Heylo there my little crumpets .
This fic is based on Alice in Wonderland by the wonderful Tim Burton .
Alice/ Hatter pairing .
I'm rating this M for later chapters .

Well into the world of fanfiction I leap after … eh lord knows how long . Whyyy ? Because I simply could not leave the ending of the movie where it was D: lets be honest … the entire movie was EPIC … until the end . Buttt that's just my personal opinion so neeeh . Obviously this is the Prologue therefore will be shorter than the following chapters . Setting the scene really . And yes the prologue is very unorganized and for that i apologise .
I assure you it wont be the case with the rest of the story do bare with me :]
Oh yes and sorry for the long Authors Note . Keel me not dear readers .


In Underland she was ,The Alice . Now , she was just an Alice , one Alice in a world of many . She made no difference to everyday life with her presence .
And so days dragged out into weeks and then weeks into months and not a word she spoke of Underland . Upon the first day of her return she had stepped forward with confidence – her first step – Rejecting the perfectly vile Hamish on his equally vile proposal of marriage . She had left him spluttering at the little house in the garden , his mother cooing obscenities about Alice's character in his ear for comfort .

" Misleading Harlot"
" Unspeakable girl "
" No pride"
" No shame"
" No manners"
" No future"

The rest of the guests gathered for their engagement party were at a loss for what to do with themselves with this turn of events .

Many withdrew gifts , gold , business proposals . Of course she knew her reputation would be tarnished . Gossip would spread and Hamish's dear mother in her high status position would have every mans mother protecting their beautiful baby boys from setting eyes on the evil and completely out of her mind ,Alice Kingsley .
After the Hamish incident was out of the way Alice's life turned back to much the way it was before falling down the rabbit hole . It was now however missing something . Excitement ,adrenaline , being needed . Well ... she was still needed… for pouring dainty cups of teas and learning how to act " proper " .
Corsets , lace , chin up , be seen not heard , sit straight , hands on lap , right hand over left , nod politely when indulging in conversation , laugh at un funny jokes , be sane , be a lady , be completely and utterly not Alice.

She was growing bored but more than anything her heart began to break . She was mad , mad as the Hatter , well not quite , but she was mad enough , most certainly , most definitely , to belong in Underland . Yet , she had left it . For a second time in her life she had left the fantastical land where cats could grin and float , mice could talk and blue caterpillars smoked hookah . She inwardly began to hate herself because unlike the first time she fell into Underland , this time she had been given a choice . Stay or go . Stay or go . She went .
Her dreams did little to calm her . For every night , the same luminous green eyes invaded her mind and it was the little mournful whisper of her name that truly caused her heart to split .
" Alice . "

Time passed.

Alice's porcelain face grew tired . She no longer looked after her beautiful locks . Split ends… she didn't care . Alice was hollow . Boredom had developed into something more . Loss of purpose . The same dream had repeated since her return from Underland . It tormented her . She no longer knew if she hated Hatter or adored him . If she wanted to rid him from her dreams or if she wanted more . She didn't know if she wanted to be awake or asleep . Awake she was mournful , good for nothing , silent and withdrawn . A shadow of the Alice who defeated the Jabberwocky with the Vorpal sword . Asleep she was constantly reminded of the companionship she lost .

Those eyes..

Her hands clenched the desk she sat at ,her pencil balanced between two delicate fingers . She had taken up sketching as a passion . No one could make her leave her room any more . She would sit with her face darker than the London skys at social gatherings . No one wanted her there . Without her they could pretend nothing was wrong with the world while they sat indulging in gossip and teacakes .

Her eyes scanned the drawing she had partially completed . She had tried to capture her adventures in Underland in pictures in order not to forget, not to mistake her encounters for a dream once again . Hatter was at the centre of her grey and white masterpiece . It wasn't that she didn't miss her other friends ,its just she felt more of a connection with Hatter . Perhaps because he had more human features , perhaps because it was his eyes that haunted her dreams . Perhaps because he had taken her wildest imaginations and made them possible . To be completely mad wasn't a bad thing . Not really . Alice continued her half life , she filled her room with memories .
It was a year later when the promise of something new arose .

Her window was open . In the years passing Alice had let herself grow thinner , unhealthy . She could be mistaken as the walking dead , pale and unnaturally thin , panda eyes . Nothing could get her attention .Several drawings she had given up on sat crumpled in a pile on the floor . It was different today though . She sat on her window seat staring out longingly into the gardens . How long since she had ran carelessly through the greenery ?
It was then a glint of blue that caught her eye . A butterfly and immediate recognition , desperate recognition crossed her features .

"Absolom! " , she was at a loss to contain herself . Her reaction was reaching hysteria . He was much too small and fragile to hug so instead she wrapped her arms around herself before extending her finger for him to rest on .
He refused to take her finger and kept nudging her hand . It was a moment before she realised he held a bottle in his arms .

Drink me

She was full of jitters . Her smile on the verge of complete craze .
She took the tiny bottle and drank its entire contents . Her heart pulsed franticly as Absolom then winged down to the tiny Alice and picked her up before flying out the window and into the open sky . He was taking her in the direction of the Rabbit hole . He was taking her to Underland .

What Alice did not stop to think about in all her happiness , was why she was needed back in Underland again.