Welcome to my very first KND story ever! I told everybody in my last fic, Branded Love, that I would do a Kingdom Hearts story next, but I want to wait until Birth by Sleep comes out in North America first. Think as this a fun story to pass the time for me. Besides, if I don't write, I might go mad.

Well, I'll accept any questions you readers have for me. Ideas of the story will be gladly appreciated, so if you guys got any ideas, tell me. Some of the ideas of my story came from my sister, Hana13, so you guess can say she's like my co-author.

Now, before we begin I must tell you the story is similar to the T.V show. I want to have a Numbuh 362 and Numbuh 1 pairing, but I didn't want it to center just on them. I want it to center around everyone, side characters like Numbuh 60 and Numbuh 86.

This first chapter was based off Secret Saturdays episode Eterno. This takes place after Operation: G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D. and before Operation: T.R.E.A.T.Y.. Oh, and I know that Numbuh 5 calls Henrietta "Heinie", but since Henrietta is spelled differently, Abby will call her "Henri".

Okay, Kids Next Door…Battle stations!

Chapter 1: Operation: C.U.R.S.E.






"There's a story some kids tell, about a young emperor named Χωρίς ζάχαρη from long ago who lived in a desert. The emperor loved candy above anything else, always eating down any candy he could find, never sharing it with anyone.

Though he had all the candy a kid can possibly imagine, he was not satisfied of what he had. He longed for more and better candy, so he sought for the greatest candy of them all: The Όλα Γεύσεις Tree, which meant "All Flavors". The tree was said to contain the sap that taste a delicious combination of candy, soda and ice cream.

However, when the emperor found the temple that the Tree was underneath, he didn't realize that a curse was place on the temple. According to legend, only those who had a pure heart for candy may only enter so when Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη stepped inside, his entire body transformed into sugarless candy.

When he step outside the temple, he realized that everything he touches turn into sugarless candy, even his own followers. Ashamed of his form, the emperor encased into a jaw-breaker shell for 100 years until the day he shall return to Earth to take what is rightfully his."

"Oooh!" the sound of the chants of children of Sector W and other kids as Numbuh 5 smiled at their faces. Sitting beside her on the stairs at Kids Next Door Moonbase was her old friend Henrietta Von Marzipan, who helped told the story to the kids. Her team, the members of Sector V, watched from the upper stairs with interest.

Operatives working on the bridge of the Moonbase stopped from their work and glance at Numbuh 5 as she told the story to the kids with slight interest, even Numbuh 362 smiled from her chair at the top level of the bridge along with Numbuhs 86 and 60.

"Ooh! Ooh! Numbuh 5?" Numbuh 83, aka Sonya asked, waving her hand in the air excitedly. "Is this legend really true?"

"Of course it is, little one." Henrietta told her proudly in her German accent. "It's been a 100 years since that fateful day. Today, is the anniversity of the day the Emperor was turned into sugar-free candy. Legend says that the only way to break the curse was if he drank the sap."

"Cool." Numbuh 84, aka Lee, said in his low voice.

"You got that right, kid." Numbuh 5 patted his hat and stood up from her seat. "So, if you kids ever want to find that Tree one day, you better make sure you share all your candy with your pals. Then, if you're lucky, you can be the first ones to taste the sap of the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree."

"Pssh! Yeah, right! That's only a myth!" Numbuh 363, aka Harvey McKenzie, little brother of Numbuh 362. "Everybody knows there no such thing as a candy sap tree!"

"Now listen here, little boy, the Tree is real." Henrietta defended angrily, pointing at his chest. "From what Abigail told me, you said the same thing about that legendary Numbuh 0 person!"

"Henrietta, it's okay." Abby placed a hand on her friend's shoulder and then turned to the group of kids. "All right, kiddies, off you go."

"Aww! Can't you tell us a another story?" Sonya begged sadly.

"Maybe after you kids get some lunch. They're serving pizza in the cafeteria." The African American girl pointed to the door on the side of the Moonbase. The kids jumped up from the floor and dashed over to the cafeteria, pushing and shoving each other out of the way to get first in line.

The Germen explorer crossed her arms over her chest and stuck her nose into the air as she watched them go. "Hmph, the nerve of that kid."

"Aw, don't worry about Numbuh 363. He's always like this." Numbuh 5 assured her, shoving her hands into the pockets of her shirt. "Anyway, thanks for coming to the Moonbase and helping me tell the story to the kids."

"It was my pleasure, Abigail. I wanted to see your Moonbase, anyway." Her blond friend replied with a smile. "Abigail, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Do you really believe in that story?" her friend inquired her.

"Of course, Numbuh 5 does. And once she finds that tree, she'll make sure everyone will have a taste of it."

"May I come along with you?" Henrietta asked with a small grin, knowing the answer to her own question.

"Of course you can. It'd like old times." Numbuh 5 grinned back as her teammates walked up to her. "Hey guys."

