OK So this is actually my first fan fiction. So be nice! lol hope you like it. ~~~T~~~

Chapter 1 Oh Baby!


OK So once again I find myself in a strange situation. God I wished my best friend was around! He could help me through this! Jake would know just what to say. As I look around at where I am, I see that I have travelled quite the distance from my truck. It is still parked outside of the Doctors office, a 30 min walk away. Slowly I cross the lush green grass of the park I found myself in front of, not stopping until I reach the row of benches situated near the kid's playground. I glance down at my watch and see that it is 6pm. guess that is why the park is almost empty. Supper time. As I sit down I flip open my cell and press speed dial 2.

"Hi, I need you please.... check your next text for my location...come fast... luv you!" I hate talking to voiceboxes. Quickly I send my location and nervously wait.

I cannot keep my mind from racing. What am I going to do? I am only 22 years old. Is this something I can handle? And the one thought that keeps looping through my head: How did this happen?????? But apparently it did 2 months ago! Still a girl should remember something like that. I'm not sure how long I sat there like that when a familiar and concerned voice broke me out of my thoughts.

"Bells? You ok?" He asked. Quickly gathering my slim frame up into his lap. I cuddled close into his chest and breathed out a sigh of relief. I looked up into the dark caring eyes of my best friend Jacob Black. Jake was searching my eyes for some kind of answer, and I was so unsure how to start.

"Jake..." I spoke barely above a whisper, and then quiet sobs broke out of my mouth as I clung to his shirt. His strong arms gently pulled me to him as his hand stoked my hair comfortingly. I'm not sure how long we sat like this, I felt like I was crying forever and Jake's shirt was soaked with my tears.

"Bella, talk to me Hun, tell me what's wrong... please."

"Doctor...throwing up.... tired.... baby.....2 months..... don't know..... how????" I choked out between sobs. His arms wrapped around me tighter.

"Oh Hun, you are pregnant? Oh Bell..."

"Dddoonn'tt hate me pplease!" I sobbed

He gently tugged my head up so he could see my face and shook his head. His hand wiped away my tears.

"I could never hate you Hun, you are my best friend. I do however have some questions. But first Bellaboo let's get you something to eat ok?

I smiled at his use of my nickname for me and slowly lifted myself off his lap to stand in front of him. He rose to stand beside me and put his arm around my shoulder. I leaned into him and looked up at him and nodded.

"Bells? Where is your truck?"

"At the Doctor's office. I walked here. Needed to get some air I guess."

"Ok, hmm I have my bike with me... we can ride over together to get the truck. I have your helmet with me. "

He guided me over to the Bike. Looking at it reminded me of when we fixed to up together a couple of months back. Oh a couple of months ago, did something really happen that night? I was so sure everything was ok that night. Oh what a different outlook I have now!

I guess I had a sad look on my face because Jake gave me a big hug and quietly said " It will be ok Sweetie" as he handed the baby blue helmet I picked out for myself. I put it on and got on the bike after he did. The bike started up and we were now headed back towards my old faithful truck. I hugged Jake and enjoyed the freeing feeling of riding on the back of the bike. It was always a favourite place for me to be. In no time we were parked behind my truck. I sighed and climbed off the bike.

"Jake stay with me?" I quietly said to him.

"Of course Bellaboo, I will just throw my bike into the back of the truck and we will go find something to eat and head to your place for the night ok?" He said in a warm comforting voice.

"Sounds good. I was thinking Chinese, I think my stomach can handle that."

"Sure Sure Bells. I will call in your favourite order and it should be delivered shortly after we get home." As soon as Jake said that he pulled out his cell and dialled our usual Chinese Restaurant. He climbed in the driver's side of my truck and waited for me to get in. As I hopped up onto the seat I heard him talking to Jin, the owner of The Oriental. He was joking with him about our order. We always ordered the same thing, even if we were eating in. Three servings of the Egg Drop soup ( I love that soup!), Special fried Rice, Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls and 2 servings of Pad Thai with Veggies.

I handed him the keys as he hung up the phone. " OK, so do you want to tell me what Dr. Cullen said Hun? You know I would have gone with you if you had asked." He said as he reached over and squeezed my hand.

