"Maucus?" I called he wouldn't looked at me his face blank" I would like to thank you" I said finally with emotion sadness.

"What?" he asked confusion crossed his face very quickly.

"What you said earlier about…..mason and Edward, I was true and IV waited for over a hundred and fifty years for someone to say that to me so thank you" I said back in my dead voice. Shock flashed his face and everyone one else's. I walked over to my spot in the guard. The whole room was still.

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"oh and father i would like to appolgize to the cullens if wouldnt mind?"i asked in a soft yet dead tone.

"as you wish tesoro"aro said still sad "hidie" he called her she stepped out of line and kneeled to them.

"yes master?"she asked

"will you go and get the cullens?" even thhough it was a queston we knew it wasnt.

"yes master" she said and walked out of the room,only i fewe seconds passed untill they followed hidie into the room.

"yes aro?' carlisle asked a little tence

"isabella asked for your presents"aro said and glaced at me, i steped forword untill i was next to aro facing the cullens.

"cullens"i was stil dead but bowed

"isabella"carlisle said bowin his head" may i ask what we were brought here for?"he asked still a little tence

"i know why you are hesitent towred me and i have brought you here to apollogize for that i have dissrespected you and your family and hope you can forgive me" i said keeping my voice i little above a just stood there looking at me like i had grown two heads.

"Bella?"asked alice i thought they recognised me, i guess not well i didnt give them a chance to.

"the one and only" i said sarcassticly

"bella my love i-i thought you were dead?" velvet voice that i would never forget spoke he walked forward

"edward dont touch me"i said i just wanted to get this over with so i could curl into a ball and die.

"you bitch you couldnt get edward to turn you so you run to the next vampire that you know!" rosalie shreeked

"i wish it was like that rose i really do"i said still dead inside.

"bella wh-what happend t-to you?"esme asked me on the brink of sobbs,like she had anything to cry about.

"cullens i think its time you hunt" aro ssaid trying to get them out so i didnt have to tell them my story, he knew how much it

"the hell it is i want to know how this bitch was turned!"she yelled"When edward left what did you just run to here just so you could have you emortality!huh? tell me! tell me how you were turned!" she jsut kept yelling i broke again,why couldnt i just die?

"Carlisle i suggest you controll you child"aro said in a sraind voice

"how aboout i start for whenyou all left me again"i said my voice i whisper, i closed my eyes and somthing warm rolled down my ckeek. i brought my hand up to feel was wet i was comfused so i brout my hand infront of my face anf there on the tip of my finger was a single tear.

"Edward and me made love the night i brought him back from volturr'i paused a small pice of mt soul broke off thinking of that night."he left the next day because i had burises all over my body,only you didnt know you not only left me but your child"i said again a little pice of me cullens gasped.

"she is playing with us you fucking bitch! how could you stand up there and lie to our faces"rose yelled i oppend my eyes and looked at rose

"how could you think i would lie about this? i lost my son and here you are acusing me of lieing!"i yelled back"because you left victoria came after me!witch would have been find but she found my son!she killed him rosalie! she drained him dry infront of me!"that was it the last of my soul gone...

i fell to the floor numb someone came and rapped their arms around me and picked me up, i didnt care who it was i just wanted to die.

"please kill me please"i whispered to whom ever was holding me i dont know if thet heard me i siad it so quiitly.

"never my isabella i couldnt live without you"wispered a deep voice i never would have expected.

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