I haven't written on this site in a while. I've been busy with life, school, making my YouTube videos, and working on my original work which I hope to have finished by the end of this year and published next year. Anyway, as a true writer, I've gotta follow the muse. In recent weeks, I've been reliving my young teenage years when I was a Dragonball Z fanatic and a casual watcher of Sailor Moon (yeah, a man watching that…I still can't explain it myself =/). This story just came to me. I don't know how far I'll go with it; I'll just take it as it comes. Just so you know, this is a challenge to me, I don't usually write fantasy-type stories, so I hope I get better at it too.

One thing I dislike about many crossovers of these two universes that I've seen is that they merely stick to canon villains rather than try out a new and exciting concept, so that's where I'll diverge.

This story starts during the Great Saiyaman/World Tournament saga in Dragonball Z and right after Sailor Moon SuperS in Sailor Moon.

"YES!!!" The brown creature screamed with delight. "Friends!" He addressed the fellow creatures that had helped in the attack. "How pathetically weak these humans are!" His voice was hideous, matching his beyond-ugly body. He stood about five-feet tall, had ugly red droplets coming out of his mouth, hideous red eyes and dark white horns on his head. He had claws instead of hands, and brownish stumps for legs and feet. Each creature looked slightly different than the other, some had hands, some where taller, and others had no horns, but they all followed the same general pattern: brown mucus-type bodies and red eyes.

"This pretty one's mine!" One of the taller ones said.

"HANDS OFF, SHE'S MINE!" A shorter one spat red goo out of his mouth.

"Oh yeah?!" The tall one shouted. "Come get her!" Then, almost illogically, he threw the object of their argument against the wall. The impact a left a form-fitting inch deep dent in the cinderblock wall. The young brunette screamed, letting out tears of pain as she dropped to the floor, blood trickling out of her mouth. The two arguing creatures paid no attention at all; instead, they went on all fours and rammed their horns against one another, like two rams fighting for a mate.

Giggling laughter echoed across the walls as four lights flooded the room, materializing into four beautiful women, all floating above the scene. Each had ivory skin and grey eyes. All of them looked the same- like identical quadruplets- except for their hair.

"Well Chimera, it appears that our Numba have done well, yes?" A green-haired woman asked to her counterpart.

"Yes, sister." A fiery-gold haired woman returned the smirk. "Attacking unsuspecting humans while they're at work- filing, typing, and faxing, oh what a lovely idea, Medusa."

"Yes, but I'd prefer more of a challenge." A brown-haired woman huffed.

"Whatever, Scylla." Huffed a blue-haired woman in return. "This energy will be most helpful to Master Mordred!"

Scylla sighed. "I suppose that's all that matters then, Charybdis. Let's just drain these weaklings' energy so we can go home."

The four sisters snickered. They joined their hands together and began to circle around the unconscious people as the creatures continued to trash the place.






Roars and gurgles filled the air along with the flashing lights. All of the creatures were gone- charred to dust and ashes.

All except one. But that was quickly taken care of. The runt of the group decided to sneak up on Sailor Jupiter. The tall brunette quickly ducked and smashed her fist into the slimy thing's face, her bloodied fist erupting out of the other thing's side. The brown thing flailed about, swishing the air with its claws as Jupiter's hand was still impaled completely through its face.

"Eww…that thing's still alive!" Sailor Moon said with wide-eyes and a sweat drop, the grossed-out expression was quickly followed by the other scouts.

"Not for long!" The somewhat tomboyish Jupiter laughed, not as disgusted as her friends were. She kicked the thing hard in the gut, sending it flying back into the wall, and then formed a ball of electricity in her hand. "JUPITER THUNDER POWER!"

Sparks of electricity lit up the room as the flailing creature was zapped, his bones clearly visible due to the shock. A second later, he was on the floor dead, the gooey substance he was made out of pooling on the floor, losing its form.

"What disgusting creatures…" Mars spat.

"Yeah, who do you think you are, just wrecking people's days like this?!" Venus followed.

"Oh boy, here we go again with the self-righteous parade." Chimera mocked as she put her palm on her face.

"You destroy a few Numba and think you're so high and mighty, you guys must be serious ditzes."

"We are…" Serena began. "Moon!"






"We stand for love, and justice…and in the name of the Moon, we will punish evildoers like you!" Sailor Moon concluded.

