We Own The Night

One: Into the Unknown

Rated: M (Violence, Language, and Sexuality)

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, Stephanie Meyer takes the credit.

Pairing: Angela Webber x Bella Swan-(Bella x Rosalie)

Summary: A/U The story takes place during New Moon. Rosalie leads Bella to the woods and puts an end to their unique relationship, breaking Bella's heart to the core. Five months following their departure, Bella's perspective on life finally changes as she accepts the fact that it is better to be human rather than being an immortal monster. When she finally settles herself down and sets her priorities straight, she thinks she is going to lead a normal life from now on after the Cullens but she is sadly mistaken. Angela Webber has drastically changed in mysterious ways and she's beginning to look at Bella differently. Although Bella is tempted to brush her suspicions aside, she notices that Jacob Black and his group of friends from La Push are hanging out with Angela and their behavior too has been really off. Upon discovering their darkest secret, it turns out Angela has become one of them as well. Humans, if they were to ever find out the existence of Lycanthropes, were to be executed but luckily for Bella, she happens to be Angela's Imprint.

What will happen when the Cullens force themselves back into Bella's life? Will Rosalie still have a fighting chance or will she be rejected? Read and find out. ;)

Author's Note: Vampires don't sparkle in this story, they burn in the sunlight but do not explode immediately. Protective clothing and eyewear allow them to explore in the daylight; otherwise, they risk death if parts of their skin are exposed for far too long. Werewolves can change into both of their forms whenever they want as long as they are in control; however, during mating season and full moons, they are completely wild and unrestrained usually.

Bella's Point of View; Five Months Earlier:

Rosalie had come over to my house around five o' clock in the evening and surprised me when she told me she wanted to go for a walk in the nearby woods. We had been physically distant lately ever since the unfortunate incident that took place on my 18th birthday at the Cullen estate. So of course it was within my right to be suspicious of the sudden alone time she requested but I tried not to think about it too much. I wanted us to be whole again, and normal….well, as normal as we could be together. She was a vampire, a natural predator that preyed on humans for blood nourishment; despite her family dedicating themselves to vegetarianism, no substitute could ever replace the fulfilling pleasure human blood offered them.

I can only blame myself for the events that followed after my clumsy attempt to open up a wonderfully wrapped gift from Alice and Jasper. Hell, it didn't even occur to me how seriously affected the Cullens were by my scent until I realized it was too late. I pricked myself at the tip of my finger and the insignificant wound bled out a great deal of trouble for both Rosalie and I. Jasper was the first to snap, along with Edward who refused to befriend me from the beginning. Jasper's facial expression was far more terrifying as it was he who had trouble adjusting to the animal blood diet the Cullens enforced. He snarled at me like a ravenous lion waiting to feast upon his meal and sprinted towards me.

I simply stood there in shock as I watched the uncontrollable vampire throw himself at me before Emmett and Carlisle caught and restrained him in place. Rosalie was screeching at Alice and before I knew it, the graceful pixie and her compassionate mother, Esme, escorted me out the front door at vampire speed. The only thing I could remember hearing coherently was the clashing of Rosalie's and Edward's bodies, their vicious remarks just as violent as their fighting. Even as they hurriedly yet gently placed me in Alice's yellow Porsche 911, the fight for my blood continued. Edward had been thrown out from the living room window, unintentionally of course, but he landed on his feet right in front of the car and when I dared to look into his angry, bloodthirsty black eyes, I felt my heart plummet.

Esme growled and ordered Alice to drive me far away from Forks for the next couple of hours as she jumped out of the vehicle to gain control over her homicidal son. My so-called best friend did not hesitate as we sped off into the darkness, my head turning around only to briefly catch a glimpse of both Rosalie and Esme holding back a writhing Edward. A tear escaped one of my eyes and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I swallowed a choked sobbing sound and asked, "Is everything going to be okay, Alice?" I originally intended to ask 'how come you didn't see this coming?' but that would have been incredibly rude. My companion stayed silent for a while before sad features contorted her beautiful face. "Trust me, Bella, everything will be fine. The boys just need some time off but other than that, we're okay, honey."

I couldn't believe I bought the worst lie ever told to me by my former best friend but because I was so hopelessly in love with Rosalie, I accepted it and hoped that nothing would change between my girlfriend and I. Everything had already changed anyway, even before my disastrous birthday party. I gave Rosalie what I knew she could never give me in return but I was content with that because we loved each other. My virginity meant everything to me and for me to give it to her was a bonding that intimately connected our souls together. She was especially careful that night, but she pleasured me in many ways that I truly believed that no one else would be able to provide. She lapped up every drop of blood and reveled from the taste of me though I trusted her enough to never hurt me. Which she never did…until now.