"Hi, Numbuh 5!" Numbuh 3, aka Kuki Sanban greeted her. "Are you gonna tell another story soon? I really like the one you told!"

"Thanks, Numbuh 3. And sure, Numbuh 5 will tell you another."

"Hey, Numbuh 5, we're heading to the café. Wanna grab some pizza?" Numbuh 2, aka Hoagie Gilligan offered.

"Nah, you guys go ahead. Numbuh 5 will hang for a while." Abby refused politely.

"Heh, suit yourself." Numbuh 4, aka Wally Beatles walked passed her with a shrug of his shoulders. "More pizza for me."

"See you around, Numbuh 5." Numbuh 1, aka Nigel Uno, leader of Sector, waved as they head to the cafeteria.

"Yeah, see ya." Numbuh 5 looked at her friends as they left and started to walk towards the lower levels of the Moonbase as Henrietta followed, talking to her about random things.

"Well, it's about time I head home, Abigail. Thanks again for inviting me to your Moonbase." Her blond friend hugged once they reach the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.

"It was no trouble." Abby hugged her friend back. They broke apart when they heard a beeping sound coming from Henrietta's pocket in her green pants. She watched her Germen friend pulled out a communicator and spoke into it.

"Hello, Henrietta here."

"Boss!" Numbuh 5 heard a man's voice yelled on the other side. "Get down here, quick!"

"What? What is the problem?" Henrietta shouted back in the communicator.

"We're being attack! Most of the men is-…!" the voice was cut off by a scream that caused Abby to jumped. She grabbed the communicator from her friend and pressed the earpiece to her head, hearing nothing but static from the other side.

"The line's dead." She handed it back to her friend.

"Abigail, I need to get back down to Earth. My men need me. I only sent my people to the desert for recon; I never expect them to run into the any kind of trouble." Henrietta panicked, pacing back and forth.

"Now calm down, Henri. Everything's gonna be all right."

"Abigail, can you get your friends to help me?" her blond Germen friend pleaded her.

"Sorry, Henri, I can't. I don't want the KND to get involved with something like this. Whatever's happening in the desert has nothing to do with the KND, but I'm still going to go with you."

"B-But, if my men are being attack by someone or something, we might need help!" Henri pointed out, grabbing her friend by her blue shirt.

"Calm down. Numbuh 5 already have a idea." She smirked, placing a hand under her chin.

Sweet Victory...

"Another round on me, boys!" the pirate known as Stickybeard lifted his cup full of sugar in the air, clashing into his men's own cups. They gulped down the sugar like a hungry lion of a piece of fresh meat.

Sweet Victory has parked alongside the docks on the harbor; noise of cheering and singing came from it for all of Stickybeard's Candy Pirates party with sugar all around them. They dance and paraded all around the ship, enjoying the party and not caring about their sugar level.

"Nice party you got going here, Stickybun! Mind if I crash in?" came a cool voice from behind him. The old candy pirate spit out the sugar from his mouth and turned around to see Numbuh 5 of the Kids Next standing there with a smirk and Henrietta by her side.

"Grr! What're ye doin' 'ere?" Stickybeard pointed his candy-cane hand at her, angrily. The pirates gang up all around her, but no fear was shown in Abby's eyes. She merely looked at the pirates from the corners of her eyes and walked forward to the table her archenemy and sat down in a chair, tipping her trademark red hat upwards.

"Nice to see you, too, Stickybun." She sarcastically greeted, placing her hands on the table. "Let's get right onto business. I need your help. You see, my pal, Henrietta here friends are in trouble and we need your help to get the desert."

"What makes ye think I'll help the likes of ye?" Stickybeard growled at her.

"Fine, don't help me. Although…Let's make a bet." Numbuh 5 smirked, leaning back in her chair. "Sugar challenge, you and me. Right here, right now."

"Be gone, lassie! We don't want your kind here!" the pirate pointed the door to her, knowing he could never beat her at a sugar challenge.

"What's wrong, Stickybun? Don't tell me you're sugar-free?" she played her thump card at him.

"Oooh!" all the pirates said in union.

"All right, lass. I'll play your game for what's it worth." Stickybeard sat down on the other side of the table, watching his men place two mugs on the table and fill it with sugar. The two candy lovers grabbed their mugs, glaring at each other.

"One…two…" before Stickybeard counted to three, he poured down his mug down his throat and slammed his mug on the table, only to find that Abby already finished her mug and was sucking the sugar on her fingers.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Were you saying something?" Numbuh 5 playfully taunted.

"All right, lass. What do ye want now?" the pirate leaned back in his chair, defeated by the little girl again.

"Like I said before. We need your help to get to the desert. I don't the KND to get involved with problems that aren't part of the business."

"Why do ye want to go to the desert for? Another of yer candy adventures?" Stickybeard questioned her.

