A/N: I wrote this last year for the Ginny Big Bang fest, but it never ended up being posted. Now that the exclusivity period for the GBB is over I'm putting it up. Look for updates probably twice weekly, and for those who are interested, yes I am still working on GPaTBWL. It is a long, slow process at the moment what with real life and all.

Prologue: A Baby Girl.

Molly was exhausted. You'd think after doing this five times before she would have got used to it, or at least that her body would be less tired after so many tries at it. But labour was still damn hard work and the final pushing stage always took it out of her. Even a witch, who could banish the pain, was still at the mercy of the sheer effort it took to get a baby out. She was so exhausted that she didn't even ask Arthur what sex the baby was, assuming that it would be a boy as usual. They had a name all ready for him, too. Gideon Fabian after her brothers.

'Molly.' Arthur's voice was tremulous, and Molly was snapped from her reverie, alerted by the oddness in his tone that something was wrong.

'What? Is he not well? Is something wrong?' Molly reached for the baby anxiously.

Arthur laughed, his shock already evaporated. 'Not at all, love. It's just ... it's a girl. We have a girl.' He said it in tones of wonder, as if he still couldn't quite believe what he was saying.

All tiredness sweeping out of her body in an instant, Molly gaped at him. She took the bundle from his arms gently and looked down into the tiny face.

'A baby girl? Really? Wow, that's ... that was ...'

'Unexpected,' agreed Arthur. 'Do we even have a girl's name?'

A sweet smile tracked onto Molly's face as she said, 'Yes. Ginevra. It was always going to be Ginevra.' She stared down at the tiny girl in her arms, still not quite accepting that the baby was a girl. She dragged her eyes back to Arthurs and smiled at the expression of joy she saw there. 'I've loved that name ever since I was a tiny girl and found my mother's romance novels.' A single tear leaked out of one eye as she finally accepted the fact that they had a baby girl. After generations of only producing boys, the Weasley family had a girl.

Hours later, as Molly rested in a room with the baby, she picked up the small pink-wrapped bundle , and snuggled her against her chest. The tiny girl stretched and let out a babyish whimper in her sleep. Molly smiled again. This, at least, was behaviour she could understand. Every one of her boys had whimpered in exactly that way as they got used to being alive. The faint terror she felt at the idea of raising a girl child dissipated under this normalcy. Molly rocked the small child, and began to whisper to her in the tones that had calmed each brother before her. The baby was so small, and vulnerable-looking that 'Ginevra' seemed too overwhelming a name for the tiny child. On impulse, Molly tested a shortened form. 'Ginny.' Yes, it felt right in her mouth.

'Ginny, my baby. You don't know how precious you are.' Molly broke off, still overwhelmed at how odd it felt to be addressing a baby girl, then gathered herself together and continued. 'I know that no matter what I do, the weight of generations of Weasley men will lay pressure on your head. First girl in Merlin knows how many years, you will always be watched.' And if Molly was entirely honest with herself, she knew she would have expectations too. Having a baby girl after so many boys opened so many vistas.

The tiny baby grimaced in her sleep, and grasped at the blanket covering her, with surprisingly strong fingers. Molly tried to pry the fluffy pink material out of Ginny's hands, but she clung tighter to the warmth. Molly smiled at her.

'Looks like you'll be strong enough to cope though, my girl.' Molly let out a chuckle. 'With a mother like yours, how could you be anything else? I'm sure you will face your share of trials while growing up with that bunch of brothers, but each of them is amazing and I'm sure each will help you grow to be the adult you are meant to become.'

Still gazing at the miracle in her arms, Molly drifted off into sleep. Of course, just as she found that oblivion she needed, the baby decided to wake up with a startled scream. Prying one eye open, Molly grimaced in her turn. It seemed that this baby was determined to be contrary. Hoping this wasn't a tiding for the future, Molly began attending to the baby's needs.