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Chapter 11

Time Together


Slowly the fog of sleepiness lifted from my brain and I realized that I was trapped on my bed by a warm body, and strong arm that was wrapped around my waist. Carefully opening my eyes, I glanced over towards my bed mate. He looked so peaceful and boyish sleeping there.

I was still in disbelief that Edward chose me. He wanted me. I am certainly glad he is here with me, but I just don't understand why he would saddle himself with me and my problems. I couldn't think of another guy that would do this, that is what makes Edward special. He is truly one of a kind.

A little part of me wondered if everything was happening too fast. What if Edward got tired of me? Or decided he was done dealing with a baby that had no blood tie to him. My thoughts soon traveled to that little baby I am carrying. I wonder what it will be, what he or she will look like... Will they look like me? Or some stranger I don't recall meeting. Will I be a good mom? I just have to be, this little one deserves it. It scares me a little to think that in less than a year another human being will be dependent on me. If I was so unsure of the responsibility, how could Edward seem so ready to take it on? A small smile graced my lips as I realized that my thoughts had come full circle. Starting with Edward and ending with him.

"Hmm. What are u thinking about Sweetie?" Edwards voice startled me out of my deep thoughts. He snuggled closer to me and brought a hand up to gently wipe away a stray hair that fell across my face.

I smiled at him and shyly said "You and the baby." As my one hand went to my stomach and the other to caress his cheek.

Edward moved his face so his lips pressed into the palm of my hand and his hand was covering mine on my stomach. " I like the sound of that. Now what were you thinking about us?"

I gently moved to sit up which made Edward kind of slide his head into my lap with his head against my stomach.

I was unsure if I wanted to tell him exactly what I was thinking. But regardless I took a deep breath and said "I was wondering who the baby will look like... what the sex is ... If I am ready for it all and well...I cant help wondering if things between us are happening too fast. If will you get tired of being around a pregnant girlfriend who's baby is biologically not yours ... I don't want you to feel trapped with me..." I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the headboard.

Edward was quiet for a few minutes then let out a deep breath and shifted so he was lying beside me.

"Bella, please open your eyes. I need you to look at me, please." I opened my eyes at the same time that he brought his hand to cup the side of my face. " Sweetie, I realize it is early on in our relationship and I guess you are unsure of my feelings. But Bella, don't ever doubt me ok. I meant it before when I said I was here for the long haul." As I looked in his eyes, it felt like I was looking into his soul. There were so many emotions there. He took another deep breath and spoke again. "I care very deeply for you and that is not going to change. I can see a future with you and that most certainly includes the baby you are carrying. It's a part of you and I can't wait to meet him or her. I want to be in both of your lives as long as you will have me."

As my brain processed what Edward just said I was silent and a few stray tears fell down my cheeks. He gently wiped them away with his thumb, patiently waiting for me to say something. I knew I had to speak but I was so overcome with what he said. My voice was scratchy and quiet when I spoke " Oh Edward... I care a lot about you too... I..." I bite at my lip nervous about declaring my feeling even though he had already told me his. "I think I am falling for you... but I am scared." As I was speaking Edward scooted up so he was sitting up and very close to me.

"Sweetie, you have no idea how good it is to hear you tell me how you feel about me." He gathered me into a comforting hug and said "But please tell me what has you scared?"

I rested my head against his chest breathing in the manly unique smell of him. Just having his arms around me gave me more confidence. "I'm just scared of the whole relationship thing. I mean I have dated before but nothing serious, and I guess my experience a few months back has me skittish. Edward I am not typically the type of girl that jumps head first into a relationship so fast. Obviously for whatever reason I jumped fast into something I don't even remember and the result will be with me forever. But I also know that what is happening between us is special and I don't want it to stop. I can't explain it I am just scared. Plus the fact that... well uhh just look at me. I'm just plain old Bella and you are... well, hell you are in a magazine as being one of the top gorgeous bachelors around this town. Surely you can see that it is strange for someone like you to want someone like me."

"Oh Bella, first I am the same way. I mean that I have never fell this fast for anyone. Relationships are scary sometimes. But we are in this together and I will do anything to help you not be so scared about it." He then moved my head so I was looking at him again. " You really don't see yourself clearly do you? Plain is not a word I would ever use to describe you. You are the most beautiful women I have ever met. I don't think you realize the effect you have on me. Since I first saw you in the elevator, you took my breath away. And not just because you bumped into me" He smiled "I could not get you out of my mind, even though at the time I thought you were with Jake. Do know how hard it was for me the second time in the elevator? There you were standing right beside me. Then I felt so jealous of Jake when he drew you closer to him. I wanted that to be me! I felt so drawn to you and we had barely spoken at that point. Imagine my surprise when I again spotted you at the diner. " I giggled a little remembering what I told Jake when I saw him looking at him. "What's that giggle for?" Edward asked.

"I was just remembering what I said to Jake at the diner." I said still giggling.

"Oh really? And what was that?" he asked smiling.

