"I have no idea." And I see him, again. Every night since I left. Those wide eyes filled with pain. His bright orange mess of hair sticking out underneath his hat. His precious hat that he will have forever. Why does it matter? I can't see him anymore. That's gone. I'm an apprentice now. My name is Alice Kingsley, I'm now an apprentice, I'm on a boat, and I slayed the Jabbawalkie. Though that doesn't matter. I just saved an entire place that I can barely remember. God, why must the Hatter always right? Those memories are slowly slipping away, wonderland, the queens, the twins, Ches, and The Hatter. "You can always stay." And then I'm awakened from my new reoccurring dream. I sit up and pull down my covers so I can free my arms to wipe the wetness away from my face. Why did I finally realize what I was leaving after I'm already gone, away from my only happiness? I think to myself while trying comfort myself when I find the three long marks on my right arm. "At least let me bind it for you" I hear the Cheshire cat say as I remember one of our encounters." Why am I such a stupid girl?" I ask myself quietly as I stand to find my journal with my sketches of the Hatter and Ches. "I wonder what the Hare has thrown at Hatter lately?" I ask myself quietly as I turned the cover to find the note the Hatter hid in my dreams as I left. "Dear Alice, please come back. I know you have been planning to leave since you first got here and decided to write this to try and to bring you back. Please. Alice, you've made me wait before. Here, we don't age. I can wait forever, but you will just slowly be taken from me. Please come back. I love you. Every time I got a chance to kiss you, you were either to small, or to tall. Or when you were just right, I couldn't bring myself to it. Please come back. -Hatter"