Another weird fic for you all. It's an Alternate Universe fic. So if you don't like that, don't read this.

SUMMERY: Naruto and Sasuke have their final battle in Konoha, and somehow, in the aftermath of a violent clash, they end up, eight years old, in an alternate reality. Naruto has parents, Sasuke's parents are still alive, and Naruto has an older cousin, who's on the same team as Itachi. Will the two boys be able to live their lives over? Will things be the same in this reality? Have they somehow changed time, or will they have to go back to a time where they're both alone again?


Another Chance.

Chapter One – What The Hell Is Going On?


Sasuke and Naruto faced each other on top of the Hokage Mountain. The village of Konoha was a mess below them. Sasuke glared as he powered up a Chidori. Naruto formed a Rasengan, knowing this was all or nothing. The two were both beaten up badly. They'd been fighting for long enough. They were almost out of chakra, and their allies were nowhere to be seen. It was just the two of them. Now was the moment to either bring Sasuke back to them or lose him for good.

They charged at each other, attacks raised, ready to plunge their own balls of chakra into each other's chests. At the last moment, Naruto stopped. He allowed his Rasengan to die out and stood there in front of Sasuke, arms outstretched. Sasuke stopped in his tracks.

"What the hell are you doing Loser?" Sasuke asked angrily.

"I'm refusing to fight you Sasuke. I won't fight you anymore. Come back to us or not. But I'm not giving up on you. If you want to sever the bond between us go ahead. Now is your chance. I'm not going to fight back." Naruto stated. Sasuke snarled.

"You're bluffing Dobe!" Sasuke yelled, uncharacteristically. He lunged at his closest friend and drove the Chidori through his chest. His eyes went wide, as Naruto stayed blank. He didn't even show an ounce of pain on his face, as Sasuke pulled out his hand. He looked at the blood covered appendage in shock and horror. He looked at Naruto, who was… smiling?

"Why didn't you dodge loser?" Sasuke yelled.

"I... told you... I wasn't... going... to... fight you... Sasuke. I... never... go back... on my word." Naruto whispered out weakly. Naruto fell forward and Sasuke jumped to close the space between them, catching his friend in his arms.

"You... wanted to... kill me Sasuke. Maybe... you got... your wish now." Naruto trailed out weakly.

"I didn't want this. I thought I did but…" Sasuke trailed off. Naruto gave a soft smile.

"If I... could... change things... Sasuke, I'd stop... Orochimaru... from giving you... that curse mark. I'd... do something... to... make things... different." Naruto whispered.

Sasuke barely heard, as he felt a single tear drip down his cheek.

"If I could go back I would stop this." Sasuke whispered softly. Sasuke knew Naruto wasn't going to last much longer.

"I'm sorry Naruto. I'm truly sorry." Sasuke said softly. He knew this would be his last chance to say it.


Little did either of the two teens know that another force was working at this moment, the great Kyubi was locked in his cage, which was becoming darker.

"That foolish human! He should not have let that brat kill him. I must stop this if I wish to live." Kyubi growled out in his cage.


Sasuke looked down at Naruto, and suddenly noticed that blood wasn't leaking from his friend any longer, but chakra, blood red chakra.

"The fox is interfering." Sasuke thought, as he kept hold of Naruto's lifeless body. He felt something happening, but he couldn't figure out what was going on. He had the feeling of weightlessness and he noticed he and Naruto were surrounded by a black vortex.

He saw Naruto's eyes open, but it was the Kyubi red that stared at him.

"Foolish brat. You were not supposed to hold on to him. Now my jutsu will change." Kyubi's voice hissed out of Naruto's mouth.

"What are you talking about?" Sasuke asked.

"You will soon see Uchiha. Be grateful for a second chance." The Kyubi stated back. That was when everything went black.


Sasuke awoke to find himself looking at a ceiling. He felt a quilt over himself and he felt warm and safe. He blinked his eyes blearily and looked around. He noticed a poster of a ramen bowl on the wall, as well as a calendar. He couldn't see the date properly, his eyes bleary from sleep.