A mocking clap could be heard high above the room. The Sailor Scouts gasped as they looked up. A man in frightening black armor adorned with a great helm of the same color and accompanied by small black spikes surveyed the scene. He was also wearing a velvet cape, naturally black.

"Master Mordred!" Scylla gasped with puppy-dog eyes, followed by her three sisters. Their heads followed him reverently as he calmly floated down to the floor, smirking underneath his helm.

The Sailor Scouts' determined looks buckled in tense nervousness as they looked up into the man's eyes- though they were covered by the helmet. He looked up at the four Sprites.

"Girls, I'll do the fighting. You just drain these pathetic humans of their energy- take every last drop that you can."

"Sure thing, Master Mordred!" Medusa acknowledged.

"Yes, great, now I won't have to break a nail fighting those brats!" Chimera thundered in happiness.

"Mordred! In the name of the Moon- I will punish you!" Sailor Moon declared with hard determination.

Mordred laughed. "Aren't you forgetting something, Princess Serenity?" He mocked; knowing how taken aback she always was at the fact that he knew her identity. "The only one that gets punished here is you- along with your piss-poor excuse of a court." He mused calmly.

The four Scouts quickly jumped in front of Sailor Moon to protect her. Mordred boomed in laughter.

"The Princesses' terriers, still as protective as ever." Mordred smirked as his eyes rolled over to watch his four Sprites begin to drain the unconscious humans of their energy. "I'll tell you all what." He said as he turned his back on the four Scouts. "I'm feeling charitable today, my back is turned. Hit me with everything you've got."

"Well guys, let's not disappoint him!" Mars stated with a smile.

"MERCURY BUBBLES BLAST!" Sailor Mercury shouted, filling the room with thick mist.

The other Scouts quickly rushed into position.


A golden chain of hearts wound its way around Mordred's armored body. Sailor Venus smirked as she began to pull, trying to make him stumble.



The two scouts stood on opposite ends of Mordred and released their attacks, Sailor Moon eagerly waiting to spring into action and dust this bastard.

Underneath the helm, Mordred's Grey eyes narrowed. In a flash, he powered up, bursting the chain and dispelling the bubbles, and in a nanosecond, took out his mace and turned in an arc, bouncing the fire and thunder attacks back at their owners.

The four Scouts' eyes widened in disbelief, with Sailors Mars and Jupiter frantically and just barely avoiding their own attacks- the flames and electricity dispelling along the wall. Mordred swung his mace and sent a shockwave through the room, sending all four Scouts flying into the wall.

"Leave my friends alone you creep!" Sailor Moon shouted.

Mordred laughed wildly. "I see you like the Strife Mace. That's good Serenity, you've become quite acquainted with it haven't you?!" He mocked.

Sailor Moon gritted her teeth as she took off her tiara. Mordred only smirked.

"Moon…Tiara…MAGIC!" She shouted as she threw the glowing disc at the man in black armor.

Mordred grinned under his helmet and stuck out his hand, stopping the tiara in mid-flight. He then sent it back at its owner. The golden disc thudded into Sailor Moon's stomach. She gasped in pain, struggling for air as her sapphire eyes fixated on Mordred's slowly approaching form…and the monster took his time, making sure she'd feel every last bit of fear.

"No! Sailor Moon!" Mercury shouted in desperation. "Shine…AQUA!"

Mordred stopped her right there. Mercury felt as if her bones were being crushed as she was lifted into the air. Mordred had raised his left hand, the right holding the Strife Mace. He then flicked his gauntlet-covered hand, sending her crashing into the cinder-block wall, rendering the Sailor Scout unconscious. Mordred reached the Moon Princess, grabbing her by the neck, and lifting her up, the girl flailing her legs in protest.

"You must understand, Serenity. It's not you that I want. It's not even that stupid crystal of yours that I want. Just bug off…stay out of my way. That's all I require of you. Yes, of course, your time will come, but you decide whether you want your time to be shorter- in this case- or longer, by leaving me alone and letting me do my job."

"Master Mordred, we're nearly done sucking these humans dry." Bellowed Scylla.

"Not so fast, evildoing scum!" Shouted a commanding voice, accompanied by two roses. One rose grazed Scylla's face and Charybdis' shoulder, respectively, on its trajectory. The other stabbed into Mordred's left wrist- the one choking Sailor Moon, causing him to drop the girl, her bottom making an unwelcome thud on the floor.