"Henri's people are in trouble and I want to help. They were in the desert doing recon around the temple where Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη sleeps."

"Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη?" the red bearded pirate exclaimed, standing up from his chair. "Could it be that the Emperor has awakened from his slumber!"

"Maybe, I'm not so sure, but we're still going to go. And besides, if we're lucky, we might be able to find the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree. So, what do you say, Stickybeard, you want in?" Numbuh 5 held out her hand, waiting for the pirate's answer.

A few minutes passed and using his normal hand, he took the African American girl's hand and shook her. "You got yerself a deal, lassie."

Giving thumb-ups to her blond friend in the background and listening to Stickybeard giving out orders to his pirates to get ready to sail, no one realized that a fly was on a wall and flew out after their conversation, heading back to the Delightful Mansion From Down The Lane.


"All right, here's the plan. We find Henri's friends and that's it. Plain and simple, got it?" Numbuh 5 instructed, pacing back and forth on Sweet Victory with Henri, Stickybeard and his Candy Pirates. "Afterwards, the deal is done and we can go back to hating each other."

"Wouldn't have any other way, lassie." Stickybeard scoffed with a small smile.

"Captain, I see something ahead!" called one of the pirates that was on the crow's next of the ship. Everyone looked over the edge of the ship, seeing figures coming to the distant. When the ship laid anchor, Henrietta jumped out and ran towards the figures

To her horror, she found her men in a shell that looked like candy of all sweets and good from the head down. Henri's men's bodies were encased with candy with frightened looks on their faces and the positions they were in were as if they were running away from something.

"Noo…" Henrietta fell down to her knees in despair, feeling a huge guilt on her shoulders. "This is all my fault…I shouldn't send them to the desert."

"That's no way to talk, Henri! Don't worry, everything's gonna be okay." Abby knelt down by her friend and placed a hand on her shoulder. They stood up from the ground and look onwards into the horizon. There was temple up ahead and she could see more figures in the distant.

"Stay here for a sec." Numbuh 5 left her friend's side and run further to the temple. She gasped at the sight she saw. Not only Henri's people were transformed into candy statues, but the KND members that station in Egypt as well. Walking forward, she picked up one of the 2x4 technology, S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R., from the ground and gripped it in her hands.

"Oh, man…This isn't looking good. We have to find a way to undo this." She placed a hand on the arm of one of the frozen KND member, hoping that they can hear her from their encased shell.

Turning around slowly, she felt a presence behind her, ready to strike. Jumping backwards, she aimed the weapon in front of her. Her face was washed over with shock at the person that attacked her. In front of her was some kind of candy statue, but it was moving. Her attacker was dressed in Egyptian clothing, but the body was made out of candy; thick candy-cane limbs and legs, black licorice fingers and hair, a chocolate headpiece, and blazing red eyes that felt like he was burning holes into her face.

"What the…! Who are you?" Numbuh 5 demanded as the figure took a step forward. "Stay back! Who are you?"

"I am Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη!" the monster declared in a raspy voice, jumping into the air and tried to grab Abby, but she flipped away in time and aimed her S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. at him. "And who you might be, girl?"

"I'm the girl who's gonna send your butt back into the tomb you came from!" Numbuh 5 shouted as Henri and Stickybeard finally came into the scene, but she was too busy to acknowledge them and her attention was focused at the emperor in front of her. "Did you do this to my friends!"

"Those brats! Why, yes, I did. I found them lurking in my temple and I transformed them into statues." Χωρίς admitted with a wicked laugh.

"Change them back, now!" Abby snarled at him.


Growling, the spy jumped in front of the so-called emperor and smacked him into pieces until there was nothing but rubble left of him. Panting, she gasped when she saw the rubble forming back together and there stood the candy monster once more.

"Foolish child! I shall never die!" he screamed, slapping the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. out of her hand and into the sand. Abby fall to the ground on her butt, embracing herself as she saw the Χωρίς raised his hand, ready to smack her.

"Wait!" Henrietta stood in front of Abigail protectively, arms spread wide and gaining the emperor's attention. "We can help you! We can get what you desire most!"

"What could a child possibly know what I, Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη, desires?" he hissed at the Germen explorer.

"We know you desire the sap of the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree. That's what you wanted 100 years ago and you still do, don't you. But you can't get it, because everything you touch turns into sugar-free candy?" Henri stated, looking over at her friend that was still on the ground and back at the candy monster. "If we get if for you, can you undo what you did to our friends?"

"…Yes." Χωρίς nodded slowly. "I desire nothing, but the sap!"

"Then, it's a deal. We bring you the sap and you'll undo everything you did to our friends." Henri said, helping Numbuh 5 from the sand. "We promise we'll get you the sap, if you turn everybody back to normal. Let's go, Abigail."

Stickybeard, Abby, and Henri walked back to the ship, looking back at the frozen candy statues of their friends and sighed. Once they were on board Sweet Victory, Abby spoke up since they left the temple where the emperor was waiting for their return.

