Title: My Chevalier

Prompt: Tangle

Word count: 298

Warning: Little dark, some gore.

A/N: Written for Fanfic_bakeoff at Livejournal for March's challenge tangle.

She was beautiful, more beautiful than he could have ever imagined. Her ivory shine shone in the dimly lit room. Her ebony locks fell in tangles at her shoulders, swathing her naked body like a blanket.

"Brother Amshel, she's beautiful," Solomon gasped; she opened a piercing blue eye in his direction. She slid up like the predator she was, sliding along the platform towards him. He was in awe of her graceful movements and didn't notice as Amshel came up behind him and held a blade to his throat.

"Brother Amshel what are you doing," His heart was beating wildly in his ears.

"You wanted to help me didn't you?" Amshel whispered in his ear. "You wanted to see her, help me further my research? Well this is how you can help."

Amshel drug the blade across his throat, Solomon collapsed to the ground, his life blood pumping from him, spreading around him in a crimson pool. His vision was blurred but he could see her bending forward to lap up his blood.

He'd made a terrible mistake he knew that now. Amshel was speaking he could hear the vibrations of his voice, but he couldn't make out the words.

Then he could see her, dagger in hand, she sliced the blade across her wrist. Blood blossomed on the ivory skin. He was fading fast now, the world was getting dark this was the end he was sure.

Then he felt it, the tangy sticky blood, it filled his mouth sending sensation shooting through his body. He convulsed as sensations sharpened to pain. He clutched grabbing at anything. Then he laid still the pain had receded. He opened his eyes. She was staring at him quizzically a bemused look on her face.

"Solomon, my new chevalier" She crooned.