"I know." Looking at him I took in his concerned eyes , I felt a wave of calm wash over me as I saw his reassuring smile. " Dr. Cullen said I have not been feeling well because I am 2 months pregnant. It is definitely not the flu like I thought! Jake I can't believe it! It had to be at that gathering at Lauren's! You remember? That night..." I broke off not really wanting to say the rest.

"Yes, I remember Bells." He said in a tense voice. We both were quiet for the rest of the ride. I let my mind wander back to the time in question.

2 months ago

It was February14th and Lauren was having her annual Valentines gathering. Usually Jake came with me but this year he was taking his new girlfriend Leah out for dinner before making an appearance. I was tagging along with Alice and her boyfriend Jasper, Rosalie and her boyfriend Emmet. I wasn't really looking forward to going, Lauren was not really one of my favourite people. We were in the same circle of friends but really did not have too much to say to each other. But she did have great parties. Alice is my best girl friend, she is always fun to be around. She has so much energy and always has this canny way of knowing things. She convinced me to go by telling me that she could just tell that this party was going to change my life she could just tell. When I asked her how she said she could not tell how but I just had come! So here I am. She dressed me in a red dress that had a wide strap on one shoulder attached with a brooch with multiple diamonds on it. The dress came down to just above my knees, and she matched it perfectly with some red pumps. We had decided to leave my brown hair down cascading down my back and shoulders in loose ringlets. I have to admit I looked good. I was never one to care much about clothing so it helped having Alice around.

We were all having a good time that night. My friends never let me feel like a fifth wheel on the most romantic night of the year. I did dance with a few of the single guys there, Mike Newton always was attentive to me. He has had a crush on me since we were in high school. But after dancing I really don't remember much of that gathering. I know I had some drinks but I never thought I was that drunk. The next thing I remember was waking up in the spare bedroom, my shoes and dress were by the door and I was wrapped in a sheet. I was horrified! I guess I let out a scream because the next thing I knew Jake, Jasper and Alice were rushing in the door. After they had calmed me down, Jake handed me my dress and both he and Jasper walked into the adjoining bathroom to give me some privacy. I got dressed and called them back in while Alice was quietly brushing my hair. I was trying to figure out how I got there and what the hell happened! They all started to ask me questions and I had no answers. No one had seen me go into the room with anyone, all the other guests were accounted for out in the main parts of the house. Jake had arrived 2 hours before finding me, he remembered looking around and not seeing me. He did see all the usual people that were always at these parties. I didn't want to be there any more so Jake said he would take me home. Leah was not happy, she resented the friendship Jake and I have, but he was dead set on taking me home. When we got to my place it was 2 am but I was not tired, we sat down and talked for the rest of the night. It was so strange having a period of time I could not account for. I felt so strange, kind of achy and my head hurt a lot. I kept thinking what the hell happened? Jake was feeling bad for not being there sooner at the party but I told him that it was ok. Leah deserved time alone with him. I was so glad to have Jake with me then.

As I am glad he is here with me now. I looked around and saw that we were already at my apartment building. We quietly went through the front doors and walked to the elevator. Jake pressed the button and we waited. He was rubbing comforting circles down my back as the elevator door opened. I was about to step in when I collided with something hard. I looked up and saw the most gorgeous color green I have ever seen in the form of eyes. Quickly I stepped back and took in the rest. I apparently had bumped into an Adonis! He had a beautiful face and sexy ruffled bronze coloured hair. " Ohm Sorry!" I stammered.

"It's quite alright. I did not mind." He simply said as I blushed making my face surely look as red as my dress.

Jake then abruptly coughed to make himself known and the Adonis quickly glanced at him and moved out of the way of the elevator. Jake took this opportunity to usher me in and pressed the number 5 button for my floor. As the doors were closing I could see those green eyes looking at me, and the sexiest mouth I had ever seen turned up into a crooked half smile. My stomach felt like there were a million butterflies let loose inside it. Wow. Of all the times for me to feel this way!