"Henri, are you crazy! What did you do that? You don't actually believe that guy will keep his side of the deal, do you?" Numbuh 5 inquired her friend.

"I'm sorry, Abigail, but it was the only thing I could think of." Henrietta put her head down sadly.

"It's all right, I would've down the same thing if one of my friends was in trouble. But I still don't trust him. How are we going to get inside the temple where the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree is?"

"Remember the legend, Abigail. The legend says only one with a pure heart and taste of candy may enter and get the sap, and that person is you!" the blond girl pointed at her.

"Me?" Numbuh 5 repeated in disbelief, pointing to herself.

"Yes, you. We both know you have what it takes to get the sap." Henri smiled, taking her friend's hands into hers. "I believe in you, Abigail."

"Thanks, Henri." Abby smiled, giving her friend's hands a small squeeze. Turning to Stickybeard who was steering the ship, she pointed forward with determination in her eyes. "All right, Stickybeard, heave forward!"

"Aye, aye, lassie!" the red-bearded pirate exclaimed with excitement, heading full speed ahead to the temple where the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree is.

Kids Next Door Moonbase…

"Man, where could Numbuh 5 be, already?" Numbuh 4 complained, crossing his arms over his chest. He and his teammates stood at the bridge of the Moonbase after searching up and down the entire Moonbase looking for their spy.

"We search the whole Moonbase, and there's no sign of her. We're suppose to go back to the Treehouse, already." Numbuh 2 said, worried about hir teammate. "I hope she's okay."

"Numbuh 5 can take care of herself, but she could at least tell us where she's going." Numbuh 1 assured his teammates, turning to the Japanese girl in their Sector. "Are you sure you didn't find our S.C.A.M.P.E.R. where we left it, Numbuh 3?"

"Yep! Everyone else's ships were there, except for ours!" she answered, cheerfully. As they spoke they notice Numbuh 60 running over to the higher level of the bridge of the Moonbase where Numbuh 362 sat in her chair. Numbuh 1 grabbed him by his orange backpack and stopped him.

"Hey, Numbuh 60, have you seen Numbuh 5 anywhere?" he asked the drill sergeant.

"No, sir, I haven't seen her since she told the kids that story of the Emperor guy." Patton replied, saluting him and running back to the upper level.

"Great, what're we suppose to do now?" Numbuh 4 inquired, throwing up his hands in the air in defeated. "We can't leave since Numbuh 5 took our ship!"

"Maybe she just took Henrietta back to Earth and she'll be right back." Numbuh 2 suggested.

"Yeah, right! It's been two hours since we last saw her!" the Australian boy pointed out. "I say we just take a shuttle and head back to Earth!"

"We can't just leave! Numbuh 5 isn't back yet!" Numbuh 3 told him.

"Let's wait just a little longer." Numbuh 1 said, sitting down at the stairs of the Moonbase, worried that Numbuh 5 was in some kind of trouble.

Όλα Γεύσεις Tree Temple…

"Looks like we're here." Numbuh 5 declared, looking at the old temple they stood in front of. The temple looked just like an ordinary pyramid in Egypt, shape like a triangle with a flight of stairs to climb. By the temple was river, the first river they seen since they enter the desert, leading inside the temple. Turning to Stickybeard and Henri, she pointed to everyone giving out orders. "All right, me, Henri, and Stickybeard go inside the temple and get the sap. Stickybeard, your buddies guard the entrance."

"Aye, lassie." The candy-loving pirate saluted her, yelling at his men to stay behind. Afterwards, they trio entered the old temple with a flashlight to guide their way in the darkness.

They worked their way through spider webs, bobby-traps, and long passageways. The temple was old, dark, and wet with water drops dripping from the roof, most likely from the rain the desert receive every once and a while. After what felt like hours in the temple, they trio stopped in front of the door with strange Egyptian symbols written on it.

Numbuh 5 hold flashlight to the door closely, running her hand through the markings as she translated them. "To enter the scared temple of the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree, one must have a pure heart of candy and solve this riddle."

"Riddle?" Henri repeated, looking closely at the writing on the doors. "What does it say, Abigail?"

" 'I am two of a certain candy. I am light and dark, sweet and bitter at the same time. What am I?'" the African American girl recited, placing a hand to her chin and then smiled. "The answer is…Chocolate!"

There was a rumble in the temple as the door they were in front in shook slightly and slowly opened its way to the trio of candy hunters, showing another room full of all kind of candies. Their eyes gleam with amazement as they saw candy of all kind to jewels shape candy to sweet yet hard jawbreakers all over the floor.

"Wow!" Henri grinned in excitement. "Look at all the candy!"

"Yeah, the candy, but where's the tree?" Abby looked around to see there was no another entrances leading to another room. There was a hole in the center of the room that might lead underground. "Look down here, Henri. Let's go."

