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Drew to Miami

It had been several hours since anyone had been in the room and the occupant began to wonder what was going on. She hadn't expected things to go so wrong when she started her week, but it had and here she was.

Meanwhile Horatio Cain was working an abandoned 'safe house' where it had been apparent that someone had been held against their will.

"Do we have any idea who the hostage is?" Horatio asked

"Not really, all I can tell you is it is a female with strawberry blonde hair." Calleigh Duquesne said

Fingerprints were discovered in several locations around the room and collected, they expected to find the captor's fingerprints and hoped to find a match they also hoped the victim had managed to sneak a fingerprint in and they could identify them.

They returned to the crime lab and began running fingerprints and checking the hair for DNA and praying that they had something to help find the victim.

"Horatio, we got DNA match on the hair" Natalia Boa Vista said

"Who is it?"

"Nancy Drew, she is a young sleuth recognized by her hometown for solving several robberies and such." Natalia said

"So this may be someone she helped put away at one point in time" Horatio said

"It very well could be" Natalia replied

Meanwhile: Nancy was watching what was going on, but the truth was that wasn't much. She had figured out long ago that they weren't going to make it easy for her to escape. They had long discovered that she was leaving clues for the cops and had her tied up, but she still managed to grasp something firm enough to leave clear finger and palm prints.

She wondered if they had been criminals that she had helped put away, but why take her so far away from River Heights.

She and Bess Marvin had both been captured at the same time, but Bess had recently managed to get away from their captors. Nancy was sure Bess would lay low for a while then try and find help. Bess's cousin George had managed to elude capture all together and secretly Nancy wished she and Bess had been so fortunate

She finally got a good look out the window and could have passed out, there were palm trees.

'I'm either in Florida, California or Hawaii' Nancy thought 'Why would they bring me this far from River Heights?'

"Is everything ready?" a man asked

"Yes" was the reply

'What could they be planning' Nancy thought almost afraid of what 'everything' might entail.

Horatio Cain couldn't understand why a girl from the Midwest had been brought to Florida; it was one of many questions he had floating around in his mind.

Nancy felt the fear creep up when a man entered the room where she was bound. A rag was forced against her face and she recognized the scent of chloroform. If her father only knew how many times she had smelled that stuff he would have insisted she hang up her magnifying glass both literally and metaphorically.

By the time MDPD had arrived she was long gone, but she had left them a trail.

"She's dropping bread crumbs for us," Ryan Wolfe observed at finding fingerprints "she wants us to find her."

"Yes, but they are becoming fewer, I think whoever has her has caught on to what she was doing" Horatio pointed out

"No doubt, but this is a clear set of prints, and I'm willing to bet money that they match those we got from her father" Ryan said

"I'm still wondering why he had her fingerprints."

"Emergencies happen, he is a prominent lawyer, and you know how some people like lawyers, he might have been afraid that they might have to use fingerprints to identify Nancy should the worst happen to her" Eric said

"Can never be too cautious" Horatio sighed wirily

"I just hope we don't end up using those fingerprints to identify her remains" Eric shook his head

Nancy Drew was not too far away from where CSI team was looking, but the chloroform had her officially down for the count.

"Those cops are getting closer, how are they doing that?" one man said

"I don't know, but let's not stick around to find out" the other said

They drove off trying to seem unassuming, and managed to get quite a distance away.

"Eric, wasn't there a black SUV over there?" Horatio said

"Yeah, H. there was" Eric replied

"I know there was" Natalia said "but why would they leave like that?"

"There are hundreds of reasons" Eric said "let's ask around so far we've had two tipsters that lead us to a place where I'm willing to bet the same girl was being held."

"Our tipster's daughter got a good look at the girl, and actually managed to snap a picture with their cell phone, unfortunately she is hearing impaired she saw someone in the window and was able to lip read that the girl was calling for help and told her mother" Ryan said "It's Nancy, or someone that looks exactly like her… the picture that girl got was a great one"

"So we have confirmation that the person that was held here was Nancy… it doesn't make sense, why move her so much?"

"Maybe they have a plan for her, I mean, she is a beautiful young lady, maybe this has nothing to do with the fact that she is an armature sleuth and more to do with the fact that she is a beautiful young woman"

"As much as I hate to say it, you may be right"

To Be Continued…