Sorry for the long wait, folks, I had some trouble coming up with a good chapter for Numbuh 2. My sister suggested this idea for a chapter, mainly because she wanted Ace "The Kid" and Joe Balooka in it.

This will be mostly told in Numbuh 2's point of view, like he does in his detective episodes. But don't worry; I'll switch the point of view back to normal as well. This is my first time doing a chapter from mostly a character's point of view, so go easy on me.

Okay, Kids Next Door…BATTLE STATIONS!

Chapter 5: Operation: F.R.A.M.E






Gallagher Elementary School…(Numbuh 2's P.O.V.)

It's a crazy world out there.

Always have been, and always will be. In this kind of work, someone's always end with the short end of the stick. Adults, teenagers, kids, you name it. Anybody who's anybody could survive in this messed up world. Most people don't realize it, but to survive in this kind of life, takes a special kind of guy. A guy like-…


Numbuh 2's P.O.V End…

"WAH!" Hoagie Pennywhistle Gilligan Jr. rubbed his sore head as his brown hat flew off his head after his teammate, Numbuh 5, whacked him with her trademark red hat to get his attention. "Man—Ow, that hurt! What was that for, Numbuh 5?"

"We've trying to get your attention for the last ten minutes, mate!" Numbuh 4 answered with annoyed tone.

It was another regular, boring day at Gallagher Elementary School for the kids of Sector V. Evil teachers going on about their lectures, giving students sacks of homework and detentions for misbehaving. And then the Kids Next Door steps in and stop them, being hailed as heroes afterwards.

Numbuh 2 picked up his brown hat and placed it back on his head, adjusting the green tie that was around his neck. He was hanging out with his friends in Sector V by the lockers, listening them chatting with each other before he went into his own little world. "Okay, I'm listening. What's up?"

Numbuh 1 sighed, gripping one the straps to his backpack and turned to his team. "As I was saying, after school we have to-…"

Numbuh 2's P.O.V…

Meet my friends of Kids Next Door Sector V; Numbuh 1, the one with the bald head; Numbuh 3, the dark-haired girl with a bubbly look on her face; Numbuh 4, the ill-tempered blond guy; And finally, Numbuh 5, the one who HIT me!

Ahem, well…I'll let it slide this time.

Yes siree, these are my best friends and teammates in the whole wide world. Sure, they're bossy and think my awesome jokes are lame, but I can't stay mad at them. I love these guys.

Numbuh 1 is our leader in Sector V, and my long time best friend. We go way back in the good ol' days. We met in kindergarten and as we grew older, he was the one who convinced me to join the Kids Next Door.

Numbuh 3 is our Diversionary Tactics Specialist, which shouldn't be too hard for her considering she's easy drawing attention to herself with goofy attitude of hers. But Numbuh 3's a good kid; she's like a little sister to everyone in our Sector.

Numbuh 4 is our hand-to-hand combatant. He acts tough, but he's a big softie underneath, but don't let anyone know that unless you live near a hospital. Trust me, you do not want to see that guy mad. He and Numbuh 3 are totally opposites, and you know what they say about opposites; they attract. Though, those two eggheads won't admit it, but I'm sure they will.

And of course, there's Numbuh 5, Sector V's pervious leader and now current second-in-command and spy. Numbuh 5's been in Sector longer than any of us, but for some reason when Numbuh 1 joined, she stepped down.

I heard it had to do with some incident that happened before I came along in the KND with Numbuh 1 and his hairlessness. But I try not thinking about the past, since the future is the only thing that matters at hand right now.

And finally, there's me, Numbuh 2. I'm the 2x4 Technology Officer of Sector V. I build all the gadgets and even Sector V'S Treehouse. Without me, the other would be useless. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm pretty important to the team.

Numbuh 2's P.O.V End…

"NUMBUH 2! ARE YOU LISTENING TO A SINGLE WORD I'M SAYING?" Nigel yelled in his best friend's ear, snapping him out his mind narrating.