"Down there! Are you crazy? There's no telling where that hole leads!" the blond girl exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.

"The story says that the temple that holds the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree is underneath the ground. The river we saw outside leads inside the temple. How else would a tree grow in a dump like this?" Numbuh 5 told her, taking out a rope from her yellow backpack she was wearing and tied it around one of the statues on the room that looked like a god. "You want to save everyone, right?"

"Yes, but…"

"No "buts"! Let's go." Abby grabbed her hand and jumped in the hole, ignoring her friend's scream. A few minutes passed until Stickybeard jumped in as well, following the girls and landed flat on his butt.

Once they reached the bottom, they found themselves at the end of a river, probably the same one they saw outside. And forward ahead was an enormous tree with its roots all over the place; sticking from the dirt and rocks it was entangled in.

"That's the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree? It just looks like a ordinary over-grown maple tree." Henri stated, crossing her arms. Numbuh 5 walked over to the tree, taking out a knife from her bag and stabbed it inside the tree. "Abigail, what're you doing?"

"You said maple tree, Henri, and maple tree always produce sap. So, if this is the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree, then…" Abby trailed off with a smirk on her face, taking out a knife and watch as a brown liquid steeped out of it. She placed a finger in the sap as it rolled down the tree and placed her finger in her mouth.

Her eyes glint up with the sweet taste of candy, ice cream and soda all together in one sap. Jumping up and down with glee, she noticed that her body wasn't transformed into sugar free candy, like Emperor Χωρίς did on the story, meaning she was one with pure heart and taste of candy. It was like the time when she was looking for the fourth flavor of ice cream.

"All right." Numbuh 5 smiled, pulling out a container and fill it with sap until it reached the top. Twisting the cap on, she placed the container back in her backpack and walked over to Henri and Stickybeard, who were still admiring the sap that the tree was pouring out. "Let's go, you two. We got the sap, so let's head back to the temple of Emperor Crazy."

"Hold on a minute, lassie." Stickybeard said, reaching a hand to the sap, but pulled back when Abby slapped his hand. "Ow! What was that for?"

She glared at the pirate. "Do you want to get curse, fool? The legend says only with a pure heart, one that shares candy with everyone, can taste the sap. And we all know that you're a greedy as Numbuh 4 when it comes to his soda. You might share your candy with me a couple of times, which is probably the only reason you were able to step inside the temple. Now, let's go."

"Aww…" Stickybeard groaned, walking back to the hole with the girls and climbed up the rope and onto the room where they came from. As Abby pulled by the rope and stuffed it back to her bag, she saw ruble of stone from the ceiling fall down to the ground. She looked up and gasped as she saw Emperor Χωρίς clinging onto the ceiling and jumped down and tried to pound her and her companions.

Taking out her S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R., she aimed it towards the monster, standing protectively in front of Henrietta. "What're you doing here?"

"The sap! Give it to me!" he hissed, trying to grab a hold on Abby, but she jumped back in time.

"We had a deal! Turn everyone back to normal!" she shouted.

"The sap! I desire the sap and…YOU!" he proclaimed with a laugh.

"Freaky emperor said what?" Numbuh 5 yelled in shocked. "Me?"

"Yes, you! You, with pure heart and taste of candy, will be my queen! You've proven yourself worthy to be my queen!" he smiled evilly, pointing a licorice finger at her.

"Ewww!" both Numbuh 5 and Henri said in union, sticking out their tongues in disgust. Trying to get over the shocking news, they didn't notice Χωρίς snapped his fingers and the candy statues from the temple was charging in, most of them being Henrietta's men and some of the candy statues of the KND. "What the-…!"

"Get her!" the Emperor ordered, watching his minions tackled at the candy hunters.

"Since when did the legend says that he can turn the people he transformed into candy into his minions!" the African American girl asked, jumping in the air and avoiding getting knock into the ground. Her attention was turned when she saw Henri and Stickybeard pound into the wall and fall to the floor unconscious. "Henri! Sitckybun!"

Worried about her companions, she let herself unguarded and felt that two of Χωρίς's minions grabbed her by her arms and lifted her up. She tried to struggle, but everything went black when she felt something like a rock hit her head.

Groaning, Henrietta pulled herself off the ground just in time to see her unconscious friend being dragged off with the candy minions and Χωρίς through the roof, making a big hole in it.

"Abigail!" the blond girl called, running towards the hole in the roof and looking through it from the ground to see her friend was long gone. "Oh, no! Abigail!"

Looking around, she saw Stickybeard still unconscious and walked up to him. Grabbing him by the shirt, she shook up and yelled in his ears.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" she cried, slapping the pirate across the face a few times until he woke up.

"All right, lass! Stop it!" Stickybeard growled, pushing her away. Rubbing his head, he noticed that Numbuh 5 was gone and nowhere to be seen. "Where'd the other lass go?"