"I basically called you nice eye candy" I blushed as I said it. I was grateful to see that Edward was blushing too as he chuckled at my answer.

"Hmm that's nice to know." He said as he gave me a small peck on the cheek. We were interrupted by my alarm clock signalling that it was time for me to get ready for work. I sighed and reached over to turn it off.

"Guess I have to get ready for work now." I stated sadly. I didn't want to leave my room or Edward.

"Sweetie, I know how you feel. I wish we could stay like this all day but we both have to go to work." Edward said giving me a small squeeze. I nodded and moved off the bed.

I turned back towards the bed looking at him, he was still relaxing against the headboard watching me. His eyes traveling down my body, lingering on my chest then settling on my face. I smirked at him. "Like what you see?" I flirted.


I couldn't help checking out my girlfriend as she got up. Her nightie for a split second was up around her waist as she rose from the bed, giving me a perfect view of her perfectly round bottom in the sexy white lace panties she was wearing. As she turned around my eyes traveled up her body. God she is beautiful. I saw the look on her face, she looked amused. I couldn't help but chuckle at her comment.

"Yes, I do Miss Swan, very much."

She giggled and walked into the hall towards the bathroom. I sat there thinking over the conversation we just had. I realized it this was not the first time Bella voiced concerns about being scared and why I was with her. I will have to make sure she always knows no matter what that she is who I want no one else. If it was the last thing I do I will build up her confidence.

I got up and got dressed in my discarded clothes from yesterday and went into the kitchen to make some coffee. I went ahead and made a small breakfast for us. Bella joined me after her shower and we quickly got ready to leave. I dropped her off at the book store and headed home to change and get ready for work.

As I headed into my apartment, I went over to the answering machine and saw i had a message. Clicking the play, I walked over to the fridge to get a drink. As i grabbed a water bottle my mother's voice filtered through the apartment. "Hello Edward...I was hoping that you were available for brunch on Sunday. I hear there is someone I might like to meet, so bring her along please. It will be fun. Emmett and Rose will be there too. Call me! I haven't been able to catch you on your cell."

I set the water bottle down on the counter and pulled out my cell phone. Sure enough there were a couple missed calls from my mom and a text message from Bella.

I checked the text.

To: Edward

From: Bella

Can we meet up later? Miss u already.

B ox

I quickly sent a reply back.

To: Bella

From: Edward

Of course Sweetie. I will pick u up after work

Edward ox

With a sigh I decided I better call my mother back.

After a lengthy conversation with her mostly about Bella, my mom was satisfied and I assured her I would talk to Bella about the brunch. With that done I needed to get ready for work.


After Edward dropped me off at work, Angela pounced on me.

"So girl, you have a lot of news to share!" she exclaimed. We settled down with a coffee and I told her everything. She was surprised and hugged me and offered to help in anyway.

" Oh man, you lucked out with Edward girl!"

"I know," I replied. "He is the best. It is all so surreal. But I think as long as I have him, it will be ok. Even though we just met, I feel like I have known him forever. He really wants both me and the baby. I have to admit, I am having a hard time believing he really would accept this baby as his own."

Angela patted my knee " Bella, I could tell the other day he was head over heels for you. One look at the way he looks at you and anyone can see that. And the fact that he wants to be there for you and the baby only confirms that he is a special guy. You better hang on to that guy!"

I smiled and replied " Yeah I know Ang, and I have no intentions of letting him go!"

As we sat there a customer came in and Angela went over to help them. I took this time to send out a quick text to Edward. A few minutes later I received a reply. I was seeing him after work. Hmm that seemed like a long time to wait. I really did miss him already. Well I better start earning my pay! I made myself busy with a box full of books that needed to be priced and put on the shelves.

My day seemed to get busy after that with quite a few customers coming in. Before I knew it, the clock read 1pm. It was the end of Angela's shift and Maria was walking in the door to start hers. Ang hugged me goodbye and promised to get together for coffee soon.

I chatted with Maria for a while since there was a lull in the customers then decided to go check on the many cats and kittens in the shop. After I fed them, I curled up in a comfy chair with the same kitten Edward was cuddling with the other day.

The next thing I knew I was waking up to a kiss on the lips by none other than Seattle's #4 most eligible bachelor. "mm mm, hello" I yawned. " Is it 3 already?"

"Yes Sweetie, I'm here to take you out of here. Maria told me where to find you. Tired?" He said as he help my off the chair. I guess the kitten got tired of cuddling because she was no where to be found.

"Hmm I guess I was. I only meant to sit for a few minutes." I said sheepishly.

Edward chuckled "It's ok. Maria said nothing much happened while you were napping. Your body needed the rest. You have to start listening to it and take care of yourself."

"Yes Dr." I said as I saluted him and giggled. Edward just laughed and grabbed my hand as we walked over to the counter so I could get my purse.

After chatting with Maria for a few minutes we left. As we got into the car Edward asked what I wanted to do for the rest of the night. We decided to go back to Edwards apartment and have an early supper. Although our first stop was the grocery store for supplies, due to the fact that my dear Dr boyfriend did not have much food wise at his place.

