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A recap of the last paragraph (which was a long one) in Chapter 5

"Silly Izzy, it's too soon for that, we have to get to know one another better first don't we?" said Egbert with a wicked smile on his face. Izzy was sitting just staring at him in shock "WHAT, he has considered marriage – this is sooooo bad, I really need to speak to Jesse now – oh my god, what am I going to do – why is this happening to me, why with him, I need to tell him about me" Egbert must has seen the look on her face and took both her hands in his once again and leaned towards her saying "Izzy, we are meant to be together, can you not feel it? What is so wrong about meeting that special someone, your soul mate, eh?" "Nothing Egbert, nothing at all, it's just that I am not good for you, I could hurt you" said Izzy. Egbert just looked at her again with a curious look on his face "how on earth can you hurt me Izzy, now you are being really silly, as if you could really hurt me at all"; "Egbert, you don't understand at all, I am dangerous for you, I am not right for you at all, I mean, I want to be with you, I care for you deeply and want to be your girlfriend, of course I do, but you and I are not right for one another, it's not meant to be", Egbert was really confused now and looked at her with utter confusion on his face "Izzy, what are you talking about, what is this you are saying how can you be dangerous for me, not right for me, how can you say we are not meant to be when we are so clearly destined to be together?" "Oh Egbert, I want to explain, I really do but I don't know how or what to tell you, you will hate me when you find out the truth" Izzy was almost sobbing by now and Egbert replied "Izzy you are scaring me now, please tell me what you mean, please?" Izzy bowed her head and she felt the tears begin to fall down her face, "I....I...can't Egbert, I d..d..Don't know w...w...what to t....tell you" she said, now sobbing. Egbert reached a finger under her chin and very gently lifted her face to his "Izzy nothing can be that bad, please please tell me and I can help" Egbert gently placed his thumb under her eyes and rubbed away her tears, he then reached for her and took her into his arms and tucked her head under his chin, he held her while she cried and until her sobs subsided. Once she was calmer she began to speak "Are you sure you want to know Egbert, no matter how horrible it is, will you still want to be with me?" "Of course I do Izzy, now tell me" "Okay" Izzy said, "you asked for it" she said with a tremulous smile on her face. "Have you ever heard of.............

Chapter 6

"Well the thing is Egbert, when I was born, my parents were well they were not, err........ em, god this is soo hard, they were not, well technically my mother was but my father, well he was er, not human" There I said it! I looked at Egbert and all I seen on his face was total confusion. I put my hand on his shoulder as he seemed to be off in a world of his own "Egbert" I said shaking his shoulder, "Egbert, are you okay?" "Er, what Izzy, what did you say there?" "I was asking you if you were okay Egbert", "Yes Izzy, I'm fine but, did you just tell me that your father was not human, how can that be?"

"Oh Egbert, I knew you would not believe me!" shaking my head in disappointment. "Izzy, you have not told me anything other than your father was not human, what do you mean not human, that is impossible, you say that as if it's just something that anyone would say in general conversation, what do you mean Izzy, please tell me?" "Okay, I will explain if I can" said Izzy.

"My mum, who was human I might add, used to work in a library and she found it quite difficult, so she told me, to meet guys. She was very shy and tended not to go out with just anyone. One day a guy came into the library and asked for some specialised books on some kind of wildlife or something like that. The guy never took any books home but came in every day for months and sat at a desk and read every book on the subject that the library had. He and my mum eventually struck up a friendship and mum was so chuffed that she was friends with a guy. After a while he asked her out on a date, and she went. They dated for quite a while and then he popped the question and they got engaged. Not long after they got married and before long mum was pregnant with twins. Sadly one of the twins died, it was a boy and dad became very distressed about it, so did mum, but it hit my dad really really hard for some reason. I was fine and mum spent her days making sure everything was perfect for me and devoted her every waking minute to me. She was very protective. I don't ever recall my dad showing me much love or affection as I was growing up until my 14th birthday" I looked at Egbert to make sure he was listening.

Egbert was listening intently to my story however when I looked in his eyes I saw something strange there. Maybe I was imagining things, maybe it was just concern or confusion, I continued with my story, eager to get it all out now.

Izzy is reciting a flashback of a conversation between Harlie, her father and herself on her 14th birthday.........

"I woke on the morning of my 14th birthday and got up as usual, showered and got dressed. I went downstairs for breakfast and mum was nowhere to be seen. Usually in the morning the table was set and we would have breakfast together, all three of us. That morning there was only myself and my dad, which I could not understand. I asked dad where mum was and he said that she had to go away for a day or two to see a sick relative. I thought that was odd as mum did not ever talk of any other relatives in her family but then again that did not mean there were none. I did think it odd that she never mentioned it to me the night before, especially as she would not be there for my birthday. I sat down at the breakfast table and dad and myself enjoyed our breakfast as well as we could. It was just as I cleared the dishes from the table that dad started to speak, he said "Izzy, do you remember when you were little and we told you that you should have had a twin who died?" I nodded and said "yes", "Well, the thing is that when I met your mother, I was doing a lot of research about different species in the animal world and also research on DNA in humans" I was confused, what did this have to do with my mum and my birthday, infact what did this have to do with anything and what on earth was he going to tell me.