Before Henri can explain, she heard the sound of rocket coming into the room and was face-to-face with three armor-clad ninjas. The mask that was covering their faces started to open ton revealed a black haired African American teenager with two boys, one with American boy with blond hair and African American boy with wild brown hair.

"All right, guys, we found the stupid temple. So, let's get the sap for the Delightful Children and…" Cree trailed off when she saw Henri and Stickybeard in the middle of the room, looking at them. She noticed Henrietta as her little sister's old treasure hunting friend and Stickybeard as one of the adult villains against the KND. "What are you two doing here?"

"You are Abigail's older sister, yes?" Henrietta walked up to her with a sad face.

"Yeah, so? Where is my dorky sister, anyway?" Cree looked around the room to see no sign of her younger sister.

"Please, you have to help us! Abigail was kidnapped by the evil Emperor Χωρίς!" the blond girl pleaded.

"Emperor Χωρίς! As in Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη from that stupid story Abby believes in?" the Teen ninja girl inquired, crossing her arms over chest.

"It's not a story! It's real and if you don't hurry, Abigail will become Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη's new queen!" Henri shot back angrily.

"Queen! Abby! What's going on here, you little brat?" Cree hold out her right hand and a laser came from her armor, aiming it at the Germen girl. "You got five minutes to explain everything to me before I blast you eleventy billion feet into the ground!"

"Put that thing away, lass! You'll blow an eye out!" Stickybeard came to Henri's rescue and standing in front of her.

"Back off, candy freak! Tell me everything you know!" Cree threaten, aiming her laser directly at the pirate's forehead.

"H-Hey, Cree, calm down!" Maurice told her, trying to get to lower her arm at the pair of candy hunters.

"Ah, let her do what she wants." Chad shrugged his shoulders casually, watching the scene in front of them.

"It's quite the long story, lassie." Stickybeard said nervously.

"Then make it short!" Cree demanded, and so Henri and the pirate explained everything to her about the sap, the emperor, how he turned Henri's men and the Egypt KND members into candy statues and then his minions. But what really shocked them was when Henri mentioned that Abby would become Χωρίς's new queen/wife.

"You cannot be serious, girl! Who would marry Abby?" Cree yelled in disbelief, lowering her laser after hearing the story. "Crud, I got no choice but to save her now. If Mom and Dad finds out, they're gonna kill me!"

"We're really gonna save Abby?" Maurice questioned with hidden relief.

"Yeah, I won't like it, but I got to! C'mon, guys!" Cree ordered, activating her rocket shoes, grabbed Henrietta, and flew through the roof, leaving the boys to carry the over-weight pirate and follow her.

Kids Next Door Moonbase…

"All right! I had it! I don't know about you guys, but I'm outta here!" Numbuh 4 jumped from his seat at the stairs, tired of waiting for Numbuh 5 to return to Moonbase.

"Wait, Numbuh 4. We can't just leave!" Numbuh 3 tried to convince him to stay.

"Says who? I'll just get one of the guys working at the bridge to led me a shuttle." The Australian boy scoffed, still walking to the lower levels where the ships were held. He reached the door that led out of the bridge, only to have it open as Numbuh 60 rushed in with a paper in his hand and brought it to Numbuh 362 at her chair.

"Numbuh 362, sir, this just came for you!" he stated, handing her the paper.

"Who's it from?" she inquired, trying to find the name of the person who sent it.

"No one knows, sir, but it was a distress call." He replied.

"Distress call?" Rachel repeated, reading over the piece of paper and saying it out loud. " 'Please believe this message I sent you, Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door. Numbuh 5 and the Egypt KND members are in trouble. If you don't hurry, Numbuh 5 will become the bride of Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη!'."

"Numbuh 5's in trouble!" Numbuh 1 shouted to his team. "C'mon, let's go!"

"What trouble! Numbuh 5's gonna get marry!" Numbuh 3 cheered, unclear about the situation at hand. All of her teammates stared at her with a strange look and then reverted their attention back to Numbuh 362.

"Numbuh 362, allowed me and my team to take a shuttle to Earth and rescue Numbuh 5 and the rest of the KND members in Egypt." Numbuh 1 requested of her.

"Permission granted." Rachel nodded, turning to Numbuh 86. "Fanny, go with them."

"Yes, sir!" the Irish girl saluted. She run to the lower levels and hopped onto the ship with the members of Sector V behind her. Once they were gone, Numbuh 362 leaned back in her chair and placed a hand under her chin.

"What's wrong, sir?" Numbuh 60 questioned, worriedly.

"Nothing, Numbuh 60. It's just that letter you gave me. Whom could it be from?"

"Only KND operatives know how sent distress call to Kids Next Door Moonbase. Maybe it was of the KND members from Egypt that was able to get away from whatever's going on there." Patton suggested.