"Uh, yeah, Numbuh 1. I heard every word, no worries…" Numbuh 2 chuckled, nervously.

"Someone's in trouble…" Numbuh 3 giggled behind her hands that were under her long green sleeves.

Hoagie shot a glare at her and then turned to his leader with his arms across his chest. "Sorry, but I spent all night tinkering with our security alarm back at home after Tommy decided he wanted to installed a laser canon so that someone steps into our house uninvited, they'll be blow into bits!"

"Why even bother with that kind of crud?" Numbuh 4 inquired in a not-so-interested tone, taking out a soda from his backpack. He snapped open to the top and gulped down the whole thing in less than 30 seconds. Crushing the can in his hand, he threw towards the trashcan across the hall, but it missed and landed next to it instead.

Numbuh 2's P.O.V…

Before anyone us realized it, when the sound of the word 'Oops' came out of Numbuh 4's voice, footsteps could be heard from the other side of the school, stomping into the hallways to where we were right now.

Kids all around yelped as if the boogieman came from under their beds and stole their Rainbow Monkeys, tearing it from limb to limb. They all dashed to the corridors and into their classes, leaving my pals and me to the mercy of the most frightening, terrifying, and crazy man on the face on the Earth as he made his way to the hall.

But it wasn't the ugly clothes or the nasty garbage smell that scared me the most, it was the man in the clothes. It was-…

Numbuh 2's P.O.V End…

"MR. WASHER!" Sector V exclaimed in surprised and utter shock, their jaws dropped from their mouth onto the floor. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Standing in front them was an old man in a gray jumpsuit that most janitors usually wear during their work. He held a mop in his right hand and lifted up to whack Wally on his head.

"Yeow!" The Australian yelped, rubbing his head with both of his hand. "What the crud, old man!"

"That's for littering my hallway, you brat!" Mr. Washer snapped, glaring down at the blond boy.

Numbuh 2's P.O.V…

I can't believe it! Mr. Washer was here in our school! I don't know what horrified me more; the fact that he's our school's janitor or that he hasn't change his attitude since I last seen him when me and an a ol' pal of mine stopped him destroying the chili dogs' factory.

This dude has some serious issues. The only reason he hated chili dogs was because it would get his old store's counter dirty whenever some walks in with one.

I turned him into Kids Next Door Artic Base so he can spend his time locked up in a cell, but I guess his sentence was done. And now he's here, in Gallagher Elementary. You can practically feel the awkwardness in the hallway between the ol' timer and me.

Numbuh 2's P.O.V End …

"Get to class, you brats!" Mr. Washer hollered at Sector V who, except for Numbuh 4 that was struggling under Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 2's grips to stop him from getting payback at the old man, left without a fuss.

Numbuh 2 followed his friends at a slower pace, drowning out the sound of Numbuh 4's protests to Nigel and Abby to let him go and 'teach that old man who's he dealing with!'. He looked back at Mr. Washer picking up Wally's empty soda can and threw it into the trashcan, then proceed to mop the floor.

Sector V entered their Science class and took their seats, listening to their teacher's boring lessons. Hoagie held up his hands to his mouth and stared into the distance, thinking deeply.

Something about Mr. Washer working here at Gallagher Elementary seemed a bit fishy. It can't a coincidence that he was here where Numbuh 2 went to school. He knew Washer held a bitter grudge against him for wrecking his store and foiled his plans to destroy the chili dogs' factory.

The sound bell snapped Hoagie out his thoughts and he exited the room with Sector V to head for recess. Numbuh 2 told his friends he would meet them at the playground after he stopped by his locker to put his detective hat and tie away until next period.

The 2x4 Technology Officer always did have a knack for playing detective in and out of school, but every kid needs to have a time off from uncovering mysteries. For now, he'll enjoy his time with recess with his buddies.


