Chapter 5 and final chapter is up! This is a few weeks after the funeral, Renee has gone home, and Bella's preparing to finalize her decision. I know, very vague, but if you haven't figured it out yet, you'll find out in this chapter! Thanks so much for reading up to this point, and enjoy!


"Are you sure you want to go through with the wedding, without Charlie, so soon, Bella?" Edward asked, as he and Bella were walking through the woods, on a trail this time. His hand entwined with hers, and Bella nodded, saying confidently,

"Yes. I have a plan."

"Ah. Care to share?" Edward questioned, stopping and pulling her around to face him.

"Well, I'm going to share with someone else, and you're quite welcome to read their mind if you want," Bella said, grinning. Edward rolled his eyes and let go of her, saying,

"You better go share soon, because the wedding is in a week,"

"I know, I know. I still don't know why Renee went home, because she's coming back in a few days," Bella mused, and Edward smiled, yanking her close to him and kissing her, saying,

"She missed Phil."

"Oh. Well. That explains it." Bella said a little unsteadily, and Edward laughed again, spinning her around so she was facing the house.

"Go on. Share." Edward murmured in her ear, the laughter evident in his voice. She rolled her eyes at him and stalked towards the house. When she walked in, Rosalie and Emmett were sitting on the couch, watching TV. She waved to them and continued upstairs, where she heard Alice and Esme measuring Jasper for a new tux, something he groaned about frequently.

She kept climbing the stairs, finding Carlisle's study. They hadn't talked in a few weeks, except for here and there snatches of conversation. She knocked a few times, and the door creaked open, as it wasn't shut in the first place.

"Ah, Bella," Carlisle said, beckoning her into the study. He turned away from his bookshelf and said pleasantly, "And what do I owe the pleasure of a visit from you?"

Bella smiled and ducked her head, saying, "Well, I wanted to ask you something, actually, a few somethings."

He grinned and said, "Go on, I'm listening."

Without a moment of hesitation, Bella plunged in and said, "Would you walk me down the aisle at my wedding?"

Carlisle was frozen for a moment, his gold eyes gleaming with shock as he processed Bella's words more than a few times. His eyes found hers, and he saw the absolute truth in her eyes; she wasn't kidding him.

"Bella, I don't want to try and replace Charlie," He started to say, but Bella took a page out of his book and put a finger to his lips, saying,

"You never did, and never will. Charlie's my first father, you're my second. You always have been. Just like Esme's been my second mother; you're whole family is my family," Bella said quietly, and if a vampire could have their eyes tear up, Carlisle was trying his best at the moment.

"Then I would be absolutely honored." Carlisle said softly, and Bella hugged him tightly. "What was the other something?" He asked, but didn't let go of her. She drew back, saying,

"Will you dance with me? While Esme and Edward are dancing?" Carlisle smiled brightly and replied,

"It would be my pleasure, Bella," He hugged her again, whispering, "My daughter," Bella grinned and felt a few tears well up in her eyes.

Carlisle's door suddenly opened, and Bella and Carlisle drew apart, staring at Edward, who was smiling. "You're been eavesdropping," Carlisle scolded, and Edward shrugged, saying,

"I was curious about Bella's plan she wouldn't tell me. Now I understand." Bella smiled and threw her arms around Edward's neck as Esme came sweeping in and took Carlisle's hand.

"Edward told you, I take it?" Carlisle softly asked Esme, who nodded and caressed his cheek.

"Bella's such a sweetheart,"

"Yes, she is." Carlisle agreed with Esme, and kissed her softly.


"Ready, Bella? It's almost time to start," Carlisle's voice came through the door, and Bella called,

"Coming, just give me a moment,"

She heard Carlisle's footsteps fade away, and Alice flicked her garter at Bella before floating out the door. Renee kissed her cheek softly and whispered, "I wish Charlie was here to see you, beautiful Bella,"

"Me too, Mom. Now go, before you get trampled on the aisle!" Bella scolded, and Renee scurried out. Bella followed after her, and saw Carlisle in his breathtaking black tux. She grinned at him, and he smiled brightly back at her.

"You look amazing, Bella," Carlisle said as they walked to their position in line behind Alice.

"So do you," Bella said, trying to hide a smirk.

"What?" Carlisle asked, a confused look on his face.

"There's a lot of nurses here from the hospital," Bella hinted, but Carlisle was still blank. "They're all here to see you in your tux," She teased, and Carlisle rolled his eyes, but Bella was sure if he could've blushed, he would've.

Alice chuckled herself and then started down the aisle. Bella waited a few moments, and then Carlisle kissed her temple, saying, "Ready?"

Bella nodded, and they started down the aisle. Bella smiled at Edward, who smiled back. When Carlisle and Bella reached Edward, Carlisle did the customary thing and gave Bella's hand to Edward, and took his place next to Edward.

The vows were exchanged, the rings placed on left ring fingers and a long kiss sealed the marriage: they were now Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen. As Bella and Edward greeted everyone, people started going in for the reception.

Soon, the music for the first dance started, and Edward led Bella onto the dance floor. Bella recognized the music: it was her lullaby, played by Edward on a recording. She snuggled close to him and whispered, "I love you,"

"I love you too, so much," He murmured back, and they swayed back and forth to the music. When the last strains faded away, Edward kissed her softly and then went to claim Esme.

Carlisle walked up to Bella, holding out his hand and asking, "May I have this dance?"

"You stole my line," Bella teased as she nodded yes and Carlisle took her hand, putting his other arm around her waist. She put her free arm around his neck as a slow tune started, but they both knew it would grow into a lively one.

"I believe you said 'will you dance with me'," Carlisle corrected her with a slight grin, and Bella rolled her eyes, muttering,

"Stupid perfect memories."

The music started getting less slow, and Bella looked over to see Edward and Esme leaping around like graceful, lithe cats. Carlisle got a competitive glean in his eyes and he looked down at Bella, saying, "Do you trust me?"

"Completely," Bella said immediately, and then caught the glint. "Wait, why?" She demanded, but Carlisle already had her in the air, spinning her around and then bringing her back down, setting her on his feet so they whirled and danced just as good as Edward and Esme, possibly better.

When the music came to a slow, but not end yet, Bella clung to Carlisle for dear life as he dipped her down until she was almost touching the floor. When he swung her back up, Edward was standing there, asking,

"May I cut in?"

Bella got a playful glint in her eyes and she nodded, stepping back and catching Esme's eye. Before Edward could take Bella's hand, she skipped over to Esme and the two women started swaying back and forth, doing some basic moves.

Carlisle and Edward stared at them, and then shrugged, taking each other's hands and started dancing. It was more than a little hard for them, as both were used to leading, and now one had to follow, but neither was backing down.

When the song finally came to a close, Carlisle came over to claim Esme, but before Edward could claim Bella, Emmett stole her from him. For the next few dances it was almost a cat-and-mouse game as Bella was stolen from Emmett by Alice, then by Jasper, who was holding his breath the whole time, and then by Rosalie, who decided to join in on the fun.

Eventually, Edward claimed Bella for a dance, and as they swayed back and forth, Carlisle and Esme were dancing slowly next to them. When the dance finished, Bella tiptoed up to Carlisle and kissed his cheek, saying,

"Thank you, Carlisle. Love you."

"Love you too, Bella. And you're very welcome." Carlisle said in reply, and Bella hugged Esme before being dragged away by Alice to dance some more.


The end! I hope you really liked this story, and please let me know how I did! Thanks so much for reading, and adios!!!!