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Chapter 1

Twenty year old Harry Potter was currently a bundle of nerves walking down the halls of Slytherin Manor to his lovers study. The young man wondered how his lover, Tom Riddle a.k.a. Lord Voldemort, would take the news he was about to receive.

Harry had joined Voldemort at the end of his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the DoM fiasco and finding out about the prophecy. Harry had contacted Voldemort upon his return to the Dursley's residence and told him what the prophecy said and proposed a meeting to hopefully come to an agreement. The next night, Harry had found himself drawn into Voldemort's mind. They discussed the prophecy and came to the agreement that they were only enemies because of the stupid thing and would stop trying to kill each other.

Of coarse this did not happen in just one night. In fact, it was a solid week of speaking mind to mind, discussing every aspect of the prophecy and its possible meanings that they came to their agreement. After that, they met twice a week at night and got to know each other better and realized that they had several views in common like the desired separation of the muggle and wizarding worlds.

While Tom despised all muggles, Harry thought that, while a lot of them were horrible, some of them weren't so bad. Harry had found that Tom didn't want to kill all Muggleborns, (even if he didn't like them marrying into the pureblood lines) he simply wanted to bring them into the Wizarding world at the first sign of magic so there was no chance of the child being abused and less risk of the muggles discovering their world.

Harry convinced Voldemort to, if not completely cut out the pureblood supremacy crap, then to at least tone it down because, if the pureblood lines kept intermarrying, all you would eventually get would be half crazy squibs. Voldemort's mother, uncle and grandfather were all prime examples of this.

After just a few weeks, Voldemort had convinced Harry to join his side of the war, because, as his reasoning was, what has the Light ever done to for him but leave him in a miserable situation and expect him to save them all? So, in the end, Harry had joined with his once nemesis and sealed the fate of the wizarding world.

In the beginning, Harry and Voldemort had merely been equals. Then, they weren't sure how it happened, they became lovers and had been that way for the past two years. Harry had thought that they were happy together, but that idea was cast into doubt after he had brought up the subject of having children. Harry had always wanted kids, but it seemed that his lover Tom was of a different mind. He had insisted that he was happy with just Harry and didn't want any children.

This discussion had taken place about six months ago and was the main cause of Harry's current trepidation. A few days ago, he had been to see a Healer and had found out that he was pregnant, about three weeks along in fact. He finally reached the study door and was about to enter when he heard two voices coming from the room, one was Tom's and the other of Lucius Malfoy. Harry stopped and decided to listen to what the two were saying.

"My Lord, may I ask the reason for the unexpected summons?" Harry heard Lucius say in a respectful voice. There were only a few, mainly the Inner Circle, that could get away with being so direct with the Dark Lord and not suffer his wrath.

"Harry wants children." Voldemort stated bluntly.

"Really?" Lucius drawled.


"And, how do you feel about the subject? Do you also want children?" Lucius pushed sensing that his Lord wasn't going to volunteer the information.

"No, I do not want a house full of snot nosed little brats running around destroying my home!" The Dark Lord exclaimed vehemently. Even outside the door, Harry could feel his lovers magic swirling angrily. He didn't stick around to hear more of the conversation and fled down the hall, tears threatening to fall.

*****Inside Tom's Office*****

Lucius was stunned by his Lord's angry outburst, but hid it behind a cool mask of indifference, only raising a single eyebrow as a sign of his shock.

"Surely you don't mean that my Lord. After all, I do remember when Draco was born, how you longed to have a child of your own." He stated simply, hoping it wouldn't anger the man in front of him further.

Voldemort glared angrily at him, but Lucius could see the undercurrent of fear in the crimson orbs.

"My Lord, if I may be so bold as to suggest that you are simply afraid of becoming a parent due to the absence of your own, muggle or not, while you were growing up?" For a moment, Lucius feared that he had gone a step too far and was about to be cursed into oblivion. The magic in the room spiked and he had to suppress a flinch as it seemed to bite and sting his skin.

A moment later, the magic left the room in a rush and Voldemort seemed to deflate a little.

"Yet again Lucius, you have hit the problem head on. I do desire a family, but fear that I will be unable or unsuitable to raise any children. What do I do Lucius?"

"My Lord, all I can tell you is that all first time parents are nervous or afraid. I was no different when contemplating starting a family with Narcissa. When she told me we were having Draco, I was terrified but it was also the happiest moment of my life aside from the day he was born. I won't lie and tell you that raising a child is easy, but every moment is very much worth it."

