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Chapter 4

Harry woke groggily, and to a pounding headache. A little groan escaped his lips and Harry shut his eyes even tighter than they already were. He felt cool glass pressed to his mouth and a hand on his forehead, pushing the unruly fringe of his hair out of his face.

Harry opened his mouth and felt a potion enter his mouth. The feel of the glass vial disappeared and a hand on his throat started to stroke, helping him to swallow the potion. It perhaps wasn't the smartest thing to do; allowing an unknown person to pour an unknown potion down his throat, but the pain in his head, which was now fading, was making it hard to think. A voice reached his ears, one that Harry felt he should recognize but couldn't right at that moment.

"It's alright Harry, both you and the baby are safe. Just rest now."

Harry found himself obeying the voice, slipping away into a peaceful slumber, but not before noticing the hand that had been on his throat was now rubbing slow circles on his lower abdomen and the hand that had been in his hair was now lightly tracing the features of his face.

The Dark Lord wanted to cry with relief when his little lover stirred. It had been nearly two weeks since Harry had been brought back and Voldemort had hardly left his side. Severus had completed the special potions fairly quickly, one was to help restore Harry's flow of magic and the other was to help the Dark Lord's magical core regenerate faster so that he could send his magic to Harry without magically exhausting himself. Remus Lupin had also arrived later that same day Harry had been brought back with the young man's belongings, demanding to be told exactly what had occurred and wanting to see Harry.

When Remus had learned that Draco was still on the grounds, awaiting punishment both Lucius and Voldemort had needed to cast strong stunners at the enraged man to keep him from hunting down the young blond and tearing him limb from limb. And when he had seen his pseudo son laying half naked in the arms of the equally half naked Dark Lord, it was only the knowledge that it was necessary for Harry's health that kept him from ripping Harry away and fleeing the manor.

Remus had been to visit Harry every day, however saying that he visited would be like saying the Atlantic Ocean is a mud puddle. He had all but moved in to the manor, arriving everyday just after breakfast and not leaving until late at night. However, he didn't spend all that time with Harry. A lot of it, yes, but there was a rumor floating around that Remus had started a relationship with Fenrir Greyback. It was Voldemort's theory that Remus was using sex as a distraction from Harry's condition.

The werewolf would be ecstatic that his 'pup' was starting to wake up. Voldemort pulled out his wand and pressed it to a ring he wore, concentrating on summoning Severus to his side. It wasn't long before the Potions Master appeared. Before the man could bow or ask why he had been summoned, Voldemort spoke.

"He is waking."

Severus simply gave a sharp nod of acknowledgement and began to run his wand over the sleeping man.

"He seems to be doing well, my Lord. The magical pathways have fully restored themselves and his magic has gone back to normal. You gave him a dose of pain reliever?" Severus asked when it showed up on his scan.

"Yes, his head was hurting, I could feel it through the bond. He went to sleep after that."

A few days after Harry's arrival back home, the bond between the two had started to reopen. After that, it had become easier for Voldemort to pass his magic to Harry.

"Very well. Let me know if the pain persists or gets worse." Severus said as he added his newest readings to the folder that the Medi-Witch in Oklahoma had sent over as she was unable to come herself.

"I trust that you will keep the fact that he is waking to yourself for the time being?"

"Of course, my Lord." Severus said and left the room.

Telling everyone that Harry was waking could wait. Voldemort wanted some time alone with his little love while he wasn't unconscious. He settled back into the bed and pulled Harry onto his chest and waited for the young man to wake again.

Harry woke again early the next morning. He stretched a little and then settled back into the warm blankets and the comforting body that was pressed up against his naked back.

Wait. What body? And why in Merlin's name wasn't he wearing a shirt? He tried to remember how he had gotten into this situation and started to worry slightly when his mind came up with a blank. His worry grew even more when he felt the person behind him start to stir and the hand that had been draped across his waist tighten and pull him more firmly against the body that was definitely male if the thing poking him in the rear was any indication.

His worry grew into panic when he felt the person behind him begin to place light kisses on his exposed neck and shoulder. Harry went still, unsure as to what to do, but he began to tremble slightly when the hand on his stomach began to rub circles.