It was fun going shopping with Edward, he has a big sweet tooth and seems to gravitate to the sugar filled isles in the store. I think I spent as much time taking out things from the cart as I did putting them back in. The pout Edward used each time was adorable. A trip that I thought would take up 20 mins actually took a whole hour. To appease Edward I bought stuff to make an apple crumble dessert. For our main course we were having a hamburger stew. It was comfort food for me and I was craving it. Edward smiled at me when I said I was craving it. Then he laughed and said so the cravings begin. I stuck my tongue at him. Causing him to chuckle.

The whole evening was rather enjoyable. Edward and I got to know each other even more by talking about our childhoods and our expectations for the future. He told me how he always wanted to have a younger sibling but it just wasn't in the cards for Esme his mom. I heard how he became the neighbourhood babysitter, which melted my heart hearing this. Listening to him talk about his love for children and how happy he is with his chosen profession, made me actually feel better about his desire to be there for me and my baby. I shared with him my fears of parenthood and how it was growing up with Charlie and how I missed my mom. We decided to cuddle on the couch and watch some TV. Personally I didn't care what we were watching I was just enjoying being close to Edward.

It felt good being in his arms and he smelt so good! The last thing I remember was snuggling into his arms and Edward rubbing comforting circles in my back.

Friday morning we woke up lying together on the couch, apparently at some time last night we moved so I was on top of him. Hmm I found out I like this position a lot. My body was reacting to the fact that Edward was soo close. I shifted a tiny bit and then found my leg pressed against something hard, I moved again and it literally twitched and Edward let out a small moan. His arms tightened around me and he kissed the top of my head. I got the feeling he was seeing where I was taking this. I ran my hand down his chest, trailing my fingers over his stomach. He hummed as I was doing this. I was guessing it was a good thing. My hand met the edge of his shirt, I played with it for a minute, unsure what I should do next. Timidly I crept my hand under his shirt. Feeling the warmth of his skin. Edward sucked in a sharp breath as my hand traveled up and brushed a nipple. His arm pulled me closer.

"Mmm Bella..." He almost growled my name. It brought a smile to my lips.

"Is this ok?" I asked quietly as my fingers played in the small amount of hair that littered his chest.

"God, yes!" he moaned. Feeling a bit brave my fingers trailed down to the waistband of his pants. I was a bit nervous. I have made out with a couple guys before but never touched them below waist. Well you know, that I remember... Anyways I really wanted to explore his body. He gave me the confidence to do this by simply being him. Last night he had changed into a pair of pajama pants to be more comfortable and gave me a t-shirt and boxers to wear to be comfy. My finger slipped under the waistband of his pants and explored the taunt skin there. His hand came up to cup my cheek and caress it. He was still letting me go at my own pace. Glancing down I could see the evidence that he was enjoying my explorations. There was quite a large bulge there. Hmm interesting. My finger moved a little lower, I uncurled the other fingers resting them all at the start of the soft curls. I then realized he was going commando! Mmm that's sexy! I peeked up at Edwards face. His eyes were closed and he had a small sexy smile on his face. His breath was shallow.

My hand started moving again and his cock moved slightly. The tips of my fingers brushed the base slightly. Edward made a small sexy groan. I liked seeing the effect I had on him. I eventually decided to wrap my hand around the base of him. It twitched under my grip and Edward moaned my name again. Hmm well he liked that. I carefully moved my hand up the length of him. Reveling in the soft but firm feel of him. As I reached the top I slipped my thumb over the head to explore some more. I earned another groan from Edward and his hand grasp the hair at the back of my head gently. After pumping my hand firmly up and down a few times, I wanted to see what I was doing. Letting go I reach for his waistband and started to tug it down. Edward figuring out what I wanted raised his hips to help. With one last tug out popped his engorged hard member. I gasped at the sight and Edward chuckled. I ran a finger up the side until I came to the head. I was mesmerized by the sight and feel of it. He twitched again as I pressed my finger against the slit in the tip. I moved to get a better look at what I was doing. My chin rested on his stomach.

Edward must have been watching me cause when I licked my lips while looking at that awesome looking cock of his, he groaned. I couldn't tear my eyes off the sight of my hands moving over him. Once again I was pumping my hand up and down the length. It was getting harder the faster I went. Licking my lips I had a sudden yearning to taste him. I wondered if it tasted as good as his neck which I had previous nuzzled another time. Moving closer my tongue darted out and licked the top of the head. Edward groaned and slightly bucked his hips towards me. I smiled. My tongue continued its explorations licking the rim of the head and going down the base. His hands moved to grab onto the cushion of the couch.

