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Spinelli sighed and stared out the plane window. She couldn't believe summer was over, and she was, for the first time, really upset about restarting school. Every other year she had been so excited to see her friends again, and play some good games of kickball, but this year had been the most amazing summer ever. Her and her family had gone to visit her relatives in Italy, Spinelli hadn't seen them since she was eight. It had been cool to eat genuine Italian cuisine, and hang out at the beaches, but the best thing about her vacation had been hanging out with her older cousin Mia.

Mia Spinelli was the coolest person Spinelli had ever met, and that was saying something because Spinelli had met a lot of awesome people. But Mia eclipsed them all. She had black hair, like Spinelli's, but she had it layered and cut short with edgy dark brown streaks in it. She wore lots of eye liner, and always wore the same shade of blood red nail polish, fingers and toes. She had a cool Italian accent, and could speak English and Italian. Mia and Spinelli even shared a mutual interest in alternative music and attitude. Yes, they were a great pair, but besides age (Spinelli is about 14, and Mia is 16 and a half) there was one key variable between the two. While Spinelli had little to no experience with guys, unless you count that "experiment," and Mia had tons. Guys came over the house every day, and cool ones at that! One, named Raul, had taught Spinelli how to surf, and Geo was a great arm wrestler. One time, Spinelli had even caught Mia making out with an Italian hottie, Lance. Spinelli had only had one crush, and it was on her best friend, T.J Detweiler. Although she had never let anyone in on her secret, she had opened up to Mia, who always seemed to know what to do.

Now that the plane she was on was almost home, she checked her reflection in the glass one last time. Her transformation from the previous year was incredible. Her hair had grown out straight, and it now hung down to the middle of her back. She still didn't wear make-up, only cherry chapstick, but her clothes were totally not her. She was wearing a plain white t-shirt with a red skirt and black flip-flops. Spinelli was still uneasy about the make-over, but Mia had convinced her that this was the way to go to get a guy to like you, and to be socially acceptable. Spinelli sighed; she really wished that Mia hadn't blown things so out of proportion. Sure she liked TJ and all, but she didn't have to get all dressed up just to hang out with him and the gang. To be honest, Spinelli would normally have thrown off all that "womping" clothing as soon as they left Mia's house, but Mia's school summer vacation was actually starting now that Spinelli's was done. So, the families had decided to bring the Moretti family back to 3rd street with them where Mia and Spinelli could attend Third Street High. It was both of their first times going, but Spinelli would enter as a frosh and Mia would step right up to junior year.

Spinelli woke up early, and quietly. She didn't want Mia to know that she wasn't going to wear the ugly outfit Mia had chosen for her last night. It was the first day of school and she was gonna wear whatever she wanted, aka her regular clothes.

"Hey, what are you doing Spin? Don't put those gross combat boots on. Oh mio Dio (oh my god in Italian), you look so 2 years ago. You should put the red ruffle skirt on now, and don't forget the white polo or the matching sandals," She paused while a pissed off Spinelli, stomped around the room picking up her clothes. "Oh and Spin," Mia added. "Don't wear that goddamn hat, its like, hard to look at!"

Spinelli and Mia had walked to school together. But since High School didn't star for another hour, Mia decided to chill with Spinelli. Spinelli was still fuming over the clothing incident from that morning. She loved her cousin, and was kind of in awe of her, but Spinelli had her own style and she hated being pushed around. Mia was texting on her phone, making light comments in Italian, and checking her new manicure. But Spinelli didn't want to listen to Mia's jabber, she needed to do something now. Until she hat caught a glimpse of a blonde head of hair in the distance, she hadn't given too much thought to how crazy the whole school was gonna think her new appearance was. 'That must be Mikey!' she thought nervously. Spinelli's mind started to Spin, she had to get rid of Mia! But, how could she just tell Mia to leave? They were almost there, and she still had no idea what to tell them! It was like time was going in slow motion, Spinelli turned her head back from Mia to her friends and back again and again! It was like Spinelli's world was on a collision course, her friends would hate Mia for making Spinelli so…un-Spinelli, and Mia would hate them for being so immature! The whole womping thing was a mess. And suddenly, her friends were there.