Chapter 1

Naruto sat in class, tapping his pencil on the top of his desk. He glanced to his right, seeing Sasuke Uchiha paying attention to the teacher and taking notes. The blonde surveyed the room, seeing everyone else doing the same. What a boring Friday. Didn't these people know what day it was? And the time for that matter? In about ten minutes the bell would ring, and they would be free for two whole days. But in ten minutes something else would happen too.

Naruto was going to confess to the person he had liked for a while now.

No, it was not Sakura. Ew, she was like a sister to him. No it was in fact-

"Naruto! Are you paying attention?"

He looked up into the face of Iruka-sensei who was standing in front of his desk.


"Then what are we taking notes on?"

Naruto smiled and leaned forward, whispering into his sensei's ear.

"I'm taking notes on how to bag the Uchiha. I don't know what you're taking notes on."

Iruka pulled back, looking startled, but really he wasn't. He was Naruto's foster parent after all and had to listen to the blonde constantly telling him how in love with the Uchiha he was. Iruka-sensei went back to the front of the class and resumed teaching. Five minutes later the bell rang and Naruto jumped up, yelling a 'hell yeah!' and received a complaint from Iruka on his way out.

"See you at home sensei! I have something important to do!"

Iruka knew what Naruto was going to do, and said a quiet 'good luck'. Naruto would need it.

To say that Naruto was stalking Sasuke would totally be wrong to say. He was just following him, while not being seen, looking for the right moment to strik- er, confront him. Yes, confront. He would tell the boy of his feelings and hope he would accept. How he hoped he would!

Sasuke turned a corner and Naruto stayed behind it, peaking out. He was about to step out when Sakura and Ino appeared and stared talking to Sasuke. Naruto couldn't make out the words, but frowned when Sasuke showed a little smile and nodded. Sakura laughed and her and Ino spun around, leaving Sasuke who went on his way. Naruto watched him go. He didn't have the courage anymore. After seeing Sasuke smile like that at someone other than himself, Naruto knew he wouldn't be able to confess. He hung his head, blinking rapidly. Stupid Sakura, why did she have to come at the worst time possible?

Naruto arrived at his house, feeling like shit. He threw his book bag down and was just about to go to his room when hands came around from behind him and pulled him into a hug. Leave it to Iruka to get all mushy.

"I'm sorry Naruto. Don't feel bad, there are plenty of other people who like you and would most likely-"

"No. It has to be Sasuke. It's Sasuke or no one."

Iruka let the boy go and turned him around, smiling softly.

"How about I make some ramen?"

Naruto's lips tipped up a little and he nodded. He was released and went into his room.

For a while he laid sprawled on his bed, staring up at his plain white ceiling. Naruto was just thinking things over, coming up with new ideas and throwing old ones out. Soon he was bored with his thoughts and decided to go on the computer. Just as he turned it on Iruka knocked on his door and came in. He set a bowl of steaming ramen down on the table next to the computer, then left. He didn't even remind Naruto to not eat in front of the computer.

The blonde clicked MSN messenger before digging into his ramen, finishing it in little to no time. He set the bowl aside and signed in. Scrolling through his contacts he saw that Temari, Shikamaru, and Sakura were on. He really didn't know Temari, so he didn't want to talk to her. Shikamaru was okay, but he took forever to respond. So he went with his so called friend who was also in love with Sasuke. He clicked and the conversation began.

UchimakiKyuubi: Hey Sakura-channn what's up!

SasukesFutureBride28: What do you want Naruto?

UchimakiKyuubi: Just wanted to talk

SasukesFutureBride28: Well I'm busy. Oh and I have a Q for you

UchimakiKyuubi: what is it?

SasukesFutureBride28: why is your screen name '"Uchi"-maki?' is that implying something?

Naruto sat back in his seat. Did Sakura know about him liking Sasuke?

UchimakiKyuubi: opps I must have spelled my last name wrong! Sorry, ill change it

SasukesFutureBride28: you better!

*UchimakiKyuubi is now Teme+Dobe*

SasukesFutureBride28: …..

Teme+Dobe: what? I think it's funny.

SasukesFutureBride28: well I don't! what are you a fag? I thought you liked me? Where do you get off trying to trick me into thinking that you like Sasuke-kun? Well it isn't going to make me jealous!

Teme+Dobe:…. Well sorrrrry for having a little fun. And who said I ever liked you? I don't fall for pink haired BIMBO'S!

*Teme+Dobe is now offline*

SasukesFutureBride28: ….Bimbo?

Naruto closed messenger, pissed beyond belief. So, Sakura thought that Sasuke liked her? What a pigheaded thing to say. On Monday he would make sure to ignore her the same way he ignored Hinata. The creepy Hyuuga was always staring at him and blushing. Did she think it was cute?

Naruto sighed and went over to his bed, punching a pillow. He picked up a stuffed fox that Iruka said his dad had given him even before he was born.

Well, maybe he was over thinking things…A new plan sprang into his head. He would e-mail Sakura and apologize and tell her the truth. If he wanted Sasuke more than Sakura then he would have to declare the two of them rivals! Naruto went over to his computer and opened up his email.

Hey, sorry that I called you a bimbo. You and me are friends, even though we…well let me first say that us two are now rivals over Sasuke. Yea, I like him, a lot. So it's gonna be you against me in a fight for love! Okay…that sounded stupid. But I'm gonna win 'ttebayo! You just watch! Sasuke will be mine!

P.S. I'm happy to be a FAG! (Fun And Giggly!) :P

Naruto smiled and pushed the send button, happy to see that he had sent the message to all of his contacts.