Well ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, fans of all ages. It is time for me to say that after nearly 2 years, I FINALLY have a story up for you all to read! Now let me say that once again, I am sorry for the wait. After I posted my "Return" story; I was prepared to post "The Lake House". But as usual, more things came up. The three biggest things were as followed.

1. "Grease"- Me and my fellow students at my high school were involved with a musical production of "Grease", based off of the original broadway version. I played Eugene, ( much to my dismay might I add. I am type-cast as comic relief cause I'm the funniest actor they have ). The production was amazing. But it was a dramatic one as well. Of the 51 students involved with the musical, 22 of them, ( myself included ) were seniors. Therefore, it was our last time ever stepping onto the stage. There were alot of tears and alot of good memories and I don't regret them in the least, ( not gonna lie though, didn't really cry. But I would have if I could ).

2. SUNY ESF- As you may have remembered from my last update, I was talking about going to SUNY ESF ( State University of New York- Environmental Science and Forestry ). Well unfortunately, I was not accepted to the college. I was placed on a waiting list because they recieved a record number of applicants ( just my luck ). So unless they change their minds at the last second, I'm stuck going to OCC ( Onondaga Community College ), untill I can transfer. This of course took alot of effort on my part. I plan on majoring in Environmental Biology, I'm a tree hugger you see, and I plan on doing alot of traveling in my future.

3. Sports- The smallest of my excuses. I am participating in Track this year and although it's an easy sport with little to do, track meets can last up to 6 hours at a time, possibly longer. So this will obviously remove alot of my excess time. At least it's not a sport where it involves alot of effort; then I'd be both busy AND tired.

Anyway, the reason why I am posting this story now is because "The Lake House" has been post-poned until my room is completely finished. My family decided to paint, re-arrange, and re-furnish my room. And since they don't know of the existence of EVAN AAML, I had to hide my stories until further notice. So I decided that, while I had the time, I'd post a "Alphabet Game" story. It seems to be a popular thing to do and it will give you all something to read while I'm working. Now please forgive me, I have been out of "work" for quite some time. And I'm worried that I may be out of the "AAML" craze as I once was. But I don't want to be. So if this story doesn't meet up to the romantic style I once had and expressed, then please let me know. I refuse to have my stories be lack of quality, especially with AAML.

Now then, I am unsure of the written down rules for the alphabet game, but this is what I will do. I will open a dictionary and, at random, pick a work beginning with the letter "A" and then so on and so forth. Now if the word is impossible to work with, I'll find a new one, but I will work my hardest to think of something for the words picked. Now since I'm not hand-writing these as traditionally, they may not be as good as normal. So I apologize for spelling mistakes, plot holes, or lack of details. And like I said, I'm rusty.

Now I have no idea how often this will be updated, so bear with me. Now next chapter, I will update with the letter "A", which, will be entittled...( pulls out dictionary and picks at random )...ANGER! Wow, perfect. I can easily make something out of that. Alright, I will be sure to get right to work on an idea for this. Now as you all know, these are just one-shots, so don't expect a masterpiece.

And until then, I will hope to hear from you all!

evan, a fan of aaml