This fic takes place right at the end of Eclipse, when Edward puts his ring on Bella's finger in the clearing, and they're going to go tell Charlie, but this takes place before they can. I'm very intrigued by the father/daughter dynamic between Carlisle and Bella, and I wish they would show that more in the movies, so that's mainly what this fic is, though definite E/B romance, and a character death. Based off a dream I had about me and my own dad. Enjoy!


"Wait," Bella said suddenly, putting her hand on Edward's arm as he drove. "Take me back." She requested, and Edward raised his eyebrow. When she didn't elaborate, he made a quick u-turn with a sigh and muttered,

"This is one of the many times I wish I could read your mind,"

When they pulled up to the house, Bella questioned, "What's everyone doing?" Edward replied,

"Carlisle's in his study, reading, Esme and Alice are in Alice's room, planning the wedding, Jasper and Emmett are fighting, and Rosalie is watching them, though she's thinking about going to join Esme and Alice."

"Um, go root for Jasper," Bella said with a grin, getting out and shutting the door as she slipped into the house. Edward watched her until she disappeared up the stairs, and with a sigh and half-smile he darted to the woods where his brothers were fighting.

Bella made her way upstairs, passing Alice's bedroom and going to Carlisle's study. She knocked hesitantly, and Carlisle's warm voice invited, "Come in."

She opened the door and poked her head in, seeing him lying on the couch, reading a book. "Sorry for interrupting," She apologized, and Carlisle smiled at her, sitting up and patting the couch beside him. When Bella was seated, he stared at her intently and said,

"What's on your mind, Bella?"

"Well, I was thinking, and I wanted to ask you…" She hedged, and trailed off, biting her lip. Carlisle's cool hand pulled her chin up so her eyes met his gold ones and he said quietly,

"You can tell me anything, Bella, I won't betray you."

"Oh I know, it's just," She assured him, trying to find the right words to use. Just as she opened her mouth, Carlisle's study door burst open, and Edward stood there, followed by Alice.

"Bella, it's Charlie," Alice gasped, obviously still having a vision. Carlisle was at her side instantly.

"She's seeing Charlie's car being hit by another car, Carlisle, we have to go now," Edward said hollowly and low, but Bella heard every word.

"No! Charlie!" She exclaimed in horror, leaping to her feet and dashing down the stairs. Edward grabbed a hold of her, sliding her onto his back so he could run. Carlisle and Alice went to inform the others, and Edward knew they'd be following them quickly.

Edward reached a traffic light on the outskirts of Forks, the road her father took when he was going around town to check on everything before headed home. Edward ran towards the intersection, where Charlie was crossing. "No!" Bella screamed, as a truck barreled through the intersection and rammed into Charlie's police car. "Dad!" Bella yelled, ripping herself off of Edward's back. He was a statue, shock etched into his marble face as Bella yanked Charlie's door literally off it's hinges and grabbed onto her father's unconscious body.

Bella could smell gasoline, and knew his car was going to blow up, and incinerate them both if she didn't hurry up. Maybe that's why she got a little hysterical, yelling, "Dad, can you hear me? Dad, it's Bella!"

Finally she got him out of the car and dragged him to the side, desperately framing his face with her cut-up hands. The Cullen's were standing by Edward, utterly shocked that Bella, a human, had the strength to yank a car door off it's hinges and then drag her heavy, dead-weight father to the side of the road. They stayed frozen until Bella screamed,


Instantly Carlisle and Edward were kneeling by Charlie's body, and while Carlisle worked to save his life, Edward assisted him when needed, but mostly cradled a hysterical Bella in his arms. Alice led Jasper away from the scene, knowing there was going to be blood, Emmett was getting the guy in the truck out, and Esme and Rosalie were getting the fire put out.

Carlisle worked hard to save Charlie's life, and it seemed to succeed when Charlie's eyes fluttered open and he choked out, "Bells,"

"I'm right here, Dad," Bella whispered, clambering out of Edward's arms and kneeling next to his arm, touching his face.

"Love you, kid," He muttered, grabbing her hand.

"I love you too, Dad," She whispered quietly, praying that he was going to be okay. Suddenly, Charlie's eyes rolled back and his pulse went flat.

"He's having a heart attack," Carlisle murmured, and immediately went to work, while cursing the fact that the ambulance service in Forks was extremely slow. He could run there quickly, but there would be too many suspicious questions, like how did he leave the scene, a good 2, 3 miles from the closest hospital and get there within a minute, without a car?

"Those steaks. Those stupid, good for nothing steaks." Bella said in disgust, shoving her hand through her hair as she lurched to her feet as she watched Carlisle desperately trying to save her already dead father. "Bye Dad." She whispered, before whirling around and disappearing into the forest.

Edward made to go after her, but Carlisle put a restraining hand on his son's shoulder. "Follow her, let her know she's not alone, but don't try to touch her, Edward. She'll push you away, the only person she wants and needs right now is her father." Edward nodded with a steely gaze and sprinted into the forest after her.

Carlisle knelt by Charlie and closed his eyes, saying, "I am so sorry, Charlie," Esme knelt next to him, rubbing his shoulders.

"You tried your best," She murmured, and he said softly,

"This time, my best wasn't enough. He'll never see Bella in her wedding dress,"

"Maybe he will, he just won't be visible, even to our eyes," She replied softly, and Alice suddenly appeared at their sides.

"I've called the ambulance; they know they're picking up a body to take to the funeral home. And I've started plans for the funeral." She said, her voice subdued, and Carlisle knew she had honestly, truly liked Charlie. He gazed up at her, conveying love and support in his eyes for her, and she nodded as Rosalie came up, saying,

"I'll help, Alice," The two sisters locked eyes for a short second, and then Emmett came up, stooping and hefting Charlie's body up.

"Give him here, Emmett," Carlisle said quietly, seeing Emmett stop breathing so he wouldn't breathe in the scent of blood. Everyone was, except him. Carlisle took him to where the ambulance was pulling up as Edward and Bella walked back onto the intersection from the woods, holding hands.

Bella's eyes zeroed in on Charlie's body, and her whole body stiffened. Carlisle quickly put him onto a gurney, pulling the white sheet over his body. He then looked directly at Edward, and when Edward nodded, he took off towards the Cullen's house. Edward said quietly to Bella, "Carlisle's going to wash the blood off of him, and he wants us to clean the blood up here,"

Bella nodded numbly and got some bleach and towels from the paramedics, who helped her and got the scene cleaned up in no time. Carlisle was back by that time, and the whole group started back to the Cullen's house. Alice, Rosalie and Esme were already at the house, planning the funeral, while Emmett and Jasper, after getting Edward's and Carlisle's meaningful looks, took off in a race around town.

When the house was in sight, Bella's eyes filled with tears. "I'll be alone," She whispered, and took off, running into the house and dashing up the stairs to Carlisle's study, where she threw herself down onto the couch and let the misery take over.

"She's hurting so bad, Carlisle, and I don't know what to say." Edward said brokenly, and Carlisle squeezed his shoulder, saying,

"I'll talk to her. Just support her, Edward, you don't have to say anything."

With that, Carlisle left Edward outside and went to find Bella in his study.


Sorry if I disappoint anyone, but this is not Carlisle/Bella romance, just father/daughter. And I'm sorry I had to kill Charlie, but I thought that would bring out that father/daughter dynamic I wish I'd see on the screen! Thanks so much for reading, and please, let me know if I'm getting too OOC or something, because I'm not trying to! Adios for now!