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And to (try) and at least make 1% up to you, I'll post a little sneak peak of what's to come. Please don't hate me, though….life's been crazy lately.

J is for Jellybean Factory

I smiled at him and continued towards the kiosk, which was still empty. As soon as Stef had seen us talking away from everyone else, she had closed her stall, keeping her eyes on us. And the minute that she saw us move away from the wall, she flipped the sign again and waved us over, a smile stretching across her face. She looked pretty much the same since the last time that I saw her, except that her chestnut coloured hair was cut shorter, framing her face.

"Hello," she said sweetly, smiling flirtatiously at Chad.

"Whoa, déjà vu," I muttered darkly, and Chad bit back a smile as he handed Stef our passports.

She tilted her head to the side and regarded me through narrowed eyes, but I knew that she didn't understand what I had just said. Instead of pursuing it, though, she turned back to Chad and triple batted her eyelashes as she stamped his passport. She then punched the stamp down on my page a little harder than necessary and smiled snidely at me.

"Thanks," I said, taking the passports from her outstretched hands. I was trying to be the bigger person here, and not let it show that her obvious flirting with my fiancé was getting to me. So, fighting the urge to claw out her eyes, I smiled and drummed my fingers on the counter instead.

Stef didn't even answer me. She looked at me for a fleeting second and then asked Chad, "So, what are you going to Wisconsin for anyways?"

He put the two passports back in his pocket. "Wedding," he answered shortly, applying the barest hint of pressure to my fingers. I looked up at him and smiled, a gesture which did not go unnoticed by the attendant in front of us. Her eyes widened dramatically, and I had to suppress my intense desire to roll my eyes.

"Is it your wedding?" she asked, her voice rising in pitch with each word. She brought one delicate hand up to her chest and watched us with wide eyes. Anyone could tell that she was distraught, and I caught even some of the people in the line next to us looking over at the scene with interest. "You guys are getting married in Wisconsin?"

I almost told her that it was our wedding, just to shut her up. But underneath the surprise, I could see anger shining in her eyes, and I knew that it wouldn't be the best idea to provoke Stef. Aside from the fact that she thought that she had a chance with my fiancé, there was something that I didn't like about this girl. It was very similar to the vibe that I had gotten from Caitlin; I didn't really trust her.

"My cousin," I said, just as Chad began pulling me away. "It's my cousin's wedding that we're going to."

Catching sight of Stef's smug and relieved smile, I rolled my eyes. Some things never change.

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