"Well, whoever it is, they're on our side." Rachel sighed, leaning back in her chair. She looked outside one of the windows on Moonbase, gazing deeply into space. She wasn't worried about Numbuh 5, knowing that Numbuh 86 and Sector V would complete their mission. She was thinking about being Supreme Leader and her doubts.

It was the letter that got her thinking. A mysterious letter address to the KND leader with no name, and she doesn't know why. Numbuh 362 sighed, knowing whoever sent the letter wasn't important, but she felt that she had the right to know as Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door.

Temple of Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη…

"Oooh…" Abby moaned as her eyes slowly open. "My head's killing me…"

Numbuh 5 tried to get up from the floor she was laying on, but she jerked back to the ground when she saw chains wrapped around her arms, binding her to the floor. Finally, she looked down to her clothes and felt the top of her head to notice se wasn't her normal clothes and red hat.

Instead, she was wearing a two piece white Egyptian clothes, a white top and a long white skirt that slits on the sides. On her feet were brown sandals with golden outlines and on her head she was wearing a golden tiara while her long black hair was loose from its braid and fall gracefully over her shoulders.

"What the…?" she looked around to see Henrietta and Sitckybeard was nowhere to be seen and then everything remember everything that went down back at the temple where she got the sap. She gazed over to the corner of the room she was imprisoned in and found that her clothes and her backpack were thrown over there.

"You have awoken." spoke a raspy voice as she shot her head to the door that leads in the room and saw Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη walking in his all sugar-free glory. Anger filled within Abigail and she tried to break free from her chains and pound the monster in front of her into the ground with her bare hands. "Don't struggle, girl. You will only make it worst."

"Aw, shut your trap, jerk! Where's Henri and Stickybun?" she demanded, baring her teeth in rage.

"Who?" the Emperor tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"My friends, you fool! The other two who that was with me, where are they?" Abby sneered at him, still struggling to break free. "We had a deal, you back-stabbing, double-crossing, sugarless candy monster!"

"As if I would keep my word to a mere mortal, I told you I desire nothing but the sap and you." He reminded her, placing a finger under her chin and forcing her to look at him.

"What do you want from me?" she asked, shoving her head away from him.

"Before I drink the sap of the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree, you will become my wife." He answered, smirking evilly.

"WHAT?" Abby screamed in shocked, and then pointed a finger at him. "Okay first, you're crazy. Second, Numbuh 5 can't get marry! She's like 10 years old!"

"You will become my wife, whether you like it or not!" Χωρίς shouted in her face.

"And what makes you think I'll let you get away with it?" inserted a cool voice from above. Both Abby and Χωρίς looked up to the ceiling and was a ninja girl busted through it, carrying a blond girl on her back, who was screaming for her life.

"Henri!" Abby shouted happily, and then saw her sister landed in front of the candy monster, aiming her laser at him. "Cree? What're you doing here?"

"Aw, shut it, Crabagail!" her older sister spat back, aiming her other hand towards her and shooting the chains with the laser, freeing Numbuh 5. "I'm the only one who can make you miserable, you got that?"

"Whatever." The younger sister said, rubbing her wrists and was pounced by Henrietta in a bone-breaking hug.

"Abigail! I was so worried about you! Are you okay?" the blond girl babbled with one question after another. "And what are you wearing?"

"Beats me. Emperor Crazy over there wants to hook up with me." Numbuh 5 pointed to Χωρίς who was still glaring at her older sister. She looked up at the hole in the roof that Cree crashed through and saw Chad and Maurice carrying Sitckybeard, and they were panting heavily once they reach the ground.

"Dude, lay off the candy for a while." Maurice crouched over, his hand son his knees. He looked over to where Abby is and smiled secretly, not wanting anyone to suspect that his memories of his time in the KND were still perfectly intact.

"What're you doing here, traitor?" Numbuh 5 pointed an accusing finger at Chad.

"Hey there, KNDork! Long time no see." Chad greeted her with sarcasm, then turning back to his commander on their mission. "Cree, c'mon! We got your dorky sister, already, let's go!"

"You will not leave here with my bride!" Χωρίς sneered at them.

"Bride?" the Teen Ninjas repeated, looking over at the girl in white clothes.

"Gross! So the brat was telling the truth! You can't marry Abby! She's like 10 years old!" Cree spitted out in disgust.

"Exactly what I told him." The younger sister mumbled to herself, crossing her arms. She watched her sister charge at him with her laser, but the candy emperor was dodging them every time. She looked at where her normal clothes were and her yellow backpack, which contain the sap that she took from the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree.

Thinking quickly, she leaped over to the corner and grabbed her backpack, taking out her S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. just as Sector V and Numbuh 86 crashed through the roof and landed in front go her, weapons ready to fire.

"Numbuh 1!" she shouted in delight, but Cree, Maurice, and Chad frowned at this.

"Cree!" they both shouted, receiving a nod in return. Activating their rocket shoes, they fly out of the temple and disappeared.