"The thing is Izzy, when I was born, I too was a twin and my twin also died. It is normal with our kind, the stronger twin always lives and the weaker twin dies to save the stronger one"

I was horrified at this statement and said "Dad, what are you talking about, you are really scaring me now" "Don't worry Izzy, it's not a scary story I am telling you, it's your fate that I am trying to explain to you. As I said, the weaker twin dies to let the stronger one survive. It happened to me and it also happened to you. When the surviving twin reaches the age of 14 then a change takes place but not until 14 days after their birthday. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to tell our offspring of this until the actual day of their birthday, so that is why I am telling you now"

"A ch...change, do you mean, change?" "Izzy, when you reach the age of 14, and 14 days after your birthday your body and mind changes to that of another species, in our case, a shape shifter. More easily described as a wolf-like being"

"WHAT?" "Seriously dad, are you kidding me or something?" "This cannot be true, I don't believe you, this is some kind of joke!" "No Izzy it is not a joke, I wish it were but if that were the case then you would not be my daughter"

"Dad, you are sitting there calmly telling me that I am not human, how am I supposed to accept that, and how am I supposed to deal with it all?" "Wait a minute dad, a shape shifter, a wolf, are you one of these.....things too? Anyway, how come you don't look like a wolfy thing or whatever you call it, how come you look like a human?"

"Izzy the change takes place only when there are other dangerous beings nearby, such as vampires!"


"Its true Izzy, in fourteen days you will experience a change, your temperature will increase rapidly and fluctuate for a few days, you will get stronger, you will be able to run faster, eat more plus a lot of skills you have at present will only be enhanced. You will only shape shift when there is danger lurking and if there is a vampire nearby who is threatening you or yours. When you do shape shift you will take the form of a wolf. You won't be a werewolf but just a wolf. You will be able to communicate with the rest of the wolf pack telepathically and you will always remain in contact with them in this way. Your thoughts will not be your own when you have changed but then when you shift back to your human form you will be as you are now. There is one condition with this and that is that you do NOT share this information of what you are with anyone".

I just stood there totally numb and unable to say a word, which was definitely not like me at all. Then from the deep recess of my mind I remembered something that my dad had said, something about "vampires". I looked at Harlie quickly and said "Wait a minute, this is really difficult to take in and somewhere along the way I think, only think, I believe it although I don't think I truly will until the 14th day, then you will be really sorry if it is a joke! The thing that I want to know about is do you seriously think that I am gonna believe that vampires really exist and because of them I turn into some sort of wolf thing?" "Really dad?"

"Yes Izzy, I do think you should believe, it is your destiny after all and vampires have always existed. For some reason if they did not exist then neither would we, there is something inherent in our gene pool that attracts them to us and it triggers a change in our kind. We have never been violent towards each other but then we have never been friendly either, well not for at least 150 years when the treaty was formed"

"Dad, there you go again, treaties now, 150 years, what on earth is happening to me now" I said slapping my head in amazement! Oh and what was that you said about a pack, now you expect me to believe that there are more of these things, a pack I ask you, so where are they all hiding all are they having a 14th birthday wolfy party right at this moment" I said in an irritated tone. I looked once again at my father and his expression told me that there was more, "Right there is obviously more to come so spill it...."

"We should make ourselves comfortable then and sit in the living room" We both moved into the living room, I threw myself on the couch and dad took one of the armchairs nearby. He continued with his "story". "150 years ago we were living in Spoons all very calmly and normally, no wolves, no shape shifters at all. A family of really pale looking individuals moved into the town and took up residence in the mansion at the edge of the town. They were called the Button family" At this I gasped and must have gone a funny shade of pale because Harlie asked me if I was okay, I said yes and to continue, which he did.

"Anyway, the Buttons lived here for a few years peacefully. We hardly ever seen them in the town or the surrounding areas and a lot of the townspeople assumed that they travelled a lot because of this. One night there had been a lot of animals slaughtered in the woods and the local law enforcement officers were out trying to catch the culprits. Unfortunately, they never found out who was responsible. One of the nights two of the officers came across 5 or 6 individuals out in the woods in the dead of night. They had obviously been hunting because in front of them were the dead carcasses of at least four deer. The strange thing was that there was not a speck of blood on any of them, the individuals that is. One of the officers asked what was going on but no-one replied. The other officer had not spoken at all and later on he said the reason was that he was feeling strange and had experienced a strange sensation. He felt the anger brewing and could not control himself and before he knew what happened he had shape shifted into a wolf. The people just stood there in total shock and stared at him. The other officer simply ran away and was never heard of ever again – that was an odd one! The individuals seemed to know what had happened and one of them stepped forward to speak saying "we are not here to fight with you or indeed hurt you, we are only here to hunt and feed ourselves. You may realise what we are now and we ask you to leave us to our hunting, no harm will come to you or your kind, or indeed any human, we promise you" The officer, well wolf by this time, shook his head up and down and then ran off into the woods. Within a few seconds he had returned and had changed back to his human state. He was extremely confused as this had never happened to him before"

"C...c...can you tell me what just happened to me and who are you?" The "leader" replied by saying "yes, we can help you, you are a shape shifter, a wolf in particular. We are vampires but vegetarian vampires and only drink the blood of animals. We mean no human or wolf any harm."