"Hey, that guy ruined my makeup! Bleeding isn't good for your skin!" The Sprite snarled.

"Yeah you bum! You just gave me a little cut, and now we have to gather all that energy again!" Charybdis joined her sister.

Medusa and Chimera merely glared at him.

"Tuxedo Mask!" Sailor Moon said still, sprawled out on the floor.

Mordred laughed. "I was wondering when this pest would appear." His laughter turned into bellows as the masked man jumped from the high window to the floor next to Sailor Moon.

"There's no worse enemy than fear." Tuxedo Mask said as she got up. "It's better to try and fail than not take action due to fear!"

"Yeah, just what he said!" Sailor Mars agreed as she and the other scouts, barring Mercury, stood up once more.

Mordred grunted in annoyance. "Girls, squash those four bugs. Gather the energy again later."

"But Master Mordred, I don't wanna fight!" Chimera pouted.

Mordred was clearly not amused. "You'll do as I say or I'll kill you all!" He shouted. "Honestly, I don't think I'd keep you girls around if you weren't so great in bed."

"EWWWW!" The Scouts muttered with a sweat drop, grossed out.

Tuxedo Mask took out his cane and began to duel with Mordred, attempting to buy the girls some time.

"Prince Darien you disappoint me." Mordred mocked, easily blocking his attacks with the Strife Mace. "You're even weaker now than you were during the Silver Millennium."

Tuxedo Mask grimaced as he attempted to fight more fiercely. Mordred back flipped to the masked man's side and lowered his mace, halting the downward swipe just as the weapon touched Tuxedo Mask's hat, eliciting the same expression of shock and fear that the Scouts had shown earlier. "You can't do any better than this?!" He continued to mock. "And to think…the Duke thought so highly of you. How could someone so strong hold someone so weak in such high regard?!" Mordred bellowed, annoyed at the thought.

Tuxedo Mask tried to jab at Mordred's stomach, but the armored man grabbed his arm, pulled him forward, and snapped the cane out of his hand. He then punched Tuxedo Mask in the stomach and followed it up with a swipe of his mace, and though it never touched him, it sent Tuxedo Mask flying back into the wall in much the same way Mordred had thrown the still unconscious Sailor Mercury.

"No! Darien!" Sailor Moon shouted in concern and fear.

"Now where was I?" Mordred asked casually, and then turned to face the Moon Princess.

Meanwhile, the three conscious Sailor Scouts were exchanging shots with the four Sprite Sisters.

"Oh no, we've gotta help Serena!" Sailor Jupiter shouted.

"But how? "These girls aren't exactly pushovers!" Sailor Venus asked.




The four Sprite Sisters turned in shock, but in a split second, the attacks hit them, knocking them painfully to the floor and making them lose consciousness.

"Hey! It's the Outers!" Sailor Mercury shouted, finally waking up.

The forms of Sailors Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn appeared from the shadows.

Mordred's eyes lit up and he laughed upon seeing them.

"You weren't expecting us to not show, were you?" Sailor Uranus challenged.

All nine Sailors stood in a circle around the dark figure.

"Mordred, give up now! It's nine against one!" Jupiter ordered.

Mordred laughed. "Oh good, Sailor Saturn is here!" He declared in delight, completely ignoring Jupiter. "Maybe now I'll face someone that can actually fight!"

The purple-eyed girl eyed him suspiciously, readying her Silence Glaive.

Suddenly, Mordred felt a little tickle. He turned to see Sailor Chibi Moon using some kind of little heart attack.

"Uh-oh…" She said when Mordred turned toward her.

"Rini! Get out of there!" Sailor Moon screamed. She'd told her not to accompany them anymore on these missions- with Mordred around it was far too dangerous. Her heart nearly leapt out of her body as Mordred lifted the Strife Mace.




Sailors Neptune and Pluto released their blasts as Uranus charged forward with her sword.

Mordred's eyes lit up as he returned their volleys as a tennis player returns a serve, sending both Neptune and Pluto crashing back. Less than a second later, Mordred set up a protective shield around himself, both hands clutching his mace as he blocked Uranus' attack. Her eyes showed their complete shock as she stood still in the air, her sword blocked by the force being emitted from Mordred's mace.