"I'll leave the rest to you, KNDorks!" they heard Cree shouted as her voice faded into the distant.

"Get back here, teenagers!" Numbuh 86 yelled, shaking her fist at the hole they escaped from.

"Never mind them, Numbuh 86." Numbuh 1 said, turning to the spy of Sector V. "Reinforcement has come, Numbuh 5, and I hope…What're you wearing?"

Abby looked down to see she was still wearing the clothes that Χωρίς's minions put her in and stood up from the ground, aiming her S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. with the container that holds the sap from the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree on it and the cap was off of it. "It's a long story, Numbuh 1. I'll explain later."

"Are we late for the wedding, Numbuh 5?" Numbuh 3 asked with excitement, still unclear about the situation at hand.

"Nope, you're just in time to see me step away from the altar!" Abby smirked, aiming her weapon at Emperor Χωρίς. "Hey, Emperor Crazy! You want the sap? Well, here it is!"

She touched the trigger on the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. and the container ejected from the weapon and straight into the candy monster's mouth. She heard her friends cheer as she smiled in triumph, but gasped as she saw Χωρίς's whole body started to fall apart. He was dissolving into nothing. As everyone watch him crumble to the ground, there was nothing remaining but small bits of candy.

"Whoa…" she heard Numbuh 4 breathed. Abigail Lincoln merely stared at the pile of candy for what felt hours. In a way, she felt sorry for Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη. In the end, he got what he wanted, but for a price.

"C'mon, guys. Let's go home." Numbuh 5 sighed, grabbing her clothes and walking out of the temple, with her speechless friends following her.

Kids Next Door Moonbase… (Numbuh 5's POV)

It turns out that once Emperor Χωρίς ζάχαρη dissolved into nothing, everyone he turned into candy statues and his minions were released. Everybody's doing okay, now. Henrietta and her men are doing okay, too. She returned home with her men and I talk to Numbuh 86 into letting Sitckybeard go in exchanged for helping me, but not before I told him that Henrietta was his old cabin boy Heinrich. Oh boy, old Stickybeard's expression was hilarious. I'm guessing he's back at his ship having a sugar party with his crew.

Numbuh 362 never found out who sent the distress call, the one that let my team know that I was in trouble. Hmph, but I have a good idea who it was.

I was wondering how Maurice is doing, anyway. I haven't seen him since that time at the party. I didn't even have to talk to him when I saw him at the temple, but-Oh, well. I wonder why Cree came to my rescue. Maybe it was a way to repay me for helping her with her zit problem a while back on her prom night. Enemies or not, we're still sisters.

Oh, and the Όλα Γεύσεις Tree is being guarded by the Egyptian KND, so no one will ever try to take it for their own greed.

(Numbuh 5's POV End…)

"Hey, Numbuh 5, we're all heading down to Lime Ricky's. Wanna come?" Numbuh 4 offered his hand stuff into his pockets of his orange sweater. Behind him was Numbuhs 1-3, the rest of her team with cheery looks on their faces.

"No thanks. Numbuh 5 have enough sugar for a while, baby." Abby refused, sitting on the stairs of the KND Moonbase.

"You sure?" Numbuh 2 inquired her with a sad look.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Go ahead."

"Okay. Later, Numbuh 5." Kuki waved as she and Numbuh 2 and 4 walked away from her and Numbuh 1, who stood there, smiling at her.

"You're not going, Numbuh 1?" the spy questioned, pointing after the rest of her team.

"I'll catch up later. Let's talk, Abby." Nigel addressed her by her real name, sitting down next to her. "First, I'm glad you're safe, but I'm also upset that you didn't tell me about your adventure."

"Sorry, I didn't want the KND to get involved." Numbuh 5 put her head down in sadness.

"Why? Henrietta is a kid, and it's our duty as Kids Next Door operatives to protect kids all over the world. What was the real reason why you didn't tell us?" Numbuh 1 asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I guess Numbuh 5 wanted have some adventure time with Henri like old times. That's all." She admitted, tipping her hat upwards. "Are you mad?"

"No, but I wish you still told us. You can trust me and the others, okay?" Nigel smiled at her, standing up from his seat. "I'll see you at the Treehouse, but…Hey, Abby?"


"What was it like, the feeling you were getting marry?"

"Creepy. Numbuh 5 isn't planning to get marry for a long time." Abigail grinned, giving him a sly look. "Why'd you asked? You got a special someone in mind?"

Numbuh 1 blushed and he started to shutter as he spoke. "W-What, m-me? Of course, there's no way. Uh, see ya, Numbuh 5."

The spy of Sector V laughed as she watched her leader run out of the Moonbase with a red face. Spending time with Henrietta again was fun, but she will always want to spend the rest of her childhood with her team and the rest KND. And maybe, just maybe, she might find the one she will marry in the KND.

End Transmission…

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