Edward, you're gone
And we're completely done
Without you here
I'm lost so come back soon dear
Where did you
Go anyways?
You said you'd be here always

Did saving me constantly tire you,
My beautiful liar?
How could you be so rude
And not turn me, my dear prude

I still dream about you, Edward
Of how you used to climb upward
On the trees, and stare
At me but I didn't care
I dream about you leaving me stranded
In the forest, and I just standing
There watching me wither away
On the forest floor until one day
I'm gone

Edward, do you think that I enjoy night terrors?
Baby, you made the largest error
Leaving me to fend for myself
Now I'm like an empty bookshelf

Why do you have to be gone?
It's not like you've won
Nobody has and nobody will
Because you're gone, which makes me ill

I really miss you, my sweet, my all, my everything
I don't know what you feel about me, probably nothing
But you'll always be my world, my bronze god
I know you've always thought me odd
But no matter what you are or what happens between us,
I'll love you forever and always, so please don't fuss

I hate that you're gone
I hate that we're done
I hate that you never wanted me
I hate that I thought us to be
Together forever and always
My bad though, I guess
I hate this mess
This deep and dark emptiness

I hate you but I love you
Edward Cullen, you've made me sullen
Can't you just save me this one last time?
Okay, fine
But I still hate that you're gone