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Italicize=Inner thought

[Inside the kitchen, door is closed]

Gokudera: Argh! What are you doing??!!

Takeshi: Sorry *laughs*

[Outside the Kitchen]

Tsuna: Gokudera-kun! Yamamoto-san! *Stops outside if the kitchen*

Gokudera: What are you doing!!

Takeshi: Sorry!

Gokudera: That hurts!

Tsuna: ZOMG! Are…are they having *gulp, whispers* s-sex?


Gokudera: Nooo!! Don't put that in there!

Takeshi: ….Ok?


Tsuna: *Uncomfortable* Um…

Gokudera: Noooo!! Don't put that in there!

Tsuna: *in shock* OMG! OMG! They're having sex in the kitchen!

Aradia: . *Looking at Tsuna's reaction* you're thinking too dirty, dude

Tsuna: No, I'm not!


Gokudera: *Accidentally burns himself* Ouch!

Takeshi: You okay?


Tsuna: Did Takeshi…… *Nosebleed*

Aradia: *steps away* Major dirty thoughts. You have too big an imagination

Tsuna: __ But…But…

Aradia: "But" what? *opens kitchen door*

Tsuna: Nooooo!! Don't open the----

Gokudera: Hey boss

Takeshi: Yo

Tsuna: Wha-what?

Aradia: *shakes her head and shrugs* you really are an idiot.

Tsuna: But I swear! They were!

Aradia: . Gokudera accidentally burned himself. They were cooking lunch, dude, common sense. Besides, I'm pretty sure that Gokudera wouldn't want to "do it" here.