"Thank you Lucius, you may leave now." Voldemort dismissed him, reaching for his decanter of oak matured mead, a gift from his Harry, and a glass tumbler. He poured a measure of the honey colored drink and stared into the fire, thinking of what he would say to his young lover when he saw him later.

*****Back with Harry*****

Harry ran down the halls towards the rooms he shared with Tom. He wasn't paying attention to where he was going and ran straight into Severus Snape. Harry landed on the floor with a little surprised grunt.

"Mister Potter, care to tell me why you are running as if all the Demons of Hell are chasing you?" The Potions Master drawled, a concerned glint in his eyes when he spotted the tears falling down the boys face.

Harry got to his feet and started down the hall with Severus following him before answering.

"I'm leaving Sev, I can't stay here anymore. I won't let my child grow up with a parent that doesn't want it." Harry said as they entered his and Tom's rooms.

Severus stopped in his tracks. "Harry, are you saying that you are pregnant with the Dark Lords child?" He asked the young man who was currently waving his wand, packing his belongings into a trunk which he promptly shrunk and stuck in his pocket.

"Yes, I am, and to answer what is sure to be your next question, I was about to tell him but I heard him speaking to Lucius telling him that 'No, I do not want a house full of snot nosed little brats running around destroying my home.' Those were his exact words Sev, and about six weeks ago I broached the subject of starting a family and he said that he was happy with just us together and didn't want any children. I was nervous enough when he had already said he didn't want kids, but after I heard him and Lucius… I just can't risk my child growing up like I did. Sev, you can tell him about the child if he whishes to know why I left. I'll miss you all, especially Tom, but please, don't come looking for me."

Severus inclined his head in acknowledgement of Harry's request, no matter how futile it was. He knew that his Lord would search high and low for his beloved, whether he was with child or not.

"Thank you Severus." Harry said then grabbed a pendant that hung around his neck. A whispered password of 'home and family' later and Harry was whisked away to Severus could only guess where.

Severus stood there for a moment, staring at the spot that Harry had disappeared from, to stunned at the sudden turn of events to move. Eventually, Severus collected himself enough to go in search of the Dark Lord to deliver the news that his lover had left. It was definitely not something he was looking forward to.

After several minutes of searching, Severus found the Dark Lord sitting in his study, still staring at the fire.

"My Lord, I have some most troubling news for you." He said, kneeling in front of his Lord.

"What is it Severus?"

"It's Harry, My Lord, he's…He's left my Lord."

"What do you mean Harry left? You had better explain and quickly!" Voldemort said as he stood from his chair and pointed his wand at Severus's forehead.

"Harry literally ran into me in the hallway about half an hour ago. He was running like his very life depended on it and had tears streaming down his face. We went back to the rooms you share where he proceeded to pack all his belongings."

"And why in Merlin's name did you not stop him from leaving Severus?"

"I felt that he had a valid reason to leave."

"And what, pray tell, was that reason?" Voldemort said through clenched teeth.

"He is pregnant with your child, My Lord and is afraid that you will not want it. Apparently, he overheard you speaking to Lucius earlier and heard you say that you didn't want any 'snot nosed little brats'. He said that he was already afraid to tell you because of a discussion the two of you had earlier…" Severus trailed off and looked up at his Lord.

Voldemort was staring blankly into space, wand held loosely in his hand. Suddenly, his face twisted into an expression of pain and loss. His wand clattered to the ground and he sat heavily in his chair, his face buried in his hands.

"Oh, Severus, I'm afraid I've made a grave mistake. What I said to Harry and Lucius was said out of fear of being a parent. He was never supposed to hear the discussion with Lucius, if he had listened a little longer, he would have heard me admit to that. I have to find him Severus, do you know where he went?"

"No my Lord, he had a portkey around his neck and did not say where it was taking him. He also requested that we not search for him. I believe he is afraid that you will find them and harm the child or insist that he get rid of it."

"I don't care what request he made. I have to find him and make this right." Voldemort said with a passion that had been missing for the last few minutes.

"I knew you wouldn't let him go so easily. Where shall we begin the search My Lord?"

"Go to Malfoy Manor, inform Lucius of the situation and have him gather a list of all of Harry's friends, both here and abroad and where they live. If I know Harry like I think I do, he will have gone to one of his friends homes for support, the only question is- Who did he go to?"