"…and you could've given us all detention!" Numbuh 5 finished scolding Numbuh 4 for his earlier actions in the hallway. Numbuh 1 stood next to Abby, looking down at his Sector's best fighter, agreeing with everything that the spy lectured to the blond boy. Numbuh 3 watched the seen while sitting on a swing, her eyes drifting to a butterfly that was in front of her.

"The old man had it coming!" Wally grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest as Numbuh 2 walked over.

"Hey, guys!" he greeted them with a friendly wave and smile. "So, what're we talking about?"

"Numbuh 5 was just scolding Numbuh 4 for earlier, that's all." Nigel replied casually with a shrug. "So, how are you, Numbuh 2?"

"Fine…" he answered in a slow voice with a confused look on his face. "Except for the fact my stomach's killing me for stuffing down like 20 chili dogs before I got here."

"I meant about Mr. Washer being here." Numbuh 1 elaborated clearly for his best friend. "I know he's the last person you would've see at school."

"Well, as long as he doesn't try to kill me like last time, I'll be okay!" Hoagie assured with a bright smile.

"Yeah, Numbuh 2's right." Numbuh 4 agreed, giving a sturdy pat on his best friend's shoulder. "I mean, what's the worst possibly thing that could happen?"

Before Numbuh 2 was able to reply, he fell down to the ground with a 'thud' and his face hit the dirt. He felt handcuffs around his wrists as two boys dressed in Hall Monitors' uniforms picked him up from the ground and gripped his hands.

The rest of Sector V watched with surprised, trying to rush to their friend's aid, but five more Hall Monitors blocked their way.

"Hoagie P. Gilligan, you're under arrest!" one of the boys declared, holding up a sheet of paper that warrant his capture.

"Yeah, I can see that!" Numbuh 2 shot back angrily, trying to break away from. "What's the big deal, fellas? I haven't done anything wrong!"

"You're under arrest for vandalizing several lockers with chili dogs."

"Excuse me?" Numbuh 2 exclaimed, his eyes widening underneath his goggles. "That's the most stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life!"

"Quiet, you! You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do will be used against you!" The other Hall Monitor told him, pulling inside the building.

"This is crazy! You guys have nothing on me!" Hoagie protested.

"Is that so, Gilligan?" The first Hall Monitor inquired, pulling out a familiar brown hat and green tie that Numbuh 2 knows too well. "Are these your property?"

"That's my hat, and my Dad's old green tie! Where'd you get that?" The KND operative glared at the two Monitors.

"These were found at the last scene of the crime with your name on it! If I were you, Gilligan, I'll stop while I'm ahead."

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Numbuh 1 shouted, pulling out a M.U.S.K.E.T. from his shorts. "Kids Next Door—BATTLE STATIONS!"

"Roger!" Numbuhs 3-5 saluted their leader as they leaped into action.

"One!" Nigel fired the M.U.S.K.E.T. at Numbuh 2's handcuffs, releasing him.

"Two!" Hoagie threw off the two Hall Monitors off his arms, pulling out a S.C.A.M.P.P. and threw it to Numbuh 3, who caught it easily.

"Three!" Kuki jumped and flipped in the air, shooting a nearby water fountain, causing water to burst out in front of the Hall Monitors, blocking their view.

"Four!" Wally took the advantage and tackled down the Hall Monitors, beating down every single one of them that got in their way.

"Five!" Abigail picked up a jump rope off the ground and threw the other end to Numbuh 4, both of them circling around the Hall Monitors until they were tied up in a ball.

"Good work, team!" Numbuh 1 congratulated them on a job well done. "That'll show them to mess with Sector V of the Kids Next Do—WAH!"

Numbuh 1's face met the dirt when more Hall Monitors ran outside and tackled him and the rest of the team, except for Numbuh 2 who mysteriously disappeared.