Bringing my tongue back up the opposite side all the way to the tip again. I licked the slit then brought my lips around the head and sucked on it gently. "Arggg mmm Belllla!" Swirling my tongue around the swollen top. Tasting the precum that was leaking out. My fingers continued to grip the shaft and move up and down in rhythm to the work my tongue and lips were doing. I brought my other hand to cup and squeeze his balls, making Edward growl and buck his hips making me take him deeper into my mouth. Hmm He seemed to like this. I brought my hand down to lay flat at the base and continuously bobbed my mouth up and down the shaft, licking as I went. All kinds of sounds were coming out of Edwards mouth. "MMMM ahhhh ohhh fuck Bellla, soo good!" I licked the slit again gathering the moisture gathered there and moaned at the taste of it. "Arrgg Sweetie... imm gonna cum... mmm god soo good." Sucking harder as I moved up and down wanting him to let go and find his release. One more pump sucking him all the way into my mouth he came with a big growl. I felt his hot liquid shoot down my throat. Gently sucking I released him from my mouth and shyly looked over at him.

Oh god what if it was not that good? What if he didn't want me to do that yet. Did that purely on instinct, I hope it was ok. Looking at him, I realized his eyes were now closed, his breathing still heavy. Slowly the biggest grin graced his face. Hmm well I guess I did good. Suddenly I was being pulled up into Edwards arms. "Wow. That was totally unexpected but really appreciated! Thank you Bella"

He brought my face closer to his and gently kiss me.

"You're welcome. Umm was that ok? That was my first time..." I stammered.

He hugged me "Bella that was fantastic. You obviously have a natural talent."

I blush and hugged him back. "Glad you liked it." I said quietly. I quickly became nervous. I was not sure I was ready for him to touch me like that. I tensed slightly. Edward sensing my tension, ran his hand comfortingly down my back.

"Bella, I know you are not ready yet. I fully appreciate the gift you just gave me. You have no idea how much. And yes I do want to share with you the joys of our bodies being together but I'm willing to wait as long as you need. OK Sweetie?"

I snuggled closer to him and let go of the breath I was holding. "Ok , thank you." I said softly.

We snuggled ion the couch for a while longer before deciding it was time to get up. While Edward took his turn in the shower I wandered into the kitchen to fix something for us to eat. But first I grabbed my purse and dug out my vitamins and cell phone. I walked to the fridge and grabbed the apple juice and poured my self a glass. I licked my lips before I took a sip of the juice. I could still taste Edward on them. Mmm delicious. I still couldn't believe I had been that forward and did that! Shaking my head I popped a vitamin in my mouth and downed it with the juice. Looking around at what supplies he had I decided to make some crepes and bacon. I found some canned peaches I could warm up to serve with the crepes. I was almost done cooking when I felt Edward come up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Mmm smells good Sweetie."he said as he kissed the spot just behind my ear. I moaned slightly and he chuckled. " Hmm you like that do you?" All I could do is nod. Edward squeezed me closer to him. "Good" he murmured. Then in a louder voice "Let's see what you made for us." He moved around me and took in the sight of breakfast.

Edward seemed to inhale his breakfast, telling me how good it was and that I was spoiling him. I had to laugh at that. We talked about what we were up to today. He was working at the hospital today for a night shift. I also was working but a later shift than usual.

"Umm Edward would you mind spending some time with the gang?" We usually spend some time together on Saturdays. Today everyone is meeting at my place." I asked him. Unsure if he would really want that.

" Sure I would. It would be nice to spend some time with Jasper and Em. As well as getting to know everyone else better." He smiled that crooked smile at me and my heart melted. It was amazing how one smile could effect me!


As I walked towards the bathroom to get ready for my shower my thoughts traveled back to the events earlier. Wow I never expected Bella to suck me off! Wanted her to? Yes! Thought about her doing it? Yes! Enjoyed it? Fuck yes! But never did I think she would so soon. It was amazing! I have never felt so good by someones mouth! Then I find out that was her first time ever doing it! Just WOW! Was I ever a lucky bastard! I knew all through my shower I had a goofy grin on my face but that was ok. I was happy.

As I was drying off and getting dressed I thought of Bella. It was like she was made for me.

I remembered I still had to talk to her about Sunday at my parents house.

Walking out towards the kitchen I saw the most beautiful sight. Bella in my clothes moving about making us breakfast. It was like she belonged there. Wait...that's just what I wanted. I wanted her to belong here forever. Wow. I better keep this to myself for now. That revelation just might freak her out. I mean she wasn't ready to "sleep" with me yet. Never mind move in with me! It didn't stop me from standing there for a minute imagining how life could be with her here. Making us breakfast while the baby was sleeping near by.

I shook my head and walked up behind her wrapping my arms around her. Telling her that breakfast smelled good. Also finding out she liked it when I kissed behind her ear. Hmm keep that info tucked away for another day.

I couldn't get enough of the crepes, they were delicious. As we ate we talked about our day. We agreed to spend some time with her friends before we both had to work.

We were now back at her place. She had had a quick shower at mine and kept the shirt I gave her yesterday to wear home. I was now waiting on her couch as she went to change into something else for the day. There was a knock on the door. " Bella, I'll get it!" I yelled to her. I heard a faint "ok"

Opening the door I saw Jasper and Alice. "Hey Jazz! How are ya?"