"Harry, love; don't be afraid. Both you and the baby are fine. Try and calm down please."

Harry's panic went to full blown terror when he recognized the voice speaking to him, not even registering the words that were being spoken.

'Shit, shit, shit! How did I get here with HIM of all people! Why the hell am I trying to figure out HOW I got here, I need to figure out how to get AWAY! He doesn't want me or our baby, what if he tries to hurt us!'

Voldemort was shocked when his little one started to thrash in his arms, trying to get away. He moved so that he was pinning Harry to the bed, being careful not to put too much pressure on his love. He was half muttering half sobbing something that the Dark Lord had to strain to hear. When he did catch what was being said, Voldemort felt as if he'd been kicked in the gut and had all his teeth punched out all at once.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please... please don't hurt us, please don't hurt us!"

His Harry thought that he and the child would be harmed. The thought caused Voldemort's heart to tighten painfully. Voldemort looked down at the trembling young man who had his arms wrapped protectively around his stomach and the child that was growing within.

Voldemort shifted so that he was lying beside Harry and held his young lover close, stroking his back and murmuring comforting words, trying to get the young man to calm down. Eventually the sobbing and broken words gave way to ragged breathing. After a moment, the Dark Lord carefully lifted a hand and placed it on Harry's cheek, trying to not frighten him.

Harry flinched and whimpered, and Voldemort could see that he was biting his lower lip so hard trying to keep any noise in that he was beginning to draw blood. He used his thumb to gently tug the abused lip from between Harry's teeth and was, in equal measures, surprised and pleased to see his loves green eyes meet his crimson ones. The look in those eyes was one of sheer terror.

"Wh-what are you gonna do to us?"

He didn't know why, but the question caught Voldemort off guard, and apparently it took him too long to answer as Harry whimpered and tried to pull away. This pulled the older man out of the mild stupor he had fallen into and pulled the younger male close again.

"Hush love, nobody here is going to harm you or our child, nor will we allow anyone else to bring harm to either of you." Voldemort said, trying to calm the young man who looked like a spooked animal.

Harry looked like he didn't believe him at all, which was understandable considering all the things he had put the young man through before they had joined forces and everything that had occurred during the war. Harry's upbringing with the Dursley's didn't exactly help the situation any either as he had grown up expecting pain and anger from those that were supposed to love and care for him. Voldemort pulled Harry even closer, tangling one hand in his lovers hair, making the young man meet his eyes when he tried to move away. He knew that if he were to have any chance of calming the young man and keeping him by his side, then he would have to be completely honest and basically bare his innermost feelings to his lover. It was not an experience that the older man was looking forward to.

"Listen to me Harry. I am not going to harm you or our child, nor will I allow anyone else to. The things that I said to you and Lucius were said from fear that I would fail you and our children. I am not a nice man, as you well know. However, you bring out feelings in me that I thought I had buried or lost long ago. I have always wanted children, but never before you has the opportunity presented itself. When you spoke of having children together, I was torn between joy and terror at the idea. Obviously, terror won out and I spoke harshly, causing you pain. The terror lessened somewhat and became laced with anger- partly at you for making me afraid, but mostly at myself for letting that fear take over. Nothing was making sense anymore, so I summoned Lucius to speak with. Once again, I lashed out, and once again I, unintentionally, hurt you. When I found out that you had gone, my life became a living hell. I barely ate or slept, and Crucio'ed my followers for any tiny mistake or failure."

Voldemort stopped speaking for a moment and seemed to gather his thoughts. Harry remained silent, partly from shock and partly from the fact that he knew what it was costing the older man to tell him these things. When Voldemort did start speaking again, his eyes took on a haunted look.

"When Severus brought you back after Draco's idiotic stunt in that alleyway, I was terrified again. Terrified that I would loose you before I had ever gotten the chance to explain my actions and beg your forgiveness. I very nearly killed the Malfoy heir there on the spot. In those moments, I vowed to myself that I would never allow anything or anyone, myself included, to bring harm to you and our baby. I can understand if it takes you some time to forgive me, but please, I beg you, don't leave again."