"Nigel Uno, Kuki Sanban, Wallabee Beatles, and Abigail Lincoln! All of you are hereby arrested for aiding and abetting Hoagie P. Gilligan, and will serve permanent detention for life!" The Hall Monitors handcuffed them and lead them inside the building.

"Numbuh 1, where's Numbuh 2?" Numbuh 5 whispered to her leader, continuing to be dragged inside.

"Don't know, but he managed to get away. Let's all hope he's thinking of a way to get us out of his mess!" Nigel replied, worriedly.

"He better, after all the trouble we went through to buy him time to escape." Numbuh 4 murmured roughly, glaring at the Hall Monitors around them.

With Numbuh 2…

"Go, go, go! I saw him went through here!"

Numbuh 2 peeked through the door of the classroom he was hiding in, watching the Hall Monitors that were after him turned a corner and into another hallway. Once the coast was clear, Hoagie quietly stepped out and sighed in relief.

Numbuh 2's P.O.V…

Okay, now this is just getting weird. Why were the Hall Monitors ordered to arrest me for something I didn't even do? Sure, I ate chili dogs all the time, but I'd never use to them to vandalize lockers.

Whoever or whatever did that to the students' lockers is plotting to frame me, and making me take the heat from his problems. Not to mention my friends that was now in permanent detention.

There was no time to think, I had to act now if I ever want to save my friends and clear me name. But how the heck am I suppose to do that without anyone to back me up?

Numbuh 2's P.O.V…

"A little early to be celebrating, don't ya think, Gilligan?" came a voice with an accent. Hoagie yelped in surprised and turned his head, taking a ninja pose defensively. "Relax, Gilligan, it's just us."

Lowering his guard Numbuh 2 looked to see two familiar faces and smiled. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Joe Balooka and Ace "The Kid"."

"'Sup?" Ace gave him a small salute, leaning against some lockers. "Heard you were in some kind of trouble."

"You guys have no IDEA!" Numbuh 2 exclaimed, walking over to them. He sat on the floor between Joe and Ace was leaning against the lockers, looking up at them with a small smile.

Numbuh 2's P.O.V…

Meet my two ol' pals, Joe and Ace "The Kid". No one knows his real name, but that's what everyone calls him. They're my two friends outside the KND, and my rivals.

I knew Joe before I joined the Kids Next Door. We were partners when I was part of the Hall Monitors. After I joined, I quit the force. Joe and I had a rocky relationship after that; we still kinda do, especially when he helped the Hall Monitors arrest Kuki when she was working on that kid with those different eyes.

After I shut down Nurse Claiborne's apple crumbles business, Joe was fired from the force and was left watching over his old man's store. He even stills wear his old uniform. I'm still edgy with him, and I don't know if I can trust him just yet.

Ace "The Kid" is my flying rival. I met him—Well, he met me when he BLEW me outta the sky and thought I was evil when Mr. Washer pitted us against each other. In the end, we worked together and stopped him.

I even asked him if we wanted to join the Kids Next Door, but he said he works alone. He also thinks he's the best, but he's no match for me. Not to mention he have this crush on Kuki, which makes me laugh when I see Numbuh 4 go all jealous over it.

Numbuh 2's P.O.V End…

"So, what kind of trouble you gotten yourself into this time, Gilligan?" Joe inquired, conversationally.

"Worry?" Numbuh 2 raised an amused eyebrow.


"Right…Well, the Hall Monitors believed that I vandalized some lockers with chili dogs."

"Oh, yeah. I saw your handiwork back at the 4th grade hallway." Ace chimed in, looking down at Hoagie. "Chili splattered over the lockers and the dogs shoved though the holes."

Numbuh 2 frowned. He knew that Ace was being sarcastic with him, but that doesn't change the fact that it made him mad. "It isn't my handiwork, Ace. Somebody's trying to frame me."

"Chill, I'm kidding." Ace stuffed his hands into his pants and stared into the distance. "So, any idea who might've done it?"