"Howdy Edward! I'm just fine. What you been up to?" Jasper replied smiling at me.

We lapsed into a conversation about what we both have been up to lately since its been awhile since we have spoken. Alice took this opportunity to go back and see Bella.

Quickly we came to the topic of Bella. Jasper got a serious look on his face and turned to me "I just want to say that like the rest of the gang, I am very protective of our Bella. Edward, I was there when we found her at the party in February. She was so out of it. Looking into her eyes we could tell she was more than just drunk. But she never knew this. Yeah we will all admit it was irresponsible of us not to press her to go to the police and all but in our own way we were looking after her..." he held up his hand to stop me from responding. As I was going to. " She was already ashamed of herself. We didn't want to traumatize her more. She is a great girl and very special. I just wanted to you to know that. Also that if she gets hurt, there is a long line of people that will kick your butt!"

"I know Jazz. I was warned by Jake. I wouldn't dream of hurting her. She already means the world to me. I'm sure you have heard all about what I told her. I mean it. I want to be there for her and the baby. Umm I really think someone should have told her the suspicions you all had about that night. It really was her decision how to carry on from there."

"Ed, at one point I did have those thoughts. But Bella just plain blocked that night out of her mind. She did not want to talk about it. She convinced herself nothing really happened and that was that. The guys and I did try and find out who she was with but nothing came of it. It was a dead end."

"You never found out anything?" I questioned.

Jasper shook his head slowly sighed and said "No."

Our talk was interrupted by another knock on the door.


I was standing in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear. My thoughts kept going back to this morning. Part of me could not believe I had done that! I have to admit that I did like the way Edward reacted. Seeing him giving into the feeling I was creating in his body was amazing. It made me feel sexy and wanted, but the fact still remained that I was nervous about going further with Edward. I liked pleasuring him and that was a step forward. I know Edward would like to return the favour but that's what scared me. What if he didn't like my body? What if I could not fully satisfy him in bed?

I was so lost in my thoughts that I did not notice that someone had joined me in the room. I jumped slightly from the touch on my shoulder. Looking over I saw Alice standing there with a small smile on her face.

"Boy, Bell you were miles away! Penny for your thoughts"

"Hi Alice, I was just thinking about Edward actually."

"Hmm What about him?"

"Well.." Going to sit on my bed and motioning her to join me I continued " Alice... I don't know what to do. I mean I really like Edward. A LOT! But part of me is scared to go further. I mean I now know I am physically not a virgin anymore...but I still feel like it emotionally."

Alice gave me a reassuring smile and gently took my hand. "Hun, I totally understand. Right now you are dealing with so many changes, just take it one step at a time. Edward adores you, he is not going anywhere."

We chatted a few more minutes about my feelings and how to deal with them, when I decided to tell her about my actions this morning. A big grin broke out on her face and she started bouncing slightly on the bed. It was at this point that Rosalie arrived in the room.

"What has the pixie so excited?" Rose said with a smirk.

"Bella told me she 'pleasured' Edward this morning! Our little Bell is growing up!" Alice exclaimed.

"Oh really? That's great Bells. So how was it?" Rose asked as she settled on the bed next to us.

After turning bright red with embarrassment I replied "It was good. He seemed to like it." I was fiddling with the hem of his top. "Umm can we talk about something else please!" I gently begged.

The girls chuckled and agreed. We turned our attention on finding me something the wear. Alice examined almost everything in my closet and finally pulled out a pair of grey yoga pants and a loose blue t shirt. Comfort clothes. I smiled thankfully to Alice.

Ten minutes later we were walking out into the living room. Everyone was there.

Emmett was the first to speak up " So Bellybutton whats to eat? I'm starving!"

Everyone laughed and I shook my head chuckling "Well I will have to go see what's in the kitchen."

Everyone was gathered around the television trying to figure out what to watch. It was a typical event these Saturday mornings. But it gave me a nice feeling in my heart to see Edward right in the thick of it all. As if he could sense me watching at him Edward looked over at me and winked. I smiled as I searched for the items I needed to make breakfast.

Craving something sweet I decided the menu would include brown sugar scones, fresh fruit (of course), Western Omelets, Bacon (because I was craving that too) and some home fries. I also got out the OJ and started the coffee pot for coffee.

I was in the middle of putting the scones in the oven when I sensed someone in the kitchen with me. Now since all my friends knew better than to disrupted my Saturday morning cooking I knew it had to be Edward. As I straightened up and turned around his arms enclosed around me. "hi" I whispered.

"Hi. I missed you." he murmured against my ear. "Jasper told me that you don't usually like help but I couldn't stay away. Can I help you?" He backed his head up a little so I could see his face. He was giving my what I can only think to call puppy dog eyes. "Please..."

Reaching up I gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Alright just this once. Can you cut up some potatoes for the home fries?" Handing him a knife.

