A/n: I know I said that this story was finished already, but this came too me and I had to add it... I may use this to lead into a sequel, or leave what happens next to your imagination, I'm not sure, I have other projects going at this point so we will have to see. Now, enjoy the eplogue to Drew to Miami

It had been several months since the capture of Nancy and Bess. The girls had decided to go back to Miami to visit the beaches and be regular tourists instead of having to fight for their lives.

Nancy was on one of the many boardwalks when she turned to see Horatio Cain standing behind her

"Horatio, it's good to see you again," she said with a smile

"You too, Nancy, I'm glad to see you can enjoy yourself here" he said approaching Nancy "I worried that you might associate Miami with what happened to you during that frightening time."

"No, I've been to Miami several times and I don't plan to let a few evil men change my opinion of this city, or these views," Nancy smiled

"That is always nice to hear, and who is that girl that's with Bess?"

"Oh, that's her cousin, George Fayne… and if you're wondering, George's actual name is Georgia but she hates to be called that so we call her George" Nancy explained

"Interesting… well, Nancy, it seems you have things well in hand here"

"That I do, Horatio… but I was wondering how it was you actually found me?" Nancy asked

"One of the captors went rogue on his team and told us when and where we could get you out of there" Horatio explained "He told us that he had overheard exactly what was going to happen to you and said that he couldn't allow them to go through with their plans."

"I take it I really don't want to know what they were going to do"

"No, Nancy, you really don't" Horatio said

Bess and George came in from the beach and George looked at Horatio rather suspiciously until Nancy introduced him as being a cop and telling her that he had been one of the ones to save her.

"Well, it's good to meet you" George said

"You looked suspicious of me, why is that?" he asked

"I think I've been around Nancy too long, I get suspicious of people that hide their eyes," George explained indicating to the fact that Horatio still had his sunglasses on.

Horatio removed his sunglasses

"I understand why you would feel that way, George, I sometimes find myself feeling the same way."

That was when a man on a bicycle rushed passed the group almost running over Horatio Cain in the process.

"That was weird," Bess observed

"I would say it was more than that" Horatio replied

"It was almost like that guy was trying to run over you," Nancy observed

"I would have to agree"

"Oh no, not another mystery" George muttered

"Unfortunately I believe it is"

The End