"You're talking to a guy who's in the KND, kid. Could've been anybody." The 2x4 Technology Officer shook his head. "Though, I did find strange that my hat and tie was found at the last locker that was vandalize. I knew I left them in my locker before I head out to recess."

"Looks like you're in a tough spot, Gilligan." Joe stated plainly, slumping down next to him on the floor. "If you're in a pinch, then why don't you get your KND buddies to get yourself out?"

"Can't, they've been arrested when they fought off the Monitors." Numbuh 2 put his down in guilt for escaping when his friends couldn't, but that was quickly forgotten when he realized something. "Wait a minute. You know what I just realize, you guys?"

"What, the fact you have a brain?"

"Funny, Joe. Real funny." Hoagie glared at his ex-partner and then pointed fingers at him and Ace. "How do you two know each other?"

"Joe here helped me out a while back when he was still on the force." Ace explained, joining the boys on the floor. "Some wheels of my plane were gone and Joe find out a kid stole them to build a life-size train. Poor guy didn't even know the difference between plane's wheels and train's wheels."

"I see…" Numbuh 2 stood up and brushed himself off. "Well, nice seeing you guys again, but I got a case to solve."

"Hold up, Gilligan." Joe called out before he walked off, standing up to his old partner. "You think you can solve this case all by yourself?"

Hoagie glared at him, crossing his arms. "Are you inferring I can't?"

"No, I'm implying that you can't." Joe corrected with a smug smirk. "Let me and Ace here help ya out."

"What's in it for you?" Numbuh 2 questioned, knowing when Joe do things for others he doesn't do it for free.

"Simple; You make me look good and take credit for the case, so I can get back on the force."

The KND operative turned to the boy with the sunglasses. "And you, Ace?"

"Consider it a debt I owe you, for blasting you outta the sky like eleventy billion times." Ace smirked, sitting up from the floor. "Besides, I like Kuki, so I'm gonna help her out, too."

"All right, but only because I'm gonna need the help." Numbuh 2 held out his hands to the two boys and shook them. "It's a deal."

"Then it's settled. So, where do we start off first?" Ace inquired the two old Hall Monitors.

"We return to the scene of the crime." Joe replied, simply. "I heard some the Monitors talking about the last locker to get vandalize was a girl in the 3rd grade."

"Then to the 3rd grade hallway we go." Hoagie started to walk off with his two pals following him.

Crime Scene…


"What a poor waste of chili dogs, huh?"

"You said it, Ace. Man, you weren't kidding when you told me that the chili was splattered all over the locker and the dogs hang from the holes." Numbuh 2 felt he was going to puck at the sight.

"You're such a marshmallow, Gilligan." Joe remarked, observing the vandalized locker.

"What exactly are we suppose to be looking for, anyway?" Ace asked, picking the lock with a toothpick he got from his pocket. He opened the locker and look inside. "Looks like any 3rd grader girl's locker. Rainbow Monkeys stickers and all."

"Fingerprints?" Hoagie suggested, rubbing his chin in thought.

"With what? You got any gear on you?"


"Thought so."

"All right, boys, time out for a sec." Joe declared, taking out the lollipop he was sucking at. "Perhaps we're looking too far in this investigation."

"Translation, please?" Ace crossed his arms.

"He means we have to look back who was actually in the school building during the crime." Hoagie explained, nodding his head in agreement. "Most kids were either at recess or in the cafeteria. Teachers always do to the Teachers' Lounge during lunch."

"Think, Gilligan. Your hat and tie were found at the scene of the crime, and yet you said that you put them in your locker. Is there anyone who knows your locker's password?" Joe inquired him deeper.


"Sometimes you don't need a password to break into something. Sometimes, all a guy needs is a key." Ace pointed it, plainly.

Hoagie's eyes widen in realization and he slapped his hand on his face. "Of course! Stupid! I should've seen it before!"

"You wanna share that with the class here, genius?" Joe raised an eyebrow at the KND operative.

