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IZZY AND THE BUTTONS Chapter 1 - Meetings

Spoons was a little town with a population of 2010. It was situated just on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona. The weather was always warm, at times the temperature soared to heights that not even Izzy Bird could cope with. Today was a particularly warm day, so much so that Izzy decided to wear her shorts and a vest top to school. They were in the middle of a heatwave just now and it was not even summer! Izzy jumped into her BMW Red Convertable that her dad Harlie Bird had bought her when she passed her driving test. Harlie was the local Chief of Police and a much loved public figure in the town. Izzy pulled out of the long driveway leading from their house to the main stretch of road, she drove with the roof down, letting the warm breeze run through her hair. She was going to school, yep another boring day at boring school learning boring lessons that she hated. Well, today might not be as bad as the other days because there was a new family enrolling in school today and everybody loved it when new people arrived.

Izzy and her friends always liked to make new students welcome. As she drove at breakneck speed wondered what the new kids would be like, how many of them were there, would there be any good looking guys? Probably not, and if there were then they would probably already have girlfriends.

Izzy was popular at school but for some reason she "never got the guy". It frustrated her quite a bit, she didn't think she was ugly or anything, just unlucky in love! Oh, well, she thought, the quicker I get there the quicker I will be disappointed again!

She drove into the school parking lot and headed towards her "usual" space to park her beloved BMW to find to her horror that another car had already parked there! How dare they, she thought to herself, everyone knows I park there every day and have done since I got my car. Must be someone that does not know the rules! She drove into the next space and turned off the engine, got out of the car, quickly locked it and turned towards the car in her usual space. "Hmmmmm, nice car – a silver Volvo" she said to herself whilst looking it over "well, it maybe nice, but it is still in my space, nice or not, just wait till I get him or her" She quickly turned around and began heading towards the school entrance. She walked directly to the office to make a complaint to Mrs Dope and as soon as she walked through the doors she came into contact with 5 unfamiliar faces, all very good looking faces, all turned towards her as she barged through the doorway! She stopped short and just stared at them. The smallest of the five, a small dark haired girl, was talking to Mrs Dope, the rest of them looking around them in a completely bored state of mind.

A sensation came over Izzy just at that point, she could not put a finger on it, but suddenly her nasal passages were working overtime. "What is that smell, its lovely?" She must have spoken her thoughts aloud because they all turned to stare at her again, questioningly. A voice spoke, a very deep voice it was too "what smell are you referring to". Izzy blushed quite red and replied "oops, did I say that out loud, sorry, er I was just thinking that someone was wearing some rather nice cologne or something" She looked at all the faces turned towards her however no-one spoke, not a single person – instead they all looked at one-another as though they were communicating in other ways. The small dark haired girl resumed her chatter to Mrs Dope. She turned to hand each of them a sheet of paper and they all in turn walked out of the office without a single word.

Izzy just watched them leave and never said a word! She then turned to speak to Mrs Dope and began explaining the reason for her visit, ie the strange silver Volvo parked in her usual space. After she babbled incoherently about this, Mrs Dope then replied with "Izzy my dear, I know you always park in the same space but the Button family have just arrived today and they really didn't know that it was your space, can you let it go for today dear and I will have a word with them and ensure it does not happen again tomorrow?" "Oh, yes of course Mrs Dope, that would be fine" she mumbled in a dreamy voice. Mrs Dope looked at Izzy and said "Izzy are you alright dear, you look a funny colour" "oh, um, er, yes Mrs Dope, I'm, er, fine so I am, my mind was somewhere else for a second, I'm sorry, yes that would be fine for tomorrow, thanks again Mrs Dope" Izzy made her exit and Mrs Dope nodded her acknowledgement to her.

Izzy walked along the school corridors in a dream. "Did I really just see five of the most beautiful people in the world standing in front of me and all I can say was – what is that smell – what a dork I am, no wonder I don't have a boyfriend, huh!" Izzy was quite annoyed with herself, because then she realised that this was the new family that were enrolling today and she really had wanted to make a good impression and she had blown it again! Dizzy Izzy strikes again! Oh, well she thought I had better just get on with it and get to class!

Izzy reached her first class of the day which was English. She sat down at her table and took her books from her bag. She was sitting flicking through her copy of Wallace and Gromit when she felt a presence near her, then she heard a voice, a deep voice "Excuse me, is this seat taken?" She looked up into the most beautiful pair of brown eyes she had ever seen in her life – she was lost at that point – it was one of "the" family from the office! "Er, em, nnno, it is not taken" The guy with the deep voice smiled at her (she went into shock at this point) and withdrew the chair and sat down.

