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Chapter 1: Leaving

Today is the last day of the rest day of my life. Today is the day I haven't been looking forward to for almost 6 months now - the day I leave to move to Forks, Washington, to live with my dad, Charlie. I know this isn't what my mother, Renee, wants. She wants me to move to Florida with her and her new, younger husband, Phil the baseball player.

I think moving to Florida would distract me from my school work, which wouldn't be good because this year is my junior. Everyone says that the junior year is the year that colleges look at to determine whether to accept or reject you. I don't want to face too many rejection letters next year, so I decided it would be the best move in with Charlie.

"Time to go!" rings out Renee's familiar voice, one I'll miss. She is wearing a pair of dark jeans and some silly screen print shirt from Old Navy. I run down the stairs dragging a huge rolling suitcase behind me. The plain black Jan Sport messenger bag bouncing on my back holds my airplane survival necessities: books, my iPod, word find books, a pen, my rain coat, wallet, and a sweater. As I descend the stairs Renee sees the look of dread in my eyes.

"You don't have to leave sweetheart. You can move to sunny Florida with Phil and me. You don't have to go dreary Forks," Renee me says for the millionth time since I decided move to Forks with Charlie.

"Mom, you know I would love to move with you, but you and I know that I don't need the distraction of knowing there could be a possibility that we will have to move again soon. That comes with the territory, and you know full well that it would take its toll on my school work. Then I will never get into a great college and never become a New York Times best selling author. So the move to Forks is what I want, and I hope you can respect my decision. You know I am not doing this to hurt you or Phil," I say for millionth time.

We walk out to her little Toyota Camry and put my last suitcase in. Most of my stuff was already sent to Charlie's a few weeks ago and is there waiting to be unpacked.

As we drive away from the little house I grew up in, I notice that we aren't going the right way. I glance at the clock. We left two hours before we were scheduled to.

"Mom the airport is the other way!" I jokingly say to mom.

She just grins a little at me as we pulled in front of my friend, Sidney's house.

"I didn't leave anything at his house. Or did I? What are we doing here?" I ask.

"He called while you were upstairs showering to tell me you left something here," Renee says as we walk up the little cement path to his door. We knock on the door and I hear Sidney's voice yell, "Come in." As we walk in, my few friends scream "surprise," announcing an impromptu going away party. They handed me a cupcake that had a heart on it and a few gifts.

"You guys didn't have to do this," I say blushing.

Everyone is here, Sidney, my gay best friend who dresses better than me; Juliana, the first friend I met when I moved here; and Justin, my neighbor who I had a crush on when I was 5 but now accepts that we're just friends, actually more like siblings.

They each hand me a gift. Sidney is fist. He hands me a medium sized box with a bright green bow on it. I opened it to find a dark blue Banana Republic sweater. Next is Justin, who hands me a heavy medium sized box that was wrapped in news print. I open it -- a leather-bounded book with gold leaf pages containing the complete works of William Shakespeare I remember eying up at Borders last week. Now it's Juliana's turn. She hands me a small box, which I open. It held a necklace with a four-leaf clover on it.

"It's for good luck. And I know you will need it without me," Juliana says, sadness creeping into her voice.

She puts it on me and I try to hold back the tears to no avail.

Finally, my mom hands me a rather large box. I open it. It's a brand new Mac Book.

"Thank you, Mom," I manage to mumble around the tears I've been trying to fight back.

I look at my friends, the sad looks on their faces, and the tears fall. I embraced everyone in hugs as we said our goodbyes. I slide my new laptop and sweater into my messenger back.

As we get into the car I tell my mom, "I love you so much."

The drive the airport passes in a blur. The next thing I know Renee is telling me goodbye and to keep in touch.

"You know I am only one call or one e-mail away," she says trying not to cry.

"I know mom. I will write you every day and call once a week," I assure her, trying to be brave.

Then, I'm being pushed into the security line. I make it through security with no problems. It seems like no time as I take my seat on a small plane. I pull out my ipod and start listening to The Honorary Title.

As I close my eyes to try and sleep, I feel a someone staring at me. I look up at a gorgeous pale man with emerald green eyes and messy brown hair starring at me. He looks no older than 17. I smile, then to stare out the window. I feel him staring at me for the rest of the flight. I want to go up to him and ask him what his problem is, I'm too polite to do that to a complete stranger.

Finally, I hear a voice over the intercom telling us to put our seatbelts on. "We are now landing at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Its 7:30 PM and 47 degrees," an overly cheery flight attendant says as the plane lands.

As I'm being ushered out of the plane, the guy who was stops staring and gets off the plane as fast as he cans.

I walk in the airport looking for a familiar face. I kind of know the layout of airport, since I have been coming here for every summer since I was 10.

When I finally see Charlie, he runs up to me and embraces me in the biggest bear hug I have ever felt.

"How was the flight Bells?" Charlie questions.

"It was good. Just felt like every other flight I have taken here," I answer. I don't want to tell him about the random guy staring at me.

"Well let's go home then," Charlie says excitedly as he leads me out to his police cruiser.

The ride to Charlie's house -- I guess I should say our house now -- feels like it takes days instead of just hours. We drive in silence, which isn't uncomfortable for either of us.

I look at our little house. Charlie puts one arm around me, "Well this is home! Bells, do you want me to order a pizza for dinner?"

"Sure, Dad," I say as we walk into the house.

I hear Charlie ordering the pizza as I go upstairs to unpack. As I finish unpacking, Charlie calls up the stairs for me. I go down to see what he wants.

He asks me to follow him into the garage.

"I know that you don't want to be riding around Forks in your dad's police cruiser," he says, snapping on the light to reveal an old rusty red pickup truck. "It's all yours, Bells!" he states excitedly.

"Oh Dad, you didn't have to. I was going to buy one."

He starts to go on about how he got it really cheap from his old friend Billy Black, who I vaguely remember from the summers I spent here.

As we walk back into the house, there's was a knock on the door. It's the pizza boy. Charlie pays him and walks back to the kitchen, where I am waiting for him with two plates and two glasses of Pepsi. We eat in silence until Charlie says, "Tomorrow is your first day of school. School starts at 7 o'clock and you need to go to the administration building to get your schedule and whatnot. Do you need me to show you where it is?" He pushed a campus map towards me.

"No, I think I know where it is."

After finishing my second slice of pizza and washing our dishes, I walk back upstairs. I grab my bathroom bag, some old comfy sweats and a band T-shirt out of the dress and headed toward the bathroom to shower.

After my shower, I pull back my covers and get in. I try to sleep but the pounding rain make it hard to do. I eventually fall asleep.

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