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Epilogue: Perfect View

Time Jump: 3 months, the end of the school year.


It has been about 3 months since James trial. I can feel Bella relaxing like it was before James kidnapped her. Now that school is over, I can spend every waking moment with her. I don't want to let her go.

We are just lounging on the couch at my house watching one her favorite movies, The Covenant. I am struggling to watch it, because all I can do is watch her watch the screen. I have seen it about a half dozen time with her and the only thing I can remember about the movie is that they are vampires in Salem, Massachusetts.

"Edward you know it's not polite to stare." She turned a little to look up at me. Those beautiful brown eyes never look so loving. "I am sorry love. I can't help it. You're so beautiful and I am still pondering how I got so lucky." I smiled at her, and then I gently kissed her lips. "I am the lucky one. I got the man of my dreams. Well I don't think my dreams can even live up to you." She giggled.

Before she turned back to watch the movie, I kissed her again. "Bella, love, I have something to ask you." "Okay, what is it sweetie? Should I be worried? Did I do something wrong?" She asked with worry in her voice. "No, you didn't do anything wrong at all and I don't think you should worry." I kissed her lips again. "Well Bella, I was wondering if you would join my family and me on a vacation to Europe." I was a little worried should would say no and be appalled by the idea. Maybe she would think we were moving to fast. She looked deeply into my green eyes and I hoped she could see all the love in them. "Sure I would love to go. Well I just have to ask Charlie."

As soon as she agreed, Alice came bouncing in with Jasper by her side. "Oh Bella! We are going to have to much fun back packing across Europe." Alice said. "Well don't take this the wrong way, but I can't imagine you back packing any where." All 4 of us giggled. "So where are we going in Europe?" She asked. "Well we are going every where, London, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Athens, Prague, Moscow, Helsinki, Stockholm and Dublin. Well not in the order exactly." Alice told her as Jasper held on to her waist trying to make sure she just didn't bounce over and knock Bella down in excitement.

"I can wait to go to Europe, especially with this really sweet guy of mine." She smiled. "Who are you invited to go with you? Better not be Mike Newton. I might have to kill him." I joked. "I am talking about you silly." Her beautiful voice rang out. I smiled and held her tighter to me. We will have 3 months together in Europe before we have to come back to the real world to our senior year of high school. We would have to face all those dreaded questions. Go to the same college. Go to different ones and have a long distance relationship. I think like the first choice. I don't care where I go to college as long as I am with Bella.

I am counting the days until we leave for a carefree summer in Europe. As Jasper and Alice settled down on the floor in front of the couch we went back to watching The Covenant.

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