"What the fuck is that?"

"Duncan, it's a Pocky stick." Courtney held up the strawberry coated biscuit to his face, and he grimaced.

"It looks like it's made of wood."

"Oh, just put it in your damn mouth." The brunette ordered, attempting to shove the stick in his mouth, but he turned his head to the side and it collided with his cheek.

The two teenagers were sitting in the school Library- well, Courtney was sitting. Duncan was tipping backward on his chair with his Converse covered feet propped on the table- after having been paired up together to do a Science assignment together. But after finding out trying to study with this boy was pointless, -since he seemed to turn every comment she made into some sarcastic, and/or perverted remark- the freckled female had brought out the box of Strawberry Pocky she'd had in her purse.

With a sigh and a roll of her eyes, she put a biscuit in between her lips and sucked on the strawberry coating.

A smirk plastered it's self on the teenage boy's face, and that meant nothing but trouble. Duncan leaned over quickly and snapped his fingers in front of her face to get her attention, and when she reluctantly turned her head to face him, he leaned closer to her and took the un-coated part of the cookie in his mouth, while she still sucked on the other end just centimeters away.

The former CIT was still for a moment. This could go two ways: 1) They could do the very cliché thing and each eat the cookie until they kiss in the middle, -not that she'd ever wanna touch his toxic lips- or 2) she could simply just let go of the cookie and let him have it.

Unfortunately for the girl, she didn't have much time to think about it before Duncan had suddenly climbed onto her chair and just sat there with his legs spread apart, kneeling right over her. It gave her the perfect shot for a knee to the groin, but again, the boy moved too fast.

He was so close to her now, and all but a tiny piece of the cookie remained, that kept their lips from touching. Duncan's teal eyes sparkled delightfully, as if he were really enjoying trapping her against the wooden chair like an lion stalking his prey, and smirked.

"What do we do with you, now?" He murmured before devouring the rest of his side of cookie but still kept his lips a breath away.

He hand her hands pinned underneath his, and he had himself pressed against her, while they slowly tipped backward on the back legs of the chair.

"Duncan, stop. We're gonna fall." Courtney's voice was just a lengthy whisper, and that annoyed her. But was it her fault, really? This boy had himself wedged up against her innocent and untouched body in such a way she just wanted to moan his name. But she would drop dead before she did that.

"So?" He raised an eyebrow, but it almost sounded like he was replying to a different question all together.

Duncan leaned forward a little farther, and the brunette bit at her lip to keep the burning feeling inside her contained.

Not that it did much use, because he seemed to see right through her. But considering they were still at school, -though the Librarian had currently gone to the Teachers lounge for a coffee- he whispered in her ear instead of using his normal volume of voice.

"Do I make you all hot and bothered, Princess?" He nipped at the top of her ear lightly, and she squeezed her eyes tight to hold herself together.

Courtney was about to start struggling, really, she was. But the bad boy of a male slid off the chair and pushed against the brunette's shoulder, which caused her to crash to the ground with a groan.

Duncan scooped up her box of Pocky off the wooden table and grinned, shaking them above Courtney's face, who scowled, but her legs still felt like jelly. So she couldn't do anything but lay their helplessly.

"Thanks for these, Babe. Have fun studying!" Popping a stick into his mouth, he blew her a kiss and exited the library.

"Oh, he is so not putting his name on the Science project!" Courtney screeched in the empty Library, then lifted the chair upright, and sat down once again.

As she began studying, she tried to ignore the wet feeling that was pooling between her legs.

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