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Edward's POV:

I slowly opened the car door and got out to head to yet another foster home.

It was a nice looking house, big with a second story. It was off in the country, woods on the sides and behind the house. The front yard was huge, and the backyard was even bigger. I could see a white building in the back. The lawn was huge, and perfect for playing or practicing baseball, which was mine and my twin brothers' favorite thing to do

"You coming Jasper?" I poked my head back into the car to look at my brother.

"I don't wanna." He mumbled.

"Come on dude," I smiled. "This may be the home we've been looking for."

"I still don't wanna." He mumbled again. I sighed. Being the big brother to an autistic kid wasn't always the easiest thing. He was in his 'I-don't-wanna' mode. Everything anyone suggests will get the comment of 'I don't wanna'.

"Can you give us a second?" I asked Mrs. Traver, the social worker who was dropping us off here, who was standing outside of the car tapping her foot impatiently. She nodded her head, knowing how stubborn Jasper could be. I climbed back in the backseat next to him.

"Come a bud." I said. "Don't you want to met the Cullens?"

"I don't wanna." He keep his dark eyes glaring out the window, his arms crossed tightly across his chest.

"Didn't you hear what Mrs. Traver said about the Cullen family? Mr. Cullenf's name is Carlisle and is a doctor, that means he's really smart and he'll be able to help you with your homework. Mrs. Cullen's name is Esme and she's a stay-at-home mom. She'll probably know how to make soft, yummy chocolate chip cookies, our favorite right? They have a son too. His name is Emmett. He's seventeen, that means he can drive. How cool is that?"

His eyes wondered to the floor of the car.

"I know I want to met them." I sighed. "But we're brothers. We do everything together. All for one and one for all, minus the third musketeer. We do it together or not at all." I buckled my seat belt. "I guess Mrs. Traver can just take us back to the orphanage now. It's too bad, for all we know Emmett could have been the third musketeer."

He was quiet, and I knew I got him.

"Okay," He unbuckled his seat belt and opened his door. "I'll do it if you'll do it."

"Okay." I smiled and unbuckled my seat belt too. We both go out and went to the back of the car, opened the trunk and got out our bags, two largesuitcases each. We heard the front door open. Jasper instantly dropped his eyes to the ground and kept the low, but I looked up to see who it was.

"Looks like Mrs. Cullen and Emmett." I whispered to him.

"Emmett," Mrs. Cullen said as they walked towards the car. She was average height, with long, curly brown hair. She had a warm smile."Help them with their bags."

"Sure thing." Emmett smiled. He jogged over to us. He was tall, with big muscles and his hair was cut short. Jasper looked at me with nervous eyes, moving them from the ground to me then back to the ground again.

"It's okay, Jazz." I said quietly. Emmett saw Jasper's nervous reaction and slowed down to a walk.

"You're," He paused to think as he studied my face. "Jasper, right?"

I shook my head no.

"Then you're Edward." He said with a small smile. We shook hands. "Then this must be Jasper."
"Yup." I answered. "You're Emmett?"
"Yup. How about I help you with your bags? I can take one of each if you want help."

"Sure," I put one of my bags down, took one of Jasper's bags and handed it to him. Mrs. Cullen got stopped by Mrs. Traver, who needed her to sign some paper or something.

"Mom!" Emmett called. "You want me to take them inside or wait for you?"

"Go ahead and take them inside hon." Mrs. Cullen smiled. "I'll be in in a minute."

"Come on." Emmett picked up both bags easily and headed to the house.

"Come on Jasper." I said, following Emmett. I heard a soft 'I don't wanna' from Jasper, but ignored it.

"Just set your bags right here." Emmett said as we entered the house. A deck lead to the big front door. Both Jasper's and my jaw dropped when we say the inside. We looked around at the high ceiling, white walls, and clean home. Inside the house was a big foyer with wooden the right of the foyer was a sitting room, a dining room the the left.

"Whoa." Jasper gasped. We've never been in a such a big, clean house before.

"Wait till you see the rest." Emmett smiled. "But I'm sure Mom wants us to wait until she's in here."I walked over to the wall and looked at the pictures in the matching frames.
"Um, you might want to kick your shoes off at the door. That's one of Dad's pet peeves, tracking dirt into the house." Emmett warned as he took of his own shoes. I walked back over to the door and took of my ratty old sneakers, almost feeling ashamed to put them next to Emmett's clean white leather shoes. Jasper did the same, but carefully placed the just how he liked them, the toe of his shoes touching the wooden boarder along the bottom of the wall and the insides touching, a sign of his Autism shining through.