He looked around the room some more and finally noticed that there was a bed next to his, with a blond mop of spiky hair sticking out from under an orange quilt. Sasuke felt shock overwhelm him.

"I thought Naruto was dead. I killed him didn't I? Kyubi did say something about a second chance." Sasuke thought to himself. He got out of the bed, and ran over to the form.

"Naruto!" He exclaimed quietly. He heard his friend groan.

"Sasuke? I wanna sleep some more." Naruto muttered out sleepily. Sasuke shook Naruto again.

"Naruto get up don't you realise what's going on?" Sasuke asked. That was when he noticed his voice seemed different. He couldn't quite figure out how. In fact, his whole viewpoint was different in some way that Sasuke couldn't quite latch on to. Naruto groaned and sat up slowly. Then he stared at Sasuke, then at his hands.

"Sasuke you're a kid!" Naruto yelled.

"And I'm alive!" He added almost as an afterthought. Sasuke stared at Naruto in shock. Then made a realisation as he looked down at his hands. They looked smaller, less hardened by training. He also took note that Naruto also looked like a child.

"You're a kid too Dobe." Sasuke stated obviously.

"How did this happen?" Naruto asked. He felt his chest, looking for the hole that had been made by Chidori, but couldn't find it.

"Kyubi said something about his jutsu changing and that I should be grateful for a second chance." Sasuke said softly. Naruto looked as confused as Sasuke felt.

That was when a knock came at the door, and a red-headed teen barged into the room. Both boys yelled in shock, as they stared at the girl.

"Hey little cousin. Since you two are awake, your Mom told me to come and get you for breakfast. So you two get dressed. Oh Sasuke, your Mom is gonna come and pick you up later. Naruto, your Dad left already but don't worry too much he said he'll come and train with you this afternoon." The girl said. She made to leave the room when Naruto decided to speak.

"What the hell is going on?" Naruto asked.

"Watch your mouth Naruto. Geez, you two been practicing swears instead of jutsu?" The girl stated, giving the two a pointed look. Then, just as though she'd recalled something important, the girl's look changed and she spoke again.

"Sasuke, your brother asked me to tell you that he's gonna meet you at the house this afternoon so you can go with him to the training grounds okay? He's got training with me and Hana and Anko-Sensei this morning, but he said he promised you." The girl stated. Then she left the room.

Sasuke and Naruto stared at the girl incredulously.

"Naruto? Do you even know anything about your parents?" Sasuke asked softly.

"I know my Dad was the Fourth Hokage. I only found that out recently. Nobody told me anything about my Mom." Naruto replied back. Sasuke nodded.

"That girl is… a new addition or something. I didn't know you had a cousin." Sasuke quipped.

"Neither did I." Naruto whispered back. Both boys were staring at each other in silence and wondering what on earth was going on.


The red-haired girl made her way down the stairs and looked into the kitchen.

"Auntie Kushina?" The girl called out softly. The red-haired mother of Naruto looked at the teenager kindly, as she placed a plate of pancakes on the table.

"What's wrong Tenshiko?" Kushina asked gently.

"Naruto and Sasuke were acting really weirdly a few minutes ago. I walked into Naruto's room and they looked as though they had no idea who I was." Tenshiko stated softly. Then she shook her head rapidly from side to side, as though clearing her thoughts.

"Sorry Auntie. It doesn't matter. It's probably something stupid. Maybe I just caught them waking up. I'm just being stupid." Tenshiko stated vigorously.

"If you say so sweetie. Oh and remember we're going to go and see how Naruto is doing at the academy this evening." Kushina reminded as Tenshiko made her way to the front door.

"I wouldn't miss it Auntie. I'll be back before then anyway." The teen said stoically before pulling on her standard ninja sandals and calling out a goodbye as she ran out of the door.


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