Summery: Bella get a job at a prestigious Chicago law firm straight out of college. What happens when she finds that one of the Cullen boys despises her? Or does he? B&E AH/AU Romance/Drama Rated M for language and future lemons!!!

Cullen & Son's LLP


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Chapter 1

Bella POV

Here I am driving in a U-Haul two weeks after graduating summa cum laude from Dartmouth law school. I am on my way to a new city, new job and new apartment. I have been driving for two days and I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night. I was offered a job at Cullen & Son's LLP by only phone interview. Carlisle and Esme Cullen are the nicest people I have ever encountered. I can't wait to meet them and the rest of the Cullen's. I am so excited to finally have a place to call home. I have not had a home or any family since Renee and Charlie died five years ago in the fire that claimed my childhood home and my parents.

I pulled up to the address of my new apartment and I thought I had the wrong place. The building was run down and the surrounding area looked like it was the wrong side of town. I guess this is what happens when you move to another state without visiting said state. I don't know what pictures were on the website but it surely was not this place.

I went to the office to get my keys and apartment number. After going up to the apartment and seeing that it was disgusting, dirty and smelled like a men's gas station bathroom. I pulled out my cell and called Cullen & Son's LLP while walking down towards the U-Haul.

"Thank you for calling Cullen & Son's LLP, Alice speaking. How can I help you?"

"Can I please speak to Esme Cullen?"

"Can I ask who's speaking?"

"This is Bella Swan"

"Oh! Hello Bella, I can't wait to meet you. Did you make it to Chicago yet?"

"Yes, I just got here. I can't wait to meet you as well. I would love to chat but I really do have something important to talk to Esme about."

"No problem. We will catch up Monday when you start work. I will put you through to Esme."

"Thank you, Alice"

"You're welcome, Bella. Here you go"


"Esme speaking"

"Hello Esme, this is Bella Swan."

"Oh hello sweetheart, what can I help you with? I hope everything is alright."

"Well, that's what I was calling about. I just pulled in and my apartment looked wonderful online and when I got here it was horrible. I am going to have to find another place to live. I don't know the area and wanted to know if you know a hotel that is close to the office?"

"Oh dear, I will not have that. You will stay in our guest house, and don't try to say no. No arguments, you're family now and we take care of our family."

"Thank you so much Esme, I don't know what else to say."

"Thank you is good enough. This actually works out perfect because the guest house was renovated recently and is fully furnished. You can unload all of your things and stay as long as you need. Our address is 1918 Eclipse Dr., do you need directions?"

"No, I Have a GPS but thank you. The guest house being furnished works out perfectly because I only have my personal belongings from my dorm room. I was going to purchase furniture after I got settled in."

"OK, perfect. I was just about to head out of the office now so, I will meet you there."

"Alright, I just need to get my money back from the office then I will be on my way. I will see you soon"

"Alright dear, drive safely."

"OK goodbye Esme"

"Bye – Bye honey"

I hung up my cell while leaning against the U-Haul and broke down in tears. It was a combination of the scary place I almost called home and the sincerity of Esme's offer. I have not had anyone to care for me in five years and she treated me like her own daughter. I pulled myself together and headed to the office.

I was able to get my first and last months rent back but not my security deposit. That was fine by me as long as I got the hell out of that place. I inputted the address and was on my way to Carlisle and Esme's home.

I did a double take at the home I pulled up to. It was huge and gorgeous with a circular driveway, it was white with stone work the beauty was indescribable. I went to the door and knocked. The most beautiful woman answered the door. She was a little taller then me at 5'4" with reddish golden brown hair and striking green eyes.

"Hello Bella" She said while pulling me in for a hug.


"Yes dear, where are my manners. I am Esme and welcome to my home. This is now your home so feel free to enjoy any of the amenities."

"Thank you so much" I said with unshed tears in my eyes.

"No need for thanks. Let me show you to the guest house and I can help you get settled. Also, Carlisle and the boys should be here any minute to help."

"I can do it myself. They don't need to go out of their way for me."

"Like I said, you are family. I don't want to hear another word about it. Follow me out back to see your new home"

I followed Esme out the back door to the most magnificent backyard I have ever seen. There was a pool, Jacuzzi, tennis courts and sand volley ball courts. Then I saw the guest house. It was nearly as big as the home I shared with Charlie and Renee.

We walked in and we were in a large great room with a living, dinning and kitchen space. Then she took me down a hall and showed me the bathroom and two bedrooms, one bedroom for me and the other an office/guestroom. I was in awe of this place and the Cullen's kindness.

Once I was given the tour we headed back towards the living area and I noticed four men and two women standing there all with welcoming smiles.

Esme introduced everyone "Bella, this is Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper, Emmett's wife Rosalie, Jasper's wife Alice and Edward." As I gave a small wave Esme introduced me to her family. "Everyone this is Bella."

"Hi Bella" everyone said in unison and we all giggled.

I could not believe how gorgeous they all were. Carlisle was warm, fatherly and hot for a man in his fifties. He is around 6'2", has short straight blonde hair and shockingly blue eyes.

Emmett had Esme's hair color but a little darker and it was curly with Carlisle's blue eyes. He was a beast, at least 6'4" and very muscular.

Jasper has a calming demeanor and looked a lot like Carlisle but with short curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was tall around 6'1" and muscular but not bulky like Emmett.

Rosalie had long wavy blonde hair with violet eyes. She was the ultimate bombshell. She was 5'9" with a Victoria's Secret models body.

Alice had short black layered hair to her shoulders and steel grey eyes. Alice was maybe 5' tall and reminded me of a pixie, you could tell she has a ton of energy.

Then there was Edward, he looked a great deal like Esme with the reddish golden brown hair and green eyes. He was around 6'3" and was the most beautiful man I have ever laid my eye on. This was going to get interesting.

At this point Carlisle jumped in and said "come on gentlemen, lets go get all of Bella's things and bring them into her new home" as the men left they each sent a breathtaking smile my way.

In no time at all Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett and Edward had all my boxes unloaded into the guest house and Alice was following me to return the U-Haul. Once that was done I got in Alice's bright yellow Porsche to go home, just thinking the word made me feel as if a weight was being lifted from my shoulders. I thanked Alice and she seemed to know I needed some quiet without me saying anything.

I just gazed out the window and thought about how much has changed in the past 48 hours and in no time we were back in front of the Cullen mansion. It was now evening time and Alice said goodnight as she dropped me off. I had the weekend to get settled in and I would be starting my new job Monday.

I walked up to my door and noticed a note on it from Esme inviting me to dinner and letting me know I had presents on my kitchen table. I walked inside to see what Esme left for me. I saw a brand new laptop, new laptop bag, a set of keys and iPhone. There was another note attached.


This will be your work computer and phone. Everyone's numbers are programmed in and your email is already set-up to go straight to your phone. The Key ring has keys to the office, guest house, main house and one of our extra cars you are welcome to use anytime. Inside your laptop bag is a garage keycard, your spot is number 7 and also your security ID cards for the building our office is in. You will need to take it to the security desk on Monday morning to get your picture taken. Call anyone if you need anything before Monday. We are all here for you.

With Love,


P.S. Please come to the main house for dinner we would love to have you!!!

Their generosity astounds me.


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