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Can't keep on running away : Chapter Introduction.

Wednesday morning 9.45 a.m.

Today I had a meeting with our client. It's kind of a big day for us. Everything was well prepared since the day before. So I was more than ready for the presentation today. Even if there're several firms had bid for the contract to design the new Hilton Hotel in California but I was confident that "Billy-Oh" would get this contract. I was pretty sure that I was gonna kick our rivals' ass. I was going to make them know who's who. I was standing on the 1st floor waiting for the elevator as I got a phone call.

"Hi! William. I'm fine....Yes, I'm here already..... I've got everything. Don't worry....no, I'm not excited. You have to calm down! .....OK, see you there boss!!" I said and switched my cell phone off.

That's William or Billy. He's my boss and the owner of "Billy-Oh" a famous & remarkable Design and Construction Company. I've worked with him for two months. Everything's going well. He's a great guy except he usually panicked whenever we had the big meeting with our clients. I thought he didn't have to be worried as long as he got me. This company was the reason why I came back to LA. Well, another reason was I missed my family. I'd been away for like seven years. Now, it's time for me to come back home.

Ok, here's the thing, after high school I went to "Princeton" Yes, you heard that right. I graduated in architecture with honors from Princeton University and got a job in New York after graduated. And who the hell was I? Listened carefully coz I wouldn't repeat it. Well, my name is Ashley Davies aka a young, hot, talented and most successful architect in this day and age.

Wednesday morning 9:45 a.m.

I yawned, yawned and yawned while I was waiting for the elevator. I was so sleepy right now. Last night I didn't sleep much because I had things to finish. Today I was going to photograph for a fashion magazine. Why the hell did they have to schedule this early? I yawned again. This must be 100 times already since I woke up. Finally, the elevator arrived. Thanks God! My cell phone rang as I climbed in.

"Hi! Yes, I'm already here. I'm coming up.....I said I was moving my ass up there!! Geez, you're annoying sometimes Aiden!!......No, I didn't. Anyway, I'm expecting to get a big cup of coffee once the elevator door opens.... I'm not kidding. Hey! did you get me Red Bull? I so need it today......Aiden don't preach. Dude, I swear. Only a word, I'll quit.......ha ha, right. You're lucky.... OK, see you" I said and hung up my cell phone.

That's Aiden, one of my best friends. He's a fashion editor of this magazine. No, he's not gay, in case you're wondering. Actually, he used to be in love with me but I loved him as a friend. His boss hired me for the shooting today. Once the elevator door opened, I was greeted with a big cup of coffee as requested. Nice Aiden. I walked into the set and everything was set up already. Today I would photograph the lingerie collection. Where's the model anyway? Oh! She's walking up to me.

"Hi! My name is Anastasia. I'm your model today." She extended her hand to me.

"Hi! My name is Spencer and I'm your photographer today." I flashed her my signature smile and shook her hand. She's still holding my hand while running her eyes up and down my body.

"Nice to meet you Spencer" She had smiled suggestively before untied her bathrobe right there in front of me and swayed her ass seductively to the set.

Yes, that's me. My name is Spencer Carlin aka a young, hot, talented and most wanted freelance photographer in this day and age. I was a new wave of this industry. Many agencies wanted me to join them. Some offered me great salary, good benefit but no, thanks. I didn't like commitments. I loved being free. Plus judging from the way that Anastasia acted toward me, I thought I got good benefit already. Man! I LOVE MY JOB!!