Chapter Three:


"….I don't know, you'll just have to keep going, we'll find one," Baby was saying to Otis, aggravating him.

"Well where's a fuckin' phone around here?" Otis asked, already stressed out enough by everything that was happening, and now he had to deal with his sister's complaining, if you could call looking for a payphone complaining. Truth was he just didn't want to have to see Spaulding again.

"I don't know, but I have to call daddy!" Baby replied sharply.

"'Gotta call daddy'?" Otis mocked her tone of how she had said that. He spotted a little farm on a field nearby where they drove, and spotted a cow. "Should we ask the cow where the fuckin' phone is?"

"Just leave the cow alone and keep goin'…" Baby crossed her arms over her chest, annoyed.

"Excuse me," He joked, pretending he was asking the cow outside for directions. "Can you tell me where the phone is?"

Baby glared at him. "God you're SUCH an asshole…"

Not in the mood to hear them bickering, Princess sighed, staring out the window, trying to find a payphone with her own eyes, which is what Otis and Baby were looking for so that they could call Spaulding and warn him about everything; The police, the raid; Everything.

It had been an hour of driving, and Princess didn't really know where they were driving at the moment. She was clearly aware they were staying at the Kahiki Palms Motel, but for how long? She had no idea. She knew for a fact they weren't going to stay there forever, only just so that they could meet her grandpa, then they would drive off, possibly out of the state.

Possibly, if so, maybe even out of America, though Princess doubted that would ever happen.

Though, the only thing besides her remaining family's promise to her, Princess took solace in the fact that there were many places in America alone, to hide. It's not like they were going to be searched for everywhere… At least Princess hoped not.

Baby sighed in relief when she spotted a small gas station with a payphone. "Finally! A fuckin' phone." She glanced over at Otis. "Pull over."

Princess snapped out of her trance and looked back out the window, spotting the gas station and payphone.

"Uhhhh, no fucking shit Sherlock…" Otis muttered under his breath, obviously seeing the payphone as well, but he pulled over anyway without complaining.

Princess felt herself smiling. "Auntie Baby, are you gonna call Grandpa?" She hadn't seen her Grandpa Spaulding since her sixth birthday, which had been three weeks before. If only she could go back and stay during that much calmer time, before all of this was happening…

Baby nodded, as Otis pulled over next to the payphone. "Yep, I'm gonna call your Grandpa."

"Can I talk to him?" She seemed hopeful to hear her grandfather's voice, since she hadn't seen him since her sixth birthday, and she missed him. Not only that, but the fact of everything that had happened in the last few hours made her worried for her grandfather and his safety. What if the police already got him? She shivered at the thought.

Baby hesitated, feeling a small amount of guilt, before sighing. "Sorry Princess, but you won't be able to talk to him. There's not enough time right now. Besides, you'll see him soon, though. We all will." With that said Baby got out of the car and went over to the payphone.

"Oh joy," Otis grumbled to himself, leaning back in his seat. He wasn't exactly thrilled to be on the run with his sister's father. The two never, ever, got along. They always constantly fought over being leader of the family, and that was why Spaulding hadn't lived with the rest of the Firefly Family. If he did, the house would never get any rest from their constant arguing. It was almost never endless when they were around each other.

And Princess never understood why. She knew no one could not put her father and her grandfather in the same room, and lock them in the same room for an hour, because Princess was sure that by the time someone unlocked the door, one of them would have killed the other, almost like locking in two dangerous, pissed off lions together in the same room. Overtime, the more dominate lion would win, and the other would be dead. "Daddy? How come you hate Grandpa so much?" She already had the idea of 'why', but for some reason she never could ask either Otis, nor Spaulding. Considering the situation with the police, she had the urge to ask now. For the sake of what was to come.

"How come?" Otis was a tad confused as to why Princess, after always witnessing and trying to prevent himself and Spaulding from arguing, would ask that question now. Perhaps it was because of everything that was happening. Or because she wasn't looking forward to any fighting between the two. Maybe both.

"Yeah, how come?" She sat up a little in her seat while she spoke. "I mean, I just don't get it. How come?"

He had a quick answer to that one, not wanting to go into a full story about the origins of his past and present arguments with Spaulding. "Cause your 'Grandpa' is an asshole, that's why."

"Oh…." Princess slumped backwards in her seat, slowly. "Uh… Okay…"

Otis wanted about to explain why he had to admit something that his family, for some reason refused to believe, when Baby sauntered back over to the car -seemingly more comforted by having talked to her father, who she was deep-down, extremely relieved he hadn't been captured yet- opened the passenger's side door and got inside.

Otis stared at his sister, waiting for her to tell him what Spaulding had told her. Not that he cared, but he knew Princess wanted to know. He was doing it for her sake, obviously. "Well? What did he say?"

"That he's on his way."

Princess sighed quietly in relief and put her head against the window as Otis started the car once again, and the three drove off down the dirt road, this time it was in the middle of no where, almost. No trees, not many buildings. Nothing. Just sand, dirt and tuffs of dead grass for miles, on a seemingly never ending journey to somewhere other than home. Somewhere from home. She closed her eyes at that moment and let her imagination take her home, to a past time when everything was safe, and when none of this mess had started. She also dreamed of the Ruggsville County Police Department burning to the ground, bringing with it, a cloud of smoke and rising, dark orange flames, while the police, trapped inside the building, screamed inside, burning alive. The Ruggsville police would pay for what they were doing to her family.

One day, she'd make sure of it.

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