"I've been so blind!" Hoagie reprimanded himself before facing his friends. "Guys, it's been staring us right in the face the whole time!"

"What has?"

"Think, boys. Who has access to anything in the school with keys?"

"The janitor!" Joe and Ace shouted in union.

"You got it!" Numbuh 2 snapped his fingers in emphasis. "C'mon!"

Joe and Ace ran to keep with Hoagie, turning a corridor, as their breaths grew heavier. Joe looked over at Ace as they continue to run. "Why would the janitor try to fame Gilligan?"

"The new janitor is named Mr. Washer. Before coming here, he try to blew up a chili dogs factory because he hated when his precious counter got dirty. But me and Numbuh 2 here stopped him and we blew up his shop."

"Nice." The ex-Hall Monitor smirked slightly.

"Yeah, good times. Feels like only yesterday, doesn't it?" Ace called over at Hoagie that were still running a few feet ahead of them.

"Yeah, it does. Oh, hey! We're here!" The three boys stopped at the janitor's closet and stepped inside. It was empty and too quiet, but it reeked with the smell with chili. The room was barely visible, the only light coming with the lamp from the desk.

"No one's home." Ace looked over at the desk that was covered with papers and blueprints. The flyboy picked one up and skimmed it over. "Looks like Washer still love to fly."

"You think he's planning to blow up chili dogs' factories again?" Numbuh 2 inquired, leaning over Ace's shoulder. "It's obvious now that Washer is after revenge, but how is he suppose to do it?"

"Maybe, but who knows…What do you think, Joe?" Ace asked, but got nothing in return. Both flyboys glanced over to where Joe was, only to find him tied up and gagged with a cloth in mouth, muffling his voice. "Joe!"

"Mmpf!" He muffled quickly. "Mmmpf!"

"What?" Numbuh 2 knelt down beside, trying to get the ropes off of him.

Ace ripped off the cloth off his mouth, allowing Joe to speak again. "Behind you!"


Everything went black for the two flyboys as the lost consciousness.

20 Minutes Later…

"Ugh—Ow, my head…" Numbuh 2 groaned, blinking his eyes until his vision was back to normal. He felt someone was next to him and he looked to see Ace and Joe tied up together with him by a rope, both of them awake.

"Oh, good. You're up." A figure said in the shadows, smirking a bit.

"Come out, Washer! You're not fooling anybody." Ace snapped, squirming around with the rope.

"So, you figured it out, huh, you whippersnappers?" Washer walked out the shadows and knelt down to the three boys.

"Wasn't really hard. I knew you were up to something when I saw your face. I knew it wasn't a coincidence that you got a job at the school I go to. I had theory that you were trying to frame me and my friends after I heard that the lockers were vandalize and that my things were found at the crime scene. " Numbuh 2 glared angrily at the old coot. "The only person who had access to the lockers without a password is the janitor with the keys."

Washer let out a small laugh. "You were always a sharp one, Hoagie."

"Thanks. So, what're you up to? If you wanted revenge, then get it over with. Go ahead, try to blow up the chili dogs' factory again."

"What makes you think I wanna blow up that stupid factory again, kiddo?" The old man stood up, planting his hands on his hips.

"Well, isn't that what you're after?" Ace inquired with a glare.

"Of course not. I just want payback for you two brats for blowing up my shop!" Mr. Washer snapped at them with spite.

"Hey! What happened to your store was your own fault!" Hoagie shouted, struggling against the rope. "And how the heck are you suppose to get payback for me and Ace did, you fruitloop?"

"By blowing up your Treehouse, with your friends along with it!" He exclaimed, laughing manically.

"I've said once, and I'll said it again. You are one seriously crazed-up fruitloop!" Numbuh 2 spat out.

"A fruitloop wouldn't be able to take up a job where his archenemies goes go to! A fruitloop weren't able to build a eleventy billion high airship planning to smash into a stupid Treehouse! I AM NOT A FRUITLOOP!" Mr. Washer exploded, jabbing a finger at the KND operative. "And once I crash your friends into your Treehouse, I'll come back and finish you once and for all!"