He smiled and nodded while quickly getting to work. I have to admit we worked good together. Every so often he would give me a kiss on the cheek. That sweet gesture warmed me. I never thought I could be this happy. In no time at all we were almost ready to serve. I was just finishing up the home fries as Edward was plating the omelets. I turned around to put the home fries on the island when I saw Emmett with a plate already in his hand almost patiently waiting for his breakfast.

He had such an innocent look on his face it was comical.

"Em dig in! Breakfast is served everyone! But hurry guys! He's looking mighty hungry!" I called.

It was funny to see Jasper and Jake scramble to get up and get some food before Em got it all.

We all settled in the living room to eat. As normal I got a seat on the couch after all I was the cook so I got a comfy seat. Edward was next to me and Alice was beside him with Jasper at her feet. Em, Rose, Jake and Leah were all spread out on the floor. I really needed to get some more furniture!

"Great food Bells" Jake said as he stuffed more fries in his mouth. That lead to a chorus of compliments from everyone.

"Thanks guys but I tell you every time that I don't mind doing it. It's fun. Plus it's the only time lately we can all get together in one place for an extended period of time."

Everyone agreed it was nice to have this time together and we launched into various conversations regarding our time apart during the week. I loved this time together.

I stretched my arms started to move to get up. Edward reached over to take my empty plate and helped me up. I went over to get my vitamins and some OJ.

All eyes were on me as I did this it was a little freaky. " Hey guys, you know it's a little weird to have an audience while popping pills." As I said this I started feeling the awful burning feeling in my throat of heartburn and grabbed the antacid bottle.

Jake noticed "You ok Bells?"

"Yeah, just the stupid heartburn. Hopefully it will go away soon." As I spoke Edward got up deposited our dishes in the sink and went to the fridge. I watched as he poured a glass of milk and handed it to me.

"Here hun this will help." He said handing me the glass.

I gulped it down and of course it did help a bit. "Thanks Doc." I smirked. He grinned at me. I looked over at everyone else and they were all once again busy watching a movie.

"It's nice being here with everyone. I have missed Em and Jazz."

"I think it is nice having you with us too. You fit in nicely. It's like you were meant to be here too." Reaching up I stroked his cheek and leaned into him.

His breath was tickling my ear as he whispered "We were meant to be together." I sighed in agreement and wrapped my arms around his waist as he wrapped his around me. We just stood there enjoying being together. After a few mins Edward brought a hand up to lift my chin up towards his face. It felt like he was about to kiss me when we heard Emmett call over "Alright you too enough mushy time! I miss my Bellybutton! I need my cuddle time too ya know!"

"Yeah yeah Cuz, but you have to promise to give her back. I'm kind of attached to this lady." Edward replied. Shaking my head in fun as I walked over to Em and jumped in his lap.

Rose laughing spoke to Edward "Gee do you think we should be jealous?" As they watched Emmett and I cuddling together on one of my big pillows.

Edward laughed then said "Hmmm I hope not. But just in case want to cuddle Rose?" As he winked at her.

Grinning Rose winked back and said " Oh Edward I never thought you'd ask!" Edwards plopped down on another pillow and Rose crawled over to him acting like she really was going to cuddle with him. That's when the jealous streak came out of Emmett.

As everyone else was cracking up laughing Em nicely deposited me in Edwards lap and grabbed Rose

"Oh no you don't! You only cuddle with me!"

"Hmm guess I'm replaceable huh Em" I joked. Em responded with " You will always be my cuddly Bellybutton but Rosie is my #1 cuddle partner."

Alice chuckled "Poor Bella reduced to a cuddly bellybutton, really Em ya gotta find another nickname for her. That is just too weird!"

"Aww come on it so suits her! Don't you think so Edward?" Em asked

Looking up at my boyfriend he smiled at me then looked at his cousin "Well Em she does have a very cute bellybutton that's for sure!" I blushed a bright red colour as Edward laughed and pulled me closer to his chest.

"Ewww Cuz! I don't need to think about that!" As he looked all grossed out.

After everyone laughing and making more comments towards each other the guys decided like always it was time to clean up. It was a rule that since I cooked they would clean it up for me. All the girls headed to my room for some girl time.

As soon as the door was closed and the four of us were settled on my bed, we broke into a talk about the baby. I answered questions about what I wanted to have a boy or girl, if I had any special names yet, then the talk got a lot more serious.

Leah asked "So is Edward really stepping up as Daddy?"

"He says so. It all so unbelievable. I mean I know he has said it and I do believe him but I can't get out of my head that after awhile he will get tired of playing family with me and the little one." As I spoke I was picking at my comforter.

Alice reached over and hugged me "Honestly Bell I think we can all tell you that Edward doesn't seem to be the kind of guy to just forget a promise he has made. Plus girl have you seen the way he looks at you. It's like you walk on water."

"Yeah Em says he has never seen Edward like this with any girl. According to Emmett, Edward never found a girl he wanted to spend enough time with to even consider her a girlfriend. Plus he was always too busy with his schooling and getting his practise started. Edward loves kids. It doesn't seem to be something he is taking lightly." Rose added.