Harry was speechless. He could feel the truth of Tom's words through their bond, but he was still afraid. All those years with the Dursley's and then the fickle nature of the Wizarding world that praised him one moment and condemned him the next had left Harry with serious trust issues. Slowly he reached out a hand and ran his fingertips lightly over the features of the man holding him in his arms- the man he still loved no matter how hard he had tried to stop.

"I won't leave." He stated quietly.

Voldemort was starting to get a little worried when Harry remained silent. When Harry's smaller hand reached out, he remained stock-still even though he wanted nothing more than to take that hand and hold it in his own. He nearly sighed in relief when the fingers of that hand lightly ran over his features and smiled when his Harry agreed to stay. The fingers continued their exploration as an answering smile flitted across Harry's face.

When the digits passed over the older mans lips, Voldemort gently grabbed the hand and began alternately kissing Harry's fingers, palm, and wrist and sucking the tips of Harry's fingers into his mouth, lapping at them with his tongue. Instantly, Harry froze and his breathing increased though he didn't pull his hand away. Voldemort watched his lover's face carefully for any sign that things were progressing too fast and too far. He was pleased to note that, while Harry still looked like a spooked animal a good amount of lust was starting to appear in the emerald gaze. The spooked animal look faded to a look of mingled lust, shock, and apprehension. He hoped that the shock would give way to the lust completely, though Voldemort had no plans to take his Harry farther than kisses until his little love decided he was ready for more. The apprehension would take longer to fade, Voldemort knew, though he thought it had little to do with his current actions and more to do with Harry still fearing that he was being lulled into a trap of some kind.

Slowly, the Dark Lord lowered the hand he was holding, though he kept it gently in his own. He leaned forward, giving the young man time enough to pull away, then pressed his lips carefully to the slightly parted ones beside him. He didn't take advantage of the slight gasp of surprise that escaped his loves' lips by pushing his tongue into the hot cavern, but kept the kiss sweet and gentle.

Harry had expected Voldemort to slip his tongue in right away, so he was infinitely pleased and relieved when that didn't happen. After a few more minutes, Voldemort pulled away, pressing feather light kisses across Harry's cheeks. Voldemort placed one last kiss on Harry's lips before tucking the young man's head under his chin and burying his nose in the unruly locks, taking in the smell that was his Harry.

They were both silent for some time before the Dark Lord spoke into Harry's hair.

"Severus wishes to have a look at you, to make sure everything is alright. After that, if you feel up to it, I do believe there is a Werewolf running around our manor that desperately wants to see you while you're awake."

"Remus is here?" Harry asked, happiness evident in his voice and eyes as he moved so that he could look Voldemort in the eye.

The Dark Lord smiled down at his little lover and placed a light kiss to his lips.

"Yes, Remus is more than likely here, or will be soon. He has been over every day around this time to visit you, though he's been spending time with Greyback quite often lately. It's my theory that he's been using sex, rather rough sex at that, as a distraction to keep himself from going crazy with worry for you."

Harry groaned. "Oh, I really didn't need to know about that aspect of his life, thank you very much. But it is good to know that he's been by to see me and that he found an outlet for his nerves. I think I could see him for a few minutes when Severus is finished."

Voldemort nodded and suppressed the smirk that threatened to take over his face at the site of the blush covering Harry's face. He ran a hand through the raven locks before getting out of the bed and grabbing a robe.

"I'm going to go find Severus and Remus. I'll send Severus in first then come back with Remus, alright." Voldemort said and Harry gave a nod of acceptance. He placed a kiss to Harry's temple before going in search of the two men.

It didn't take long to locate either of them as the wards allowed him to know the location of anyone on the grounds. He found Severus in the library, sitting by the fire and reading a journal of some kind. He got the man's attention and sent him to check Harry. He then went to find Remus, who had arrived moments ago as he was still in the entrance hall.

Once he had informed the werewolf that Harry was awake, Voldemort couldn't help but smirk slightly as he watched the man restrain himself from sprinting through the manor. That didn't stop them from walking very quickly though.