"Oh, yeah, nothing loopy about that." Numbuh 2 sarcastically remarked, unfazed by the old man's diabolical speech. "You'll never get away with it!"

"And who's gonna stop me, you?" The old man sneered at the KND operative.

"Nope! Us!" The door to janitor's closet burst open and a couple of yo-yos tied themselves around the old coot and let him fall to the floor. Sector V and Numbuh 86 ran it, weapons ready to fire.

"Numbuh 5! You guys!" Hoagie cried out in joy to see his faces.

"Numbuh 2!" Numbuhs 4 and 5 rushed over to him and started to untie the rope around him and the other boys.

"You okay there, mate?" Wally questioned, helping Hoagie up the floor.

"Yeah, except for the part my wrists have rope burns." The 2x4 Technology Officer rubbed his wrists and looked over at Numbuhs 1 and 3 handcuffing Mr. Washer. "But never mind me, how did you guys get out of detention?"

"Aw, c'mon, mate. You know us better than that." Numbuh 4 leaned on his best friend's shoulder.

"Let me guess; G.U.M.M.B.O.?"

"You got it, buddy."

"Yeah, and after we got free we contacted Numbuh 86 and told her what happened." Numbuh 5 added, crossing her arms.

"But how did you know where I was?" Numbuh 2 inquired, eyebrows raised.

"We saw you running towards the janitor's closet after we escape from detention."

"Yeah, we would've been here sooner, but we need more weapons." Numbuh 3 chimed in cheerfully, skipping towards her friends.

"Well, thanks for saving me, you guys." Numbuh 2 smiled at his friends.

"No problem, all in a day's work." Numbuh 1 grinned, patting his friend's shoulder. "Now, how about we get this old coot back to the Artic Prison, and go home?"

"Sounds like a plan."

3 Days Later…(Numbuh 2's P.O.V…)

Another mystery solved, another case done.

After Numbuh 86 got Mr. Washer to Artic Prison, Joe explained to his friends of the force about what happened. And as promised, I let him take the credit for the case. Joe's on the force again, but I can't say that my relationship with my ol' partner is back to normal just yet. I didn't care whether or not Joe got credit, I was just glad my friends were okay.

Charges against me and my pals were dropped and were back to normal school days. What a relief, too, that everything worked out. My mom would've killed me if she knew I got permanent detention for life!

Ace and Wally are in the hospital currently, since Wally got seriously jealous when Ace tried to ask Kuki out and Numbuh 4 tackled him to the ground! Heheheheh…Classic.

You know, I never learned Ace's real name throughout this whole thing. But maybe he'll tell me when I go visit him in the hospital. Well, that's it for now.

Numbuh 2's P.O.V. End…

"Hey, Numbuh 2, you coming?" Numbuh 5 called to him by his locker from the other end of the hall. "It's lunch time. They're serving pudding in the cafeteria."

"Cool, I'm there!" Numbuh 2 put away his books in his locker and ran up to catch up with Numbuh 5. They walked together side-by-side with their hands brushing against each other ever so slightly.

"Uh, hey, Numbuh 5?" Hoagie asked nervously, a blush creeping onto his face.

"Yeah?" The girl operative turned to look at him.

"Uh, I was wondering…Actually, never mind." Numbuh 2 changed his mind about what he was going to ask her.

"All right." She smiled and both continued their way to the cafeteria.

Numbuh 2's P.O.V…

I've seen things go around in this crazy world of ours. And I learned that some things are better left unknown or unsaid. That's why people do the things they do. They knew that some times things are better left hidden in the dark.

This is one of those times.

But maybe, someday…I might have the courage to let her know the truth…

Still, until that day comes…We'll be just friends.

Numbuh 2's P.O.V. End…

End Transmission...

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