"I hope so. I just feel so overwhelmed sometimes. It is all happening so fast. He was adopted you know. Said he knows how it feels to not know who your dad is and wants my baby not to have to go through that. He really wants to be the father to my baby, how lucky can I be huh?"

All three of them sighed and agreed that I was very lucky to have met Edward. This prompted a conversation about him and all our guys. My situation seemed to bring out a side of all the guys that none of them had not seen before and they were impressed. We had been chatting for a hour or so and I was suddenly getting tired. I kept fighting back a yawn but it finally came out.

I barely heard Leah speak as I laid down on the pillow. " OK girls, I think she needs to take a nap. Let's go get our men."

The next thing I felt was a pair of strong arms wrap around me. I instinctively moved closer. "Mmm" i murmured.

Edward placed a kiss on my forehead and snuggled up beside me, stroking my hair.

Without opening my eyes I spoke "Hmm I could get used to this..."

"Could you now? I'm glad because it is definitely going to happen a lot."

"I hope so." as I opened my eyes to look at him. "Where is everyone?"

" They left a few mins ago. You have been sleeping for about 45 mins. I didn't mean to wake you Sweetie, I just wanted to be near you. " He said as we cuddled closer to each other.

Yawning a bit " I glad you did though. I don't want to sleep away my time with you."

"Hmm but my dear, I have to admit that being in this bed with you is one of my favourite places to be." He said as he lifted my chin to give me a kiss. I nestled my head into the crook under his arm and rested partly on his chest.

"Hmm. I had a dream about the baby... it was strange." I whispered.

Rubbing circles on my back. " Strange? How so?" He asked.

I was partially nervous to tell him about it but I really wanted to get it out of my head. It was unsettling to me. It had a mystery man in it claiming my baby daddy, and Edward was there too.

Taking a deep breath "The baby was born and the biological father was trying to claim it. You were fighting with him, the baby was crying and I could not settle her down. He took her from me and immediately she settled down and cuddled into him. She wanted him and not me!" At the end I had tears falling down onto his chest.

"Oh Bella," he sighed and he sat up bringing me with him. He sat me up so I was facing him and brought a finger up to brush away my tears. "It was only a dream. This baby is going to love you. And I am not going to let anyone no matter who they are take the baby away from you. OK?"

"It's just that it was so real... all except for the fact that the guys face was blacked out. He was so angry at me and told me I was a lousy mother. " I sobbed.

Bringing me into his arms "Sweetie, I know you will be a great mother. You are so caring, loving and a great person. This baby is so lucky to have you as a mom."

I sighed, sniffled and spoke "You think so?" Edward nodded "The baby was a girl, she was so beautiful... brownish hazel eyes, tiny little hands and toes..."

"Hmm she sounds wonderful. Did she have a name in your dream?" He asked.

Thinking for a minute trying to remember every detail about her but not about the mystery father.

"Her name was Nora I think. That was the name on the blanket around her... oh wow what a pretty name."

"So I guess you really want to have a little girl huh. Since that is what was in your dream..." Edward asked as he traced imaginary lines down my arm. I have to admit it was a little distracting.

"I haven't thought about it really. I mean I have thought about the baby just not what sex it would be.

What would you like to have? " I asked looking over at him from under my eyelashes.

"Bella, either would be great, but I am not going to lie... Every guy would love to have a son but having a daughter that is just like her mom would be beautiful. Whatever sex this baby is, it will be loved by me completely." He said looking down at my arm that he was still tracing designs on.

What he just said touched me in my heart, a single tear escaped my eye. "Thank you Edward. That means a lot to me..." I moved my head closer to him and reached up to plant a kiss on his cheek.

"No need to thank me Sweetheart. It's a privilege really. I'm honoured that you are letting me be the dad." With that his lips met mine in the sweetest kiss. Pulling me up to look straight into his eyes. " I promise you to always be there for both of you. You can always count on me Bella. "

I was so overwhelmed with emotion all I could do was kiss him with all my heart. He matched the emotion in the kiss and soon our bodies were pressed together hands wandering over each other. I could feel the hardness of the muscles in his arms, the firmness of his stomach and chest. Not to mention the hardness of something else touching my lower stomach. Our kisses were getting more passionate, the need to be closer to him was stronger. The heat between my legs was growing, the ache becoming unbearable. All that could be heard was the occasional moan coming from one of us.

I wanted more. No. I needed more. "Mmmm Please Edward..." I begged.

Edward responded while moving his hand to my ass and cupping it and bringing me closer to him. I could feel the hardness of his cock closer to where I instinctively wanted him the most. "Bella... hmm fuck that feels so good. Hmm Please what sweetie? Tell me what you want." His eyes were a dark green colour and full of lust. He looked gorgeous.

"Ohh need more... please... Edward... I want you..." I gasped out, overwhelmed by the things I was feeling. I had never been so turned on, never needed something so much and he was only touching me above my clothing!