"Hahahaha." Mordred laughed. "ERRRYAAAA!"

Like lightning, Mordred grabbed Uranus' leg and spun her around in an arc, sending her flying into Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury, who were charging their own attacks. She crashed into them, a resounding sound of bowling pins being thrown about by the ball sounding through the room.

"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!" Sailor Venus shouted. Mordred turned and easily absorbed the yellow beam with his free hand. "No way!" She shouted.

Mordred smirked. "Way." He then smashed his mace to the floor, shouting "POSEIDON QUAKE!"

His attack ripped the line of the floor in front of his mace apart, sending Sailors Venus and Moon flailing into the wall. He then quickly raised his mace, shouting "COSMIC RAY LIGHTNING SHOWER!" Four bolts of white lightning emerged from his mace at that moment, striking the recovering Sailors Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars, sending them sprawling back into the wall.

"I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" Tuxedo Mask shouted in anger as he watched his friends getting pummeled. Sailor Chibi Moon hid behind his leg.

Mordred merely rolled his eyes and zapped him with electricity from his left hand's fingers. Tuxedo Mask shouted in pain as he struggled to cover Rini, but Mordred raised his mace and sent the little girl flying across the room, smashing her head violently into the wall, leaving some blood along the impact point.

Sailor Saturn's eyes watered with tears as she watched her friend get treated so violently.

"So little girl. Now it's just you and me." Mordred smirked under his helmet. "Can you handle it?!" He snickered.

Saturn narrowed her black eyebrows in determination, readying her Silence Glaive. Mordred grimaced and swung his Strife Mace, the same wind-like force emitting from it that he had used so effectively against the Scouts in their skirmishes.

"Silence Wall!" She shouted.

Black bolts of electricity surged as the Silence Glaive and Strife Mace struggled against each other, ending ten agonizing seconds later in a stalemate.

Mordred gave a cocky laugh to match the smile inside his helmet. "That's the way."

The black-haired girl readied herself for the second round. Mordred stood upright and calmly relaxed, surprising the Scout. Inside his helmet, Mordred closed his eyes, and in no time, a wind erupted around Saturn's position, sending heavy debris flying at her in all directions. Sailor Saturn struggled to avoid or destroy the computer parts, desk items, and bits of the creatures that the Inner Scouts had destroyed earlier before they smacked into her. It was in this instant that Mordred dematerialized and rematerialized again, right in front of Saturn, causing her to forget all about the wind. He smirked and punched her square in the jaw, sending the girl careening into the wall, hitting her back hard. It was a miracle that she had managed to hold on to the Silence Glaive. Mordred gritted his teeth and made to smash her head with the Strife Mace, causing the Scout to wince.

She was surprised that Mordred had stopped.

And so was he. He stopped right as the black flanged metal touched the crown of Saturn's skull. And it wasn't to mock her the way he had done with Tuxedo Mask earlier. He gazed into the little girl's eyes, seeing her mixture of fear and anger.

On the other side of the large room, Sailor Moon began to stir, cringing as she saw the carnage littering the floor. All of her friends were hurt- not to mention all those people the creatures had pulverized from earlier, all of them were strewn about on the floor. She especially panicked as she crawled over to Rini- seeing the blood on the wall above her.

"Rini…" She whispered.

Mordred sighed, greatly surprising Sailor Saturn. This was the second time that this had happened during an encounter with Mordred- him being in a position to kill her, and then restraining.

"Saturn, you're all right. You've got potential. If you want to leave these losers and join me, there will always be a place for you." He sighed as he turned his back.

"That's not going to happen." The little girl said calmly as she stood up. "I won't leave them." She said as she raised the Silence Glaive.

"Hm." Mordred sounded to himself as he turned to face the girl.

"Silence Glaive!" She shouted as she charged the weapon up. "Surprise!"

"Aaaah!" Mordred shouted in nervousness as he raised his hand a bit- as if attempting to get Saturn to stop. For the first time since facing the Scouts, he had shown fear.

The force from the small usage of the glaive was still more than enough to send Mordred flying back into the wall.

Saturn eyed his wounded form suspiciously as she thought of what to do next. She couldn't yet release the Silence Glaive's full power- not unless there was absolutely no other option.

"Sailor Moon…" Rini trailed. "Now's your chance."

Serena nodded as she pulled out the Kaleidomoon Scope.

