I lay here on my knees on the forest floor holding my child's body and sobbed and wished i could cry real tears

for my son that i will never get the watch get older and watch him embrace life,instead i will walk this earth for eternity with no one i sat there and cried for hour's maybe days but i didn't care all i wanted was my child back giggling being care free i sobbed some more for that bastered that left me pregnant and defenceless after all i did for him and his family i went into a castle full of vampires to save him just because i loved him and how does he repay me he makes love to me and leaves,leaves me open for Victoria to find me and kill me and that wouldn't have been so bad if she did just kill me but she killed my child and turned me.

this beautiful little boy with brown curly hair ,green eyes and cream skin,now lay here limb and lifeless in my arm.i let out a scream as i thought just a few weeks ago we had his first birthday and when he smiled thoughs dimples would come out and melt my heart.

As i thought back there was a noise in the bushes but i didn't care who or what it was just that i hopped a could kill me.

"Bells?"Jake asked worriedly"wheres mason?"he asked i let out a scream of pure agony

"Oh my god Bella who did this to him,to you?"he sobbed he had been like a father to him

"shes mine"i said with venom pooling in my mouth.

"Bells you cant say here for now a least charlie sent out a search party"he sobbed again

"take him to charlie tell him you couldn't find my body I'm going to find that bitch and make her die a slow death"i hissed the last part

"Bella please be careful and i love you when the time is right you may come back but right now you need to get out of here"he picked up masons body form my arms and i kissed mason on the cheek.

"i love you baby i know you in heaven and i might see you one day I'm going to find the bad woman who did this to you and make her pay"i promised"and Jake i love you I'm sorry i couldn't love you the right way but you will find someone and thank you for everything that you've done for me and him but i don't know if i can ever come back"i said and ran before he could respond and didn't stop i ran for day weeks i don't know i just needed to get far away and then form a plan of what to do next.

when i stopped i was somewhere in Italy and figured i would go to the volturi maybe they could help me if not i knew they could kill me so i would ask that of them im sure they wouldn't have a problem with it,one less vampire to look after right?

So i ran to volturra to the big castle with that horrid clock tower that brought back so many memories that i wanted to was overcast so i didn't have to worry about sparkling,once inside the human at the desk tried to stop me but i just kept walking at a pace that was a little faster than humans and pushed the grand wooden doors that lead to the thrown room.

There in the middle of the room looking just as they haad a year ago sitting looking shocked as a barged in walking tword themnext thing i new my hand where behind my back and i was thrown to the ground with someones knee in my lower back.

"LET THE FUCKING GO OF ME YOU BASTERED!!!"i yelled and i heard a gasp

"Isabella?"i heard Aro asked

"well hello there old friend"i said and i heard a few gasps around the room.

"Felix let her up"Aro ordered and he did so

"I'm sorry Bella i just didn't know who you were"he said apologetically i gave him a sad smile

"that alright Felix i just need to talk to the brothers now"i said sadly

"what is it Isabella,where are the Cullen's?why are you here?"Aro asked concerned

"the Cullen's are not her nor do i know where they are"i sneered there name"i am her by myself and have a request for you"i stated

"and what would that be?"he asked confused

'i was wondering if you could help me track down Victoria and kill her if not i would like you to kill me"i said confidently

"and why Isabella would you make a request like that may i ask?"Aro asked

"you may,a couple days after coming here to save ed-Edward we made love but he left again and i found out i was with child and gave birth to the baby half vampire half human"there where more gasps" three days ago Victoria came to find me and kill me but she found mason,killed him and turned me,i can not let her walts around this world after she killed my baby and was hopping you would help me,i will join you only if i kill her"i said and fell to the floor and sobbed,the look on Aros face was of complete shock.

"bella i am so sorry for you loss and i am sure of my dissension i need to talk to my brothers give us tonight to talk it over and we will come to an agreement by sunrise tomorrow Jane will lead you to you room goodnight Isabella"Aro said and Jane helped me up and lead me to my room for the night.

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