, and neither did Princess.

Princess' heart nearly stopped as the footsteps, plenty of footsteps from the cops, came closer and closer towards the turned over tables where Princess and possibly the last of her family hid. It was then, she realized that the hope that her uncle Tiny was still alive or not captured, were quickly dimming. But then she remembered how strong her family was, and how strong her uncle Tiny was, sparking a small light of hope back into the little girl's thoughts and peace of mind.

The footsteps were just close enough, now. Otis let go of Princess, looked over at Rufus, Baby and Mama and nodded at them to attack. Everything was so fast for little Princess, as she watched her family all stand up from their hiding spots and began to fire. The shots were even louder now, and more intense now that the battle would be inside her own home. Princess looked out from her hiding spot and watched what was happening. Her family was winning, so far! About two officers were shot and slumped to the ground as everyone, the Firefly family and the only four officers left inside continued to fire. Another officer was shot and also fell to the ground, leaving only three left. But one of them, the head Sheriff, Princess guessed, kept on stepping closer as he fired, worrying Princess for the safety of her family, and her life as well.

Princess looked up at her uncle who was in front of everyone, and everyone as in the Firefly Family, he was guarding them, doing his duty as one of them men in the house and protecting his family by standing in front of them all as he fired at the head Sheriff, trying to get him wounded, but the Sheriff wouldn't fall over, and he barely had a scratch on him. And that was not a good thing, for if the Sheriff got close enough, Baby, Mama, Otis and even Princess, would be killed, since they were not dressed in full body amour, like Rufus was.

As he continued to fire, Rufus quickly looked over his shoulder at Otis, as if telling him to leave. Otis understood and quickly rushed over to one of the turned over tables and picked up Princess, who was relieved that they were all escaping. Otis ran back over towards the basement door where Mama and Baby were. They stopped firing as Otis opened the basement door and began to run inside, but looked over his shoulder and nodded at the others to follow, but Otis knew Rufus was staying behind. If he didn't, the police would follow and find all of them within minuets. Then they would either all be captured, or shot to death.

Princess looked over her father's shoulder and outside the basement door, where she couldn't see where her uncle RJ was. Everything and anything happening around her was happening way to fast for the child to understand that her uncle was staying behind. She knew as well, but couldn't understand it.

Before Princess could dig deeper into the question, she heard her Grandma scream, "Rufus Junior!" Her voice was so full of fear and worry, and utter agony that Princess could tell something was wrong and that her uncle was hurt… or even dead. But when Princess looked to see where her grandmother had went, she realized, with horror, that her Grandma was gone. She had ran back out there! "Grandma!" Princess screamed, tears blinding her vision once again, but this time it wasn't due to the tear gas, which wasn't in the air anymore. No, she was crying for her grandma, her only grandma. Now this was turning into a real nightmare for Princess, and for Baby as well. "MAMA!" Baby screamed tearfully, watching as her mother ran towards her now dead son's body, which was slumped over on the wooden floor.

"Auntie Baby!" Princess cried, thinking in her mind that Baby was going to also run out of the basement as well. Princess didn't want another family member being taken away from her.

"Come on!" Baby turned around slowly, hearing her brother shout at her to follow both him and Princess. Baby was trying hard not to cry, but when she looked out the door at her mother, who was now being held at gunpoint by the head Sheriff, she knew it was hopeless to run out and save her. Holding back tears, Baby closed and locked the basement door and made her way down the steps. Otis began to make his way down as well, holding Princess close to him with one arm, while holding his large rifle in his other hand.

Princess' fear slowly left her body and soul as she was being carried down the basement stairs. They were getting away from this entire mess, she was thankful for that, but still couldn't help but to feel sorry for her other family members, who were now most likely dead, or captured.

As the remaining three family members made their way closer to the basement, Princess could hear the muffled screams of the victims her family kept locked up in cages in the basement. When they entered the basement, Princess looked around and saw the victim's in their cages, sticking their arms through the small holes in the cages and screaming and rattling them.

Otis set Princess down on the ground and removed his mask as he and Baby ran to the back of the basement to the small wooden door where behind it, was a sewer that led to a swamp nearby. Princess began to timidly walk towards her father and aunt, watching as the women being held in their cages held out their hands and begged Princess to help them. As if that would ever happen, Princess thought to herself, ignoring the victims' pleas and made her way to the back of the basement and watched as her father removed the wooden door and placed it against the wall next to it. The sewer entrance was all ready to go.

Baby crawled inside the tunnel first, already crawling up ahead. Princess looked into the tunnel and saw how pitch black it was inside. She looked up at her father, looking a little hesitant. "Daddy? Do I have to go in there?" Princess pointed at the sewer entrance.

"Yes, Princess you do," Otis answered, as calmly as he could.

Princess looked back at the sewer and frowned.

Otis sighed. It was going to be hard to convince Princess that everything would be fine, but he had to try. "Look, Princess, I promise you that everything will be fine, okay? It'll be bright and sunny once we make it out," He pointed out, trying to reassure Princess. "And the police will not follow us." Even if she was his child, and acted like him at times, she was still a little girl, and the dark happened to be one of Princess' fears. She hated the dark, ever since she was three.

"You promise they won't follow us?" Princess asked, looking up at Otis with her big brown eyes.

Otis smiled and nodded. "I promise. They won't follow us." I hope, he added silently. He wasn't sure if the pigs would be outside waiting for them once they made it out of the sewers, but he hoped that this would all be over. But situations where the entire state was looking for him and his family, Otis doubted that this would end peacefully.

That was reassurance enough for Princess. "Okay," Princess said, turning her attention back to the sewer. Slowly, she got down on her hands and knees and began to crawl inside, feeling the water under her hands and knees as she crawled a few inches more inside. She looked over her shoulder and saw that her father was crawling inside the sewer as well, bringing the wooden door that kept the sewer entrance covered, back over the entrance, to throw off the police from following the trail of the remaining Firefly family members.

As Otis put the door back over the entrance, Princess watched in slow horror, as the light that came from the basement disappeared slowly. Before Princess knew it, the light was completely gone, and the only thing that Princess could see, was darkness. Plain darkness, along with the feeling of the water, most likely disgusting sewer water, under her hands and knees. Princess wished that she was anywhere but where she was at that moment. She wished that the police never came and raided her home. She wished that her Grandma and two Uncles were with the last of the family, instead of being either killed or captured by the Ruggsville Police.

But even Princess knew that wishing for everything that didn't happen, wouldn't help. It would only make it worse for her to deal with the situation.


Author's note: This is based on a dream I had. XD Lol, my best friend Berry's Ambitions even helped me decide who Princess' mother is. :D Please read and Review!