"Moon…Gorgeous…Meditation!" Sailor Moon shouted as she pointed the Kaleidomoon Scope at Mordred's recovering form.

Mordred again showed the nervousness from being caught off guard. He grimaced as he quickly raised the Strife Mace, attempting his best to block Sailor Moon's attack.

Sailor Moon winced as she struggled to overcome the force field the Strife Mace was emitting, knowing that this was the best shot she'd ever had of dispatching that bastard. The force of their powers caused the other Sailors to stir. The room lit up in the white kaleidoscope pattern of Sailor Moon's weapon.

Sailor Moon's face showed her desperate struggle, yet remained as serene as she could keep it. Mordred grimaced.


To that end, Mordred's free hand flashed in yellow, and then he sent a beam rushing toward Sailor Moon's feet. The Moon Princess shouted in surprise and she had to jump to avoid it, forcing her to break her attack.

And Mordred capitalized. He used his free hand to once more send a yellow energy blast at Sailor Moon. The force from the blast crashed into her stomach and sent Sailor Moon through the wall and down three stories, until she eventually crashed into the sidewalk across the street from the building they were in, being treated to a yellow exploding lightshow.

The Sailors all managed to converge together during the struggle between Mordred and Sailor Moon.

"C'mon…we have to get out of here!" Mercury choked.

"Running away from that bastard is shameful!" Uranus spat.

"Uranus, if we don't escape, we're going to die...all of us!" Pluto interjected.

"OK, I have a plan." Mercury whispered.

Serena's eyes fluttered in and out as she looked up at Mordred…standing calmly in the giant hole he had created in the building's wall.

"Those attacks…" She muttered, having flashbacks to what had just happened. "Those blasts were pure energy. They were in the same style as those…those guys from the Cell Games…" She said in weak surprise. "And here I thought that was all…just a trick." She laughed weakly before she was claimed into sweet unconsciousness.

Mordred turned around. To his surprise, the Sailors were not sprawled on the floor.

"I CALL UPON THE POWER OF MARS! FIREBALLS CHARGE!" Sailor Mars shouted as she quickly placed the charm on the head of the surprised Mordred, rendering him immobile.

"Mercury Bubbles! BLAST!" Sailor Mercury shouted as she blew her bubble fog around the room.

Mordred grimaced in rage as he broke Mars' spell. It had only taken a split second- but it was enough. All of the Scouts were gone.

OH! Those little hussies!" Medusa shouted.

"I see you girls have finally woken up." Mordred said as if not caring at all- because he didn't.

"Let's go after them Mordred!" Chimera seethed. "They ruined my makeup!"

"NO!" Mordred boomed, annoyed. This caused all four of them to stand at attention and shut their mouths. "It's far more important that we get the negative energy from these humans' fear and pain. Those Scouts are nothing more than bugs waiting to be crushed. Cockroaches are often elusive…but they'll be exterminated in the end…you can count on that. Now, get to work!"

"Yes, Master Mordred!" They all bowed.

"Darien…are you sure you want to carry me like this…you got banged up pretty bad…" Serena trailed weakly. She was draped across his back.

"Not nearly as bad as you, Serena." He said somberly. "Rini got beat up real bad too…that's a nasty cut on her head." He referred to the pink-haired girl he was cradling.

The Scouts had separated as soon as they were a safe distance away. Better for them to not be all in the same place should Mordred decide to pursue. Luckily, it didn't seem that that was the case.

"We lost again Darien…" Serena said. "We can't do it…we're no match for him…I'm no match for him. Even as Super Sailor Moon…I'm no match for him!"

Darien said nothing.

"Did you see those blasts at the end? They were pure energy…just like those tricks I remember from the Cell Games on TV…" She trailed again before once more falling into unconsciousness.

"There's always a way Serena…" Darien trailed, knowing she couldn't hear him. That attack Mordred had sent toward her feet…it was like from the Cell Games. Who could forget that? "Those guys that beat Cell…I know we could sure use…their help right around now." Darien choked.

Well…all in one day. Cool. Yeah I know, the Scouts got their asses handed to them. So, who is this Mordred person anyway? What does he want? Guess you'll have to wait to find out more =). Please review by the way. I'm real busy with stuff so the more reviews I get, the more motivation I'll have to continue (especially when that creative muse for this story starts to wane).