A Word Of Explanation As We Begin

The following story is a Roll Playing Game occurring at my board (follow back to my profile and click my website link to find us) that was just way too good to keep amongst ourselves. I love the creativity and energy --as well as the writing talent-- that everyone is putting into it, and I just had to share! We hope you enjoy it, and hope you join us too. Always looking for new players! Thank you to all my friends who agreed to my posting this story where more people could see it. (This story is Copyrighted by on behalf of the individual contributors.)

Character: Player:

Serenade BluePhoenix
Frøya Sushi-san85
Lam/Amafrey Dr Archeville
Ronin Verser Wallace
Cordiana Star the Wanderer
Ondea Holy Ibanez
Cascade Bishi NERV
Paris Verser Wallace
Greystone Dr Archeville
Beiro Star the Wanderer
Ben Cobbler Verser Wallace

Alustriel, Drizzt, Catti-brie and Jarlaxle are shared among BluePhoenix, Sushi-san85, Verser Wallace and Dr Archeville, as they weave in and out of our tale.


The year is 1368, set just after The Legend of Drizzt: Servant of the Shard.



The day had begun with much bluster and excitement as workers began setting up kiosks and stalls all around the wide market area of Silverymoon, a wondrous city known as The Gem of the North for its hospitality and culture, its many buildings of higher learning and its system of government that kept the people happy and productive.

Silverymoon was always a good place to be, with its winding streets and its neighborhoods bursting with personality, thanks to many years of planning by the folk there and especially with thanks to the guidance of High Lady Alustriel Silverhand, who worked ceaselessly along with the Harpers and powerful local mages to see that her city and her people were well cared for. If all went well, Alustriel's greatest dream yet would soon be realized, and the confederation of the Silvermarches would soon be born with over a million people and many cities joining forces for the greater good of all, with Lady Alustriel as its first ruler and Silverymoon its capital city, ensuring prosperity and growth for many years to come.

A special excitement was in the air as the Silvaerens prepared for their Silver Festival, a once-every-five-years extravaganza held in high summer and widely regarded as the absolute best faire in the entire north of Faerûn. People came from as far away as Waterdeep to participate in contests of strength and accuracy, taste exotic food and wines, buy unique magical items and cheer the spectacular entertainment -- with something special planned for each day of the remarkable tenday event.

Already the inns were booked solid in advance of arrivals and people from the farthest away had begun trickling in days early; better early than late since you never quite knew how long a journey would take on the open road. The cleared areas surrounding the city were always patrolled by the city's army, the Knights in Silver, which was doubly important now that the many people who could not secure a room would spill over to take temporary shelter in small buildings and tents erected outside the city's gates. Several areas were being cleared and roped off for jousting and log throwing tournaments as well.

Now it was late morning and the rich aromas of grilled and steamed foods from several venders' stalls were already wafting through the crowd as many of the cityfolk worked and others strolled, no one wanting to be indoors on such a fine and interesting day...

...and so our tale begins...