When we entered the dense forest, we spoke of polite and appropriate things until we reached a certain area that would forever be embedded into my memory. "Bella," Rosalie began, pointing towards a tree that had fallen not so long ago and as I sat myself down, she sighed. That's when I sensed something was really wrong between us, and I couldn't help the throbbing ache that began to form deep within my chest, my heart seemingly stopped beating at the same time. No, no, no. This cannot be happening. Didn't she love me? After what we both went through, she wanted to end things?!

I opened my mouth to protest but the lump in my throat prevented me from doing so and Rosalie's calm demeanor suddenly transformed. The words that spewed out of her mouth stung me to the very bottom of my heart and I could literally hear it breaking like glass as she went on about how I was a threat to the family to begin with and how foolish she had been to pursue me. I sat there motionlessly, allowing her to berate me for responding to her advances and for ignoring her warnings. There was no proper word to describe the many feelings that were consuming me at that point. She was making it seem like I had been the stubborn predator from the start even though that certainly wasn't the case!

"You gave me something very special, Bella, and I do regret that I cannot give that back to you. However, it is best that we now part ways before things become far more dangerous. I already endangered you many times, and I refuse to be part of your life if I continue hurting you. You and I both know we both deserve better than what we have tried to build together. You have proven to be troublesome and it is indeed my fault. This is the way it has to be, Isabella Swan. I will leave forever and it will be as if I never existed in the first place. I'll remember you fondly, but as we are easily distracted creatures, I will forget in time." She said softly, punctuating each word as if I didn't understand.

By now, I was sobbing and clutching myself tightly from the emotional pain she was inflicting upon me. I desperately didn't want her to leave, but I did not resort to begging. It was too late. Her family had left just yesterday and today, it was her turn to join them wherever they were. I fell to the ground eventually, and she simply stood there with an indifferent look painted on her beautiful face. It was horrible to the see the sight before me as I lay on my back; she slightly smirked before kneeling down to caress my cheeks. The intense coldness radiating from her skin no longer sparked the electricity that I craved every time she touched me lovingly. No, she didn't love me anymore. I was…worthless to her.

"Live long, Bella, and I hope that you find true happiness one day. I know I will. Goodbye." Rosalie fucking Hale whispered, taking a few slow steps backwards before disappearing completely. I mustered all the strength that I could and stood up, stumbling over myself as I chased the path she took to get away from me. I extended my arms forward, hoping to clutch onto some piece of her but she was long gone. No. Come back. Rosalie, my love, please….come back. "COME BACK, PLEASE!" I screamed angrily, falling to the ground once more. I continued to whine for about an hour, curled into myself as I begged myself to wake up from this nightmare. Only it wasn't a nightmare, this was reality.


It had been quite the journey since the summer ended and when school finally started. Everybody in Forks knew about the ugly breakup between Rosalie and I and the gossip continued to soar throughout the entire school even to this day. To be honest, it was getting rather old and I absolutely loathed those students who were still under the impression that I needed their pity, or sympathy. Whatever. It was bullshit. Couldn't they tell that I was a much better person now without the Cullens following me around like I was a goddamn ticking time bomb?

Yes, it had been a rough couple of months and yes, even though I'm absolutely ashamed to admit this, I threw a couple of random tantrums that scared off a few people including my parents. It wasn't my fault that my nightmares consisted of James killing me off in that studio while Rosalie stood idly by and watched with amusement. Ugh. I have to stop saying and thinking her name, it bothers me so much. But yeah, ever since she dumped me in the middle of the woods like that, my closest friends and family assured me that I deserved so much better. She was a soulless harlot roaming the Earth, doing God knows what but after talking to Angela and Lauren about it, I found out that I didn't care anymore. I was better off without her and I couldn't have agreed more.

Yet a piece of her still remained within the depths of my heart and sometimes, I found myself longing her presence again. It was something I had to get used to until somebody else comes by and sweeps me off my feet. Just you wait, maybe I'll fall for a fucking fairy three inches tall or maybe even a goddamn werewolf! Ha! As if, I think I'm done dealing with the supernatural and mythical creatures. Definitely not doing a vampire again, that was just a ridiculous idea to entertain myself with. After all these months, I crack a genuine smile that managed to get a reaction out of my best friend, Angela, who had been concerned about me since the break-up.

"Wow, Bella, it's so good to see you smiling for real this time. You're positively beautiful, you know that?" She comments as she approaches me. I nearly fall over myself because of Angela's forwardness and the sincerity that seeped with the compliment. She holds out her arms in front of me to catch me and my breath hitches just a bit when her skin makes contact with mine for a brief second. Angela's eyeglasses slide off her nose just a bit and that's when I begin to take notice of the blush covering her cheeks. I feel myself redden as well but just as the moment couldn't get more awkward, Lauren finally caught up with us and draped her arms over both of us.