Slowly Edward moved his hands under the shirt I was wearing, I looked up to see him watching me. Like he was waiting for me to stop him. I nodded to say it was ok and he gave me that crooked smile and lifted the shirt up and over my head. His hands laid softly on my stomach as he looked down at me. "Just beautiful..." He whispered as he bent down and gave open mouth kisses to my neck, shoulders and travelled down to the top of my breasts. As his mouth kissed every inch of skin that peeked out of my blue lace bra, his hands crept up and he palmed my breasts gently squeezing them. He was creating so many delicious feelings in me. I started moaning and arching closer to him.

As I arched one more time m hand went to the back of my bra and unhooked it. Which earned a groan from Edward as he moved the bra away from my body and stared greedily at my bare chest. I was looking at his lips as he licked them. My nipples hardened in response. He immediately dove his mouth and latched on to the left one as his other hand came to tweak the right one.

"Oh God, Edward... feels so good" I murmured, revelling in the sensations I was experiencing.

"Mmmm Sweetheart, I'm going to make you feel so much more. Today is all about you..." He said lifting his head up from my breasts only long enough to give me that piece of information. He continued to lavish his ministrations on my breasts with his mouth and hands. I felt like I was already in heaven I couldn't imagine it getting any better.

His hands started to explore more of my newly exposed skin with feather like touches that heated my body with flames of desire. That desire seemed to pool in the one place I desperately wanted him to touch the most. I started to roll my hips and squeeze my thighs together to create some friction, it was like my body was working on its own, knowing what i needed. Which again earned a groan from Edward. God I was starting to love that sound coming from him.

I hadn't even realized that he had discarded my pants and was playing with the lace of the underwear i had on.

"Please...Edward" was all I could say.

Bending down to give my tummy a kiss, he then moved his whole body lower so his face was just above my heated centre. Next i felt him stroke me through my underwear. "Ohhhh" It felt so good. I started wiggling against his hand.

"Hmm want more Bella?" he chuckled. His voice taking on a deeper throaty sound as he hooked his fingers into the lace covering my lower half and pulled it off my body. "Damn Bell you are so beautiful." "So Pretty... mmmm" He was tracing an imaginary line up my legs to my hips, also kissing as he went. He travelled all the way back up my body so his was flush with mine. I whimpered. I could feel the evidence of his arousal right between my legs. Exactly where i wanted it but i have to admit I missed the contact he just had with my aching core. I wanted more of it. He whispered for me to have patience as he captured my mouth in a passionate kiss. His fingers worked their way back down my body and headed straight to my clit. He started rubbing it softly and slowly. I was so turned on it wasn't going to take much more before I came. He brought his fingers down to swipe my slit, gathering the wetness from there.

"Fuck, you are so wet, so ready..." He whispered hoarsely.

My hands were almost digging into the mattress as I arched closer to his fingers. Due to my movements Edwards finger slipped inside me. "God! Yes..please..." I begged. He began to pump one finger in and out, curving it every once in a while. Then he added another. "OH!" my hips were moving on their own accord, i couldn't stop them if I tried. Everything felt so good! His lips on my skin everywhere, his fingers... oh god his fingers.

The most wonderful feeling started building up in the pit of my stomach, spiralling downward.

I could barely hear Edward soft words of encouragement. "That's it ... just let yourself go... god you are so sexy ... cum for me babe"

He was working my body into a delicious frenzy, the peak was almost there.

"Aww Edwarrrd... god yes ! OHHH!" The orgasm over took me and I felt waves of intense pleasure come over me. His touches were softer now as I came down from my high and he was peppering my face with light kisses.

"Bella that was so sexy and beautiful" he said lovingly to me. I just smiled and cuddled closer to him. I couldn't speak. I was just too amazed at it all. Like wow! OK I have given myself orgasms before but nothing and I truly mean nothing like the one I just experienced!

We laid there quietly for a few minutes just enjoying being with each other. Then I suddenly remembered that he did not get any relief. "Oh! I'm sorry I forgot about you! You didn't get..."

I exclaimed.

Edward just hugged me closer and replied " Sweetie, I'm fine. Not to worry. This was all about you, I just wanted to make you happy. And believe me I got a lot of pleasure out of giving you that."

"Are you sure?" I peeked up at him shyly. He nodded and kissed my forehead.

We spent the next hour cuddling and chatting about silly little things. Before we knew it we had to get up to get ready for work. Well I had to go to work. Edward still had a few hours before he had to go to the hospital for his shift. He went to make something quick for us to eat as I grabbed another shower and got ready for work.

We ate in a comfortable silence. I really didn't want to say goodbye to him after the afternoon we just had but I knew we had to.

He gave me a sweet kiss on the lips, promised to call me later and told me to drive safe. He was heading to his apartment to catch a few more zzz's before work.

I gathered my purse and headed out with the biggest smile on my face. Today was a good day for sure ! The days to come could only get better as far as I was concerned.

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