Izzy was really not herself at this point, she thought to herself "oh my god, I am in love – I cannot sit here beside this georgeous guy and expect to study and learn stuff, oh no, I need to get away, this is just too much – I have already made a fool of myself asking him and his family basically if they smell, he is gonna hate me sooooo much"

Just as she was trying to think of a good excuse to make her escape, feign sickness or something, the deep voice spoke once again "Hello, my name is Egbert, I am new here with my family, how do you do?" he said reaching his hand out to her in welcome. Izzy stared at his face then at his hand, she was unable to decide whether to speak or take his hand – she decided she could do neither and promptly picked up her books, threw them into her bag and ran out the door shouting to her teacher as she went, Mr Bannon, I don't feel well, I'm off to the nurse – sorry!"

Egbert just sat there in total amazement and thought "what did I say, what did I do? Have I offended her in some way – what a start you idiot – she was nice too and as usual you scared her away – what a clown" Mr Bannon looked over at his sitting there alone and said, Mr Button, welcome to the class, do you have paperwork for me? Egbert proceeded to hand the appropriate paperwork to Mr Bannon. "Mr Bannon, can I ask you a question" said Egbert, "certainly" replied the teacher.

"The girl who was sitting here next to me, I introduced myself to her, I don't think I offended her in anyway but she just ran from the room in what looked like a total panic, is she alright?" "Oh, Izzy, yes she mentioned on her way out she was not feeling well, she went to the nurse, I suppose she will be fine, why?" "Oh, nothing, I just thought I had upset her or something, just checking"

"Well, that is okay Egbert, now do you have your copy of Wallace and Gromit, if so please turn to page 24, please read the next five pages aloud for the class thankyou. Egbert proceeded to do as requested.

Meantime, Izzy was at the nurse. Nurse Peters had given Izzy a glass of water to drink and she was sitting quietly in the first aid room. "Are you okay to go back to class dear, you will have missed English by now so you will resume to Biology am I correct?" "yes, Nurse Peters, it is Biology next after break and yes, I do feel much better, thank you" Izzy proceeded to gather her belongings together and headed to the cafeteria to meet her friends for break. She met with Angie, Jessie, Ben and Mikey. They all asked her if she was okay, she replied by saying yes. Izzy'a closest friend was Jessie and once they had all sat at their seats she turned to Jessie and said "oh my god Jessie, did you see the new family arrive this morning, they are all georgeous, there are five of them, 3 guys and 2 girls – all absolutely stunning" "Yep, I seen them Izzy, they parked in your space this morning" she said laughingly "NO, please tell me it was not them – oh no I feel awful now!" "Why" replied Jesse, did you give them a piece of your mind about it or something?" "No, I didnt, I just asked them why they smelled so nice!" "Eeeh, what, why on earth did you ask that and which one did you ask?" replied Jesse. "Oh, Jesse, I asked them ALL, not just one of them, then I made a complete and utter fool of myself in English, one of the guys sat beside me in class, introduced himself to me and guess what I did, I ran out of the room in a blind panic" "Izzy, why on earth?" "They are georgeous Jesse, I cant talk to them if they are georgeous, I don't have luck with georgeous guys, I am bad for them, I bring misery to them, I bring them bad luck – I cant go near them, any of them, ever"

"Izzy, don't be so silly, you are so superstitious, why on earth would you be bad luck for them, thats a load of crock and you know it" said Jesse. Just at that point the Button family walked into the cafeteria and as Izzy looked up her eyes met with those of Egbert, he waved to her, she immediately looked away and spoke to Jesse "See, he is looking at me, he just waved, I cannot talk to him or get to know him, please help me?" "Izzy you are being ridiculous now,stop it now" said Jesse

"Jesse, why don't you understand, I am bad for them, they cannot know my secret, that guy over there is called Egbert and he is georgeous and I really think I like him but I just cannot be anywhere near him" "Izzy you are being stupid now, now on earth will he find out your secret unless you tell him and what harm is it sitting next to him in class, I mean its not as if you are about to fall madly and irrevocably in love with him, marry him and have some sort of demon supernatural baby with strange teeth or something" Izzy just looked at Jesse in total amazement and said NOTHING.

Jesse just stared at Izzy for a while then understanding dawned on her, then she said "OH MY GOD IZZY, NO, YOU CANT, ITS NOT RIGHT, THEY HAVE JUST GOT HERE, NO NO NO – Its too late isn't it – its already happened hasn't it?" Izzy quietly replied "Yes, Jesse, it has, now do you understand, now will you help me, it cannot and I will not let it happen again, you need to help me"

He he he – what do you think it is – what does she not want to happen again – I have a fair idea of what it is (but then I am writing this!) I would be interested in any concepts anyone else has – drop me a line and let me know I would love to know what you all think! Is SHE a vampire – are the Button family human, vampire or what – is Izzy human, are they on earth? I am open to suggestions (well I might be)