I don't remember getting out to the elevator or walking down the hall to my apartment door but here I was in front of it with Jake opening it. I think I was starting to go into shock with all the information I had been trying to digest in my mind. Jake must have figured this too because he brought me to the couch and dragged the comfy blue throw I had over top of it over me. He sat beside me and drew me into his arms. The food arrived a few minutes after that and we sat quietly together and ate. Well I ate a little bit but the bottomless pit named Jake ate a lot! I mainly just ate to helpings of the soup and some rice. After we finished Jake cleaned up the leftovers and dishes then came back to cuddle with me on the couch.

" So Bell what you are thinking."

I slowly looked up at him and tears started to slide down my face.

"Jake, I don't know.... How is this even possible? I can't help thinking back to the party. Did something... someone... oh god!"

"Ohh Bells whatever happens from here on out, you will always have your friends. I will do anything for you, you know that. Ok so I have to ask some questions Hun, ok?" I nod. " Do you know who the father is?"

My hands went to cover my face " Ummm no" I mumbled. " I was not aware I even had sex 2 months ago Jake!"

"Ok ok. I know. I just wanted to make sure. So what's next? What did Dr. Cullen tell you?"

"I am supposed to go back to the clinic tomorrow for an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok with the.... umm I also have a prescription for prenatal vitamins.... oh my god Jake, my dad... how am I going to tell him! He is going to be so disappointed..."

"Don't worry about him right now Bells, I will be right with you when you need to deal with that. As for the vitamins, I will get them for you. I will also go with you tomorrow. Ok? You don't have to do this alone."

"I'm scared. "

" It will be ok Bella." He said as he stroked my hair to comfort me. I started to relax under his touch and felt myself start to get sleepy.


Bella finally fell asleep cuddling with me on the couch. I carefully eased myself away from her and rose up to stand in front of her. She looked so small and delicate sleeping there. I sighed then went to find a quiet spot to sit for a minute. I found myself wandering to the window seat in her bedroom. It was Bella's favourite spot in the whole apartment. She had big comfy pillows in various shades of blues, browns and a couple of gold ones. I had to admit it was a nice spot to think in. I sat down and leaned into the pillows as I took out my cell and called the only person I could think of to help me.

" Hi Alice, Bella needs you ..... She uhh got some unexpected news. .... Ummm no she does not have the flu like she thought. Ali, she is pregnant. Yeah that is what I said. No she does not know. Yeah I know. 2 months. Yes. She's asleep right now. Can you and Rosie come over? I think she may need some female support. Plus I have to go get some stuff for her and I don't want her left alone. Ok, see you all in five."

I sat there waiting and thinking about everything. Leah was mad at me again. We had planned to spend the evening together. That is until I got the message and text from Bella. I quickly sent off a text to Leah telling her something came up and I would explain later. Hopefully she would understand. Bella was not one of her favourite people and she did not understand how we could be so close and just be friends. We grew up together, did everything together. So when she moved to Seattle, I followed. Sure there was a time when we were teens we thought about taking our relationship to the next level but in the end we agreed we were just best friends. Although I will admit I am very possessive towards her.

Suddenly I hear Alice's voice calling me. They must have let themselves in. Alice must still have her key from when they were roommates. I get up and walk back towards the living room. Everyone is there, Ali, Rosalie, Jazz and Emmet. I immediately feel calmer now that our friends are here to help me with Bella.

"Hey guys"

"Jake! How is she?" Alice quickly asks.

I notice the others are all just silently looking down at the couch where Bella is still sleeping.

"Well she is pretty shaken up. Bells scared guys. She does not know how or who got her pregnant. It's pretty messed up. I think it all boils down to the party. Someone did take advantage of her. I only wish I knew who! I'd make them take responsibility!"

"Do you think Mike.....?" Rosalie said quietly

" No He hooked up with Jessica at the party... I don't remember anyone trying to hook up with Bell" Emmet said. He looked very frustrated. Like I suppose we all were. All of us kind of looked at Bella as the little sister we had to protect. I personally promised her dad Charlie that I would look after her here.

" What has she decided to do? Asked Jasper.

" I am assuming she is going to keep the baby. She has a prescription she wants filled, and is going to see about an ultrasound tomorrow." I answered as I went to sit at Bella's feet.