"Hello, ladies! What's going on here, huh? Why is Bella suddenly so happy? Did you two finally make out or something?" She obnoxiously jokes, causing a few of the students in the hallway to stare at the three of us. As if on cue, my infamous blush deepens at the same time Angela's does as well. I don't see why Lauren questioned Angela's sexuality, she was clearly straight but obviously shy around everyone. It didn't mean she was gay…like me. I mean, she was attractive sure, but I shouldn't think of one of my very closest friends like that. It would be so disrespectful to her. What if she wasn't straight, though? What if…oh no, my heart began to pound against my chest as hope began to grow inside of me for some strange reason.

"Lauren, if we did, why would we ever mention it to you? What happens between us, stays between us right, Bella?" Angela retorted with a coy smile playing on her lips, surprising me with the flirtatious comment. The moment she realized what she had just said caused her to tense right then and there before carelessly pushing Lauren's arm right off of her. She was redder than I had ever seen her before and she quickly pushed up her eyeglasses to their proper place, a nervous habit I was all too familiar with. "Um, I'm running late to class. I'll um, see you two later. Buh Bye!" She says hastily before retreating back down the hallway towards her locker.

Lauren raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow as she turned to me, expecting an answer from me right away. I merely shrugged in response because truthfully, I didn't know what that was all about. She was never really out with her sexuality and never really responded to the boys who had the nerve to ask her out.

She was never flirtatious, even playfully amongst us girls since she was the quiet, observant one of the group. Something was off about her today, but maybe that was just her finally breaking out of her shell? Even though it was something new, I definitely did not mind it, and oddly, I wanted that kind of attention again but only from her….Woah, snap out of it Bella! She's your best friend!

"Hmm, maybe she's finally loosening up Bella. For fuck's sake, it took the goddamn Cullens three months to break you whereas with this girl, it takes seventeen years!" Lauren appeared as though she wanted to continue on with her meaningless rant but she stopped when she saw the look on my face. My jaw was clenched and my brows were furrowed as images of each of the Cullen assholes ran through my mind. It had been months since I last saw or heard from them, why should I care anymore? Knowing that I had been on a good streak lately, I relaxed and decided to reply to Lauren. "Yeah, I was so uptight, I scared Eric and Mike so bad, they never talked to me again. Or at least blatantly hit on me since then." I chuckled and Lauren smiled warmly at the sound of my laughter.

"Come on, Bells. I'm just happy you're you again, and I'm pretty sure Angela is too. I think she wants to get in your panties but she's too polite to confess her feelings to you." Lauren deadpanned mockingly, provoking me to playfully smack her in the arm. "Just because we've never seen her with a guy doesn't mean she's gay. Perhaps she just hasn't met the right one yet." I offer, though disappointment lightly coated the tone of my voice as images of seeing her with a guy made me cringe inwardly. Lauren predictably scoffs and shakes her head vehemently like a stubborn child unwilling to give up her piece of candy. "You just don't see it, Bella. There's always been something between you two, but the both of you are too chickenshit to fall into the unknown. Believe me, she was always the better choice." My good friend declared boldly, daring me to defend Rosalie's honor but surprisingly, I remained silent.

Despite our uncertainty on our mutual best friend's sexuality, at least we agreed that Rosalie was never good for me. She led me to believe that she was in love with me yet she took me to the middle of nowhere and dumped me like a goddamn coward. Yeah, I felt like the biggest asshole for allowing someone like that to affect me so poorly. Ugh. I definitely have a lot to make up for. The first thing on my list was to repair the broken friendship I had with Jessica. I really missed her, and I owed her so much for trying to be a good friend when I clearly wasn't.

Author's Note: So that was it for the first chapter. Please tell me if I should continue or not, I would really appreciate honest reviews. If you have questions, I'll be happy to answer them in the next chapter or in a message. I apologize if it was too short for your liking by the way. Next chapter will be in Angela's point of view and we're going to see what kind of changes she's feeling, especially the stronger attraction she feels towards Bella. By the way, The Untouchable Element is on temporary hiatus as I am taking a break from it. When it comes to Waking Up in Vegas, I fucked up so bad, I don't like how I'm writing it. If anyone is interested in adopting the story idea, please message me and you can have it. I'll delete it and you can play with it for sure. I'd like to work on my other projects first before returning to The Untouchable Element, that is if you are still willing to read it. I apologize for the break but life has been pretty complicated lately.