"Okay, but how do you explain what happened to me, and I thought vampires were mythical?"

"No vampires are very real but we hide, we hide very well indeed. You shape shifted into a wolf simply because we are in the area. As soon as a shape shifter comes into contact with a vampire, for as long as they are unable to control their phasing, then they will change into a wolf. Once they can control it they will only change when they wish to do so"

"What do you mean exactly, change when they wish to do so?" said the officer and the leader replied "Well, if you feel threatened or angry you will phase into a wolf to protect yourself, you will have the ability to kill a vampire such as us but only if we are threatening towards you, if you come in contact with a more hostile vampire, one that does consume human blood then you will of course attack and kill"

The Officer was totally shocked at this explanation and was unable to speak for a short time, the leader continued on "I see we have shocked and surprised you Officer, we apologise for this as we thought that you would already have known this, after all we have been in this area for some time" The Officer eventually replied ", I...I....didn't know th...this at do I know you are telling me the truth?" The leader responded "The fact that you have just phased into wolf form and back again should be truth enough for you, therefore you need not believe what we have told you tonight if you do not wish to however I would urge you to believe, for your sake and the sake of your friends and family"

The officer nodded in agreement, finally accepting what the leader of this group had told him.

"You see now Izzy, this is nothing new to us, it is something that has always been in our gene pool and has been there for over 150 years. As I told you before it only comes to play on the 14th birthday exactly 14 days after that date. I should mention that there have not been any incidents where any of us have had to phase for a number of years which would mean that there have not been any hostile vampires in this area so I don't think you have anything to worry about"

"But, dad you said that there was a pack, who is in the pack?" asked Izzy. "Izzy I cannot tell you who is in the pack because I am forbidden to tell you this until you phase, don't worry about that because the first time you phase the pack will come to you and you will know who they are" said Harlie in a reassuring tone. "Okay dad, but I really don't think I like this at all, infact I know I don't like it, I mean, whoever heard of something as stupid as this, I mean things like this don't happen in real life, or at least I thought they didn't!"

Harlie reached over and took his daughters hand in his and said sympathetically "Well Izzy, if it's any consolation that what I thought when I was first told and it took me a long time to accept it but if you ever need to talk about any of this then please just come and ask me, you know I am always here for you" "Okay, dad, I will"

End of reflective flashback

I looked at Egbert's face and he looked very pale, paler than normal even. If I didn't know any better then I would have thought he was in shock – or maybe he was, anyways there was something not right with him. I reached up to touch his shoulder and gave him a shake, he was so cold to touch, "strange" I thought. I started to speak to him "Egbert, are you okay, Egbert...." I said waving my hand in front of his eyes to try and bring him back from wherever he had gone!

"Wh....what, oh Izzy, sorry, I was lost in thought for a moment there" said Egbert. "Lost in thought for a moment, more like a good ten minutes or so Egbert, are you okay?" "Yes, Izzy I am okay, I was just thinking of your story there" "Oh, I see, so what do you think then, are you afraid or do you want to go running away from me now, as you know what I am?" asked Izzy.

Egbert looked at her and smiled "No silly, why would that make a difference to me? You are still my Izzy, are you not?" "Well, essentially yes I am still Izzy but......" "Hush" said Egbert putting a gentle finger over my lips. "You are still you, you will always be Izzy to me, wolfy or not!" Edward leaned down and kissed me on the lips ever so gently, me being me tried to prolong the kiss but Edward was that bit stronger than me and stopped me. I pouted at him saying "not fair" he just chucked softly and kissed the tender bit behind my ear.

As he straightened up I looked into his eyes and for a second or two I saw something there that I did not understand "Egbert, what's wrong now?" "Nothing Izzy, it's just that I now need to tell you something and I don't think you are going to be happy with me?" said Egbert. "Oh, what have you done now Egbert?" "I have done nothing at all Izzy, but listening to your story was very interesting and informative but there is something that I don't think you have realised or picked up on at least" "What would that be Egbert?" Izzy asked.

"You mentioned that there were a family of vampires, or coven as they are normally called, who lived in Spoons around 150 years ago?" said Egbert. "Yes, Egbert, I did, why?" "Well, you said their name was the Button family!" "Yes, it was, now get to the my God......Egbert......your name is Button........oh no!"

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