The girls sat down in front of the couch, moving the coffee table out a bit so they could be at Bella's side. Jasper and Emmet sat at the stools at the kitchen island. All of us just looked at the sleeping girl. Suddenly she started waking up stretching her arms out and making contact with Alice's shoulder.

"What the??? Ohh! Alice! " she exclaimed as she reached over to hug Alice.


As I broke off the hug, I looked around my apartment and saw my friends with looks of concern on their faces. I guess Jake had filled them in on my situation.

" Hey Guess what guys?" I said.

The response I got was a chorus of " What's" and Emmet saying " What Belly Button?" I cringed at the nickname he gave me many years ago.

" I guess in a few months there will be another one in our group. Can I count on you guys to help me?" I was suddenly feeling all alone.

All of a sudden I had the five of them all trying to put their arms around me and heard them say things like "Of course!" , " was there any doubt!" and a squeal of " I'm gonna be an Auntie!!!!!"

It made me feel good that no matter what I had their support. I was kind of still in shock about it all and really did not know what I fully was going to do. Although I did know I was keeping the baby. I already felt love for him or her, even though I had no idea who got me pregnant.

" Guys, does it sound bad that I do not know who the father is?"

Jake spoke up then " Bells between me, Emmet and Jasper your baby will not be lacking in the father department. I promise. " Emmet and Jasper shook their heads in agreement.

"Thanks" I said as I tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill. " I don't want you guys to start treating me any differently ok? I am just pregnant . Ok?

Everyone shook their heads yes.

Then Alice looked all excited and clapped her hands. " Oh Bella! This means a lot of shopping trips!!!! Oh I can't wait! "

" Only you would think of that girl! Bella is there anything you need us to do for you?" Rosalie said.

I smiled at Alice's comment then replied to Rose " Just support me and this little one. Guys, I know this is a big change for me, I guess I am still in shock a little, But I have a feeling I am going to need some emotional support in the next little while. I'm scared. I just feel there is so much unknown in this situation. This is not how I pictured having my first child. I am definitely scared at what to tell Charlie. He is going to freak." I also wished my mom was still alive. Suddenly sad again that I have not seen her since I was 10. She would have known how to soften the blow for my dad.

Jake touched my leg and was the first to speak " Hun, I told you I would help you with Charlie. And I am not going anywhere. Girl you are stuck with me. " I smiled at him for that.

" And Uncle Em is not going to miss spoiling your little button! " Emmet said smiling his goofy smile. I couldn't help but laugh at that.

Jasper ruffled the top of my head and said " Hey someone's got to be the voice of reason around those two, so I'm in! " I reached up to grasp his hand and mouthed thanks.

" Bell, you have been my best friend forever and I cannot think of anywhere else I would be. Plus it gives me a chance to shop!!! " Alice said laughing.

Rose took my empty hand and said " Hunny, I will do or be whatever you need. You know that. We are your friends, if you can't count on us, who can you? You know that was there really any doubt?"

Tears began to fall and I just look at everyone and smiled.
" I really do have the best friends ever!"

Everyone laughed. " Ok guys what else are you dying to ask? I know someone must have a million questions!" So for the next half hour I answered as best I could all the questions they had. The toughest to answer was when Alice asked me if I was a virgin before the party on Valentines. My answer was yes. That is what saddened me the most. A girls first time was supposed to be special and I had no memory of it or of the guy. I had no memory of what happened that night. I just remember dancing then waking up and not knowing. I was a wreck for a few weeks after the party. I felt like something happened but did not know what. I know that I handled it wrong though. My dad was a Chief of police in my hometown. I know that I should have reported what I thought had happened. Jake wanted me to. But I convinced him I was ok and it did not matter. I think I was just in denial. Well guess there was no denying it now.

We then decided to watch a movie and Jake went to the 24hr pharmacy to get my prescriptions for me.

After the movie Jake wanted to stay over to be there for me but I told me no. I was ok. I needed to have some alone time to get used to everything anyways.

After they all left I went to the bathroom took a quick shower and crawled into bed. I was suddenly very tired even though I had had that nap on the couch earlier.

As I fell asleep my mind was going over everything that had happened today. The last thing I remembered before I succumbed into dreamland was the gorgeous green eyes from the elevator. Of all the things to think of ....