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This is my first fic of this kind so umm I hope it's good. The reason it's not so graphic is 'cause dreams never are that vivid for me any way. Also the only trouble I had is in rating this piece I didn't think it deserve a PG 17 or whatever so I hope I didn't misjudge my rating and people won't be offended.

Only In Dreams
I lay on my back in my bed at night unable to go to sleep.
Sleep doesn't come easily to me any more, for the mere fact
that I always think of you, you never leave my mind you're
always there. When finally I close my eyes I see you in front
of me smiling.

It is only in my dreams that I can touch you and be brave enough to say everything I feel for you. Only in my dreams do I dare to approach you and embrace you with tenderness
It is only when I dream that you hold my face close to yours and tell me not to be afraid as you bring your lips closer to mine. We kiss with pent-up longing.

We dance close embracing each other tightly as if afraid when the music stops we would also have to stop and let go, but in my dreams the music never stops. For we are in magical place where time ceases to exist because it is unworthy of stepping in.

With four final words I whisper to you our fates are forever sealed with love. When I whisper I love you Jin, you look at me adoringly. We make love slowly to savor every kiss, every touch, every inch of naked skin. Your touch feels like feathers landing softly on my body. When I touch you I feel I'm returning to my one and only sanctuary.

When we join in the most intimate way in such a way that we become one, one body, one mind, one soul. We are in ecstasies. We hold each other closely and you whisper softly in my ear I love you Hwoarang and my happiness is complete.

I close my eyes and lean forward to kiss you. Your lips feel so soft, so soft. I dread to open my eyes but non the less I do. And I'm alone starring up at the ceiling of my bedroom. I sigh only in dreams, slowly my lips curl in to a